The Little-Known Meaning of 8 Piercings Locations

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You’ve spotted a type of piercing that you’d love to have because you like the idea of how it will look on you.

However, have you ever paused to think about the meaning that you could be communicating?

If you’d never thought that various piercing locations have their purposes, you’re not alone; a lot of people don’t.

The Little-Known Meaning of 8 Piercings Locations

That means you’ve come to the right place. Wanting to know what a piercing means tends to make it more valuable to you, and it can also come with a story to tell.

If you’re going to take things a bit historical and religious, you’re free to, or you can opt for the more contemporary reasons behind the piercings.

Let’s get into the little-known meaning of 8 piercing locations.


What is the meaning of ear piercing

Piercing Close Up Overnight

It only makes sense to start with the most commonplace, the ears. Ear studs and hoops tend to be stylish, and depending on the type you get, it can hold cultural meaning.

The practice has been dating back for millenniums so we are only carrying the tradition forward.

Something else to note that that given the historical evidence available, getting your ears pierced has nothing to do with your gender. It is all about one’s heritage and personal taste. If you’re a man reading this, then it’s something to keep in mind.

The Little-Known Meaning of 8 Piercings Locations

While the standard piercings are on the lobe, extra ones and also helix piercings are primarily seen as being extra and rebellious.

However, for most who get them the message, they wish to communicate is that they are both edgy and cool. The reality is that extra piercings, with the right earrings, look fantastic.


what is the meaning of a nose piercing?

How To Take Care Of A Nose Piercing Infection

Before, if you had a nose piercing, you were considered a rebel. What we forget is that in some cultures, such as in India, the nostril piercing signals reproduction and easy in childbirth.

In ancient nomadic cultures, a nose piercing meant that you came from a wealthy family. The other thing about nostril piercings is they are delicate and a way to draw more attention to the face but without the fanfare.

What about the septum piercing? For the longest time, it was left to punk rockers, but what we forget is in many cultures. It is what fierce warriors wore.

In some indigenous cultures, the septum ring was a symbol of coming of age, while for the Mayans and Aztecs, it meant that you were wealthy and held status in society.

Overall, if you want to show that you’re a free soul, you can consider getting a variety of nose piercings to reflect the same.


what is the meaning of a tongue piercing?

Tongue Ring Size When First Pierced

Looks and enhancements to oral sex appear to be top of the list as to why people opt for tongue ring.

They’ve always been seemingly left out for people with risky behavior or want to show their nonconformity. However, it wasn’t still like that.

In the past, for example, in the Mayan culture, tongue piercings were left for the priest. It was said it’s what got them into a trance state or as part of a religious ritual.

Overall, one can assume that the main reason to get a tongue ring is because of how it looks.

There is a couple of risks but those don’t seem to deter those determined. They include swelling, loss of taste, infection, or nerve damage. However, these risks are easily mitigated by seeing a professional piercer.


what is the meaning of an eyebrow piercing?

Not happy with nipple piercing placement

Eyebrows weren’t typical, and when they came out, they felt like one more place that some people decided to come up within a bid to be unique.

You can therefore think of the eyebrows as a contemporary piercing where you can put barbells.

The reason why some opt to get is not just for its uniqueness and stylishness but also that it takes six to eight weeks to heal, and it’s on loose skin and so not as painful.


Lip, labret and the cheek

Most Painful Piercings Ranked

The piercing with the most historical meaning between these three areas around the mouth is the labret.

It was typically left for those entering a marriage union or showing entrance into a higher social class. Nowadays though people opting for lip, labret and the cheek are purely doing so for aesthetic purposes.

The cheek is more so for those who are all about skin puncture art. A cheek piercing is also a favorite for those with dimples.


what is the meaning of a navel piercing?

Navel piercings are a way to make our midsections look super attractive especially when you have a flat stomach. Crop tops and bikinis even look better when you have a belly button piercing to show off.

The placement of a piercing at the navel is quite contemporary and idea for women who want to make a statement. They are considered sexy but there is also some subtlety to it.

Again, that depends where you’re from; for the longest time, the navel piercing is deemed to be provocative and not entirely the good way.


The nipples

My Nipple Piercing Is Healed

Celebrities such as Rihanna and Kendal Jenner seem to have brought a new wave of people wanting to get their nipples pierced.

While they don’t do much to keep their piercings secret, for some, it is a private secret with their lover and also a way to heighten their sexual experience.

The piercing does make the nipple more sensitive and enlarged which changes the initial dynamics at play. Nipple piercings are commonplace for those who are daring.


The genitals

Piercings around the genitals are all about sexual sensations and pleasure and not how they look. On this list, they are by far the most “out there” and something people who are generally all about communicating their sexual freedom.

For the person who has them, it is about enhanced pleasure or a surprise for a lover to find them, much to their intrigue. There is some historical evidence of piercings for the male genital, but the bottom line is about providing increased sexual pleasure.

Our private parts are a risky area, and most certainly the most painful place to get a piercing.

Pick an area that is safe and comfortable for your healing process, and remember to practice proper aftercare to avoid problems. You don’t want to jeopardize what you’re going for while getting the piercing.

The Little-Known Meaning of 8 Piercings Locations


Even with what’s been discussed here, we are free to bring our personal meaning to things; it doesn’t have to be what we read.

If you’re getting something simply because you like it, that is okay. Piercings are mainly about aesthetics and self-expression, and there’s no reason to get left behind.

One more thing; you’re never too old to get a piercing. Whether that’s a tongue or navel piercing, if you feel it’s something you’ve always wanted to have, then go right ahead and get it. When you have a collection of jewelry to wear, then you’ll be all the more thankful that you went through with the decision.

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