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The pearl necklace is no longer your grandmother’s pearls anymore. And though this expression is tired, really, there has been an increase in the number of younger people drawn to pearls and pearl jewelry.

The pearl necklaces have not only grown popular, but they also make an excellent gift idea, well, as long as you set the right intention. But what exactly does it mean when you receive the pearl necklace as a gift from your significant other or even a love interest?

Well, here are some of our thought on pearl necklaces and what you should know about the meaning of these necklaces.


Getting A Pearl Necklace – Meaning

What’s The Meaning Of Getting A Pearl Necklace

Pearls rank high on the list of valuable and popular gems in the jewelry world today, and they carry a lot of meaning.

They are the perfect complement to the flashy pieces of jewelry and have a rather serene feel of beauty while also carrying a nice, elegant feel that allows them to shine.

And so, if you receive the pearl necklace as a gift, here are some of the things that the necklace would mean.

1.The pearls are regarded as talismans.

For generations and across centuries, pearls have been known to carry astonishing properties, and the pearls are almost divine.

These powerful talismans are believed to carry protective powers, and they make excellent gifts for anyone.


2.Symbol of Love

Even in the ancient days, men and women would adorn their bodies in pearls, not just because of the beauty of the gemstones, but also because the pearls are believed to be a symbol of love, and not just any kind of love, but the purest love.

It is also believed that wearing the pearls would strengthen friendships while even bringing about a sense of calm, especially if you are feeling angered by other people.

Again, this is because pearls are believed to carry the purest form of love.


3.Sign of good luck

What’s The Meaning Of Getting A Pearl Necklace

Some people believe that the pearls are a sign of bad luck, but many people consider the charms a sign of good luck. Generally, the kind of luck that the pearls carry will vary depending on when they are gifted to someone.

The reason for this belief is that since the Middle Ages, there have been cultures about pearls that believed that the pearls represented tears from the rebel angels, and so, the belief that associates the pearls with unhappiness and them being carriers of tears. A famous belief about the pearls is that the pearls shouldn’t be gifted to new brides because the pearls given to the bride-to-be would only bring her tears in her married life.

This legend is believed to have originated from the Middle East, where after getting pearls, the newly-weds husbands who were pearl divers never returned from their voyage, therefore, leaving their wives and girlfriends in tears.

To cancel out the effects of bad luck, the bride would have to pay for the pearls in a symbolic charge with just a few cents, and doing this would turn things around, and the pearls would bring in good luck.


4.Symbol of and appreciation for beauty

The pearl necklaces are also great symbols of beauty, and being given one is a sign that the recipient of the pearls is beautiful, and this is an appreciation of the recipient’s beauty.

What’s The Meaning Of Getting A Pearl Necklace

5.Token of love and affection

Giving someone a pearl necklace is also a nice thing because the pearl necklaces are a symbol of love and affection.

The pearls are also considered symbols of wealth and would bring you good fortune. Think of the pearl necklace as the best and the most romantic way for you to say I Love You.


6.Sign of divinity

The pearls are also a symbol of divinity, and they represent a journey of the soul and the spirit into perfection.


Pearl necklace means to a guy.

While women of all ages can accessorize elegantly with pearls, and you can wear pearl necklaces just about everywhere, even when dressing down, the pearl necklaces can be worn by men too.

Pharrell Williams has been seen wearing pearls, and so, men can wear pearls too. But is there a special meaning attached to men wearing pearl necklaces?

What’s The Meaning Of Getting A Pearl Necklace

Well, today, men wearing pearl necklaces is nothing out of the ordinary, and they represent the best way for men to express themselves and their style. And with masculine pearl necklace designs present on the market today, men looking to be more bold and expressive through fashion get to wear pearl necklaces too.

It’s worth noting that pearl necklaces/ jewelry weren’t always worn by just women; men wore them too. These pearls were a sign of power, authority, and prestige.

The earliest reference of this trend goes back to 2300BCE when the Chinese nobility and royals, as well as the Indian Maharajas, wore the pearls to show off their power and nobility.

They would also wear the pearls as amulets and show off their ferociousness, especially among the Polynesian warriors. Nobility and Royalty from the West also wore pearls, among other gemstones, also to show their power and status.

Therefore, a man wearing a pearl necklace is a symbol of their fashion-forwardness, versatility, power, style, and overall a form of self-expression.


Single pearl necklace meaning

The pearl represents wisdom, and wearing one is also a symbol of undying love.

What’s The Meaning Of Getting A Pearl Necklace

Three pearl necklace meaning

The 3-pearl necklace is an accessor that is often seen in nobility. The Queen has been seen wearing the 3-strand necklace that makes the perfect accessory.

This necklace was a gift from her father or King George VI. Besides being a signature look, it’s also stylish, and it represents nobility.

It’s also a symbol of wealth, essentially because having just one pearl shows style, while the odd number 3 points to more wealth and the ability to spend more.


How to gift a pearl necklace

Thinking of gifting a loved one a pearl necklace, here are some of the ideas on how you can gift the necklace to a loved one.

What’s The Meaning Of Getting A Pearl Necklace

Remember that men, women, and kids alike will appreciate the pearl necklace because it is the perfect representation of the great sense of style and taste of the giver of the gift, as well as the recipient. This versatile piece of jewelry won’t ever go out of style.

And so, presentation is everything.

  • Present the necklace in a nice jewelry box, either a simple jewelry box or a unique and cute jewelry box.
  • Just remember that you will have to give the gift at the right moment. Too soon in the relationship, for example, and you may scare her away.
  • You could also follow it up with a romantic message to show the meaning of the pearl necklace and what the recipient means to you.
  • Also, present the necklace in the right setting. Say at a nice restaurant or a place that is special for both of you.



If you are wondering if you should gift that person you love a pearl necklace, then you should because it is the best symbol of love, wisdom, and loyalty.

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