What is the Meaning of a Tiger Tooth Necklace?

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Tigers, in recent decades, have been domesticated. You might chance upon them on social media where they are playing with their human friend as large as they are. 

What’s more, growing up with animations such as Aladdin told us that, like Jasmine, tigers could be both loyal and fierce, very much like any feline.

However, here we’re looking at something more specific, and that is their teeth. What meaning do they hold in certain spheres, and what do you stand to benefit from them? Here’s is what we’re going to explore.

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What does a tiger tooth necklace symbolize?

Meaning of a Tiger Tooth Necklace

To understand the significance of a tiger’s tooth, you must understand aspects of the creature itself. For one, they are the largest cat species in the world, not to mention their dark vertical stripes along with reddish-orange fur being a telling sign of what they are. Being both large, beautiful, and terrifying, owning a tiger tooth is no mean feat.

What’s more, tigers have roamed the earth for millions of years. In parts of China, they have found tiger fossils that are more than two million years old.

Even so, the beauty of this creature is appealing to millionaires across the globe that keep them as pets. Sadly, some want to poach them. Whatever the case, we can all agree a tiger’s majesty makes its tooth all the more prestigious.

Meaning of a Tiger Tooth Necklace

However, for those lovers of preserving the wildlife, the reality of having a tiger’s tooth is not noble. In the past, it meant that you had hunted the animal, and as we have seen in old photos and modern autocracy, tiger hunting was not uncommon.

Seeing a tiger rug was, therefore, ordinary in these spaces. This aspect is not to diminish the love of tiger tooth jewelry but rather highlight how the tooth itself gets attained.

For example, in modern times, persons would be more comfortable purchasing a tiger tooth from one that one deceased.

The symbolic nature of a tiger’s tooth speaks more to the creature’s character than anything. Courage and strength are the top two meanings of this rear tooth, but also protection.

Meaning of a Tiger Tooth Necklace

Watching National Geographic clarifies that tigers are not the ones who get hunted, but the opposite is true. Knowing that we are above the “food chain” gives us more confidence to move about the space we do and with no fear in our everyday life.

For those superstitious and swear by it, the other symbolic meaning of a tiger’s teeth is luck. It is believed that when the creatures would roam ancient Africa, families would hang the tooth in their homes to bring them good luck in their lives and endeavors.

Equally, those who went on long journeys with tiger teeth felt assured that they would indeed have a safe trip.


Benefits of wearing tiger tooth

Meaning of a Tiger Tooth Necklace

The beauty of jewelry is that we ascribe our meaning to it. That is no uncommon; we do the same for many other artifacts and the likes to ourselves. With the tiger, though, it is not as complex. One only needs to look at the tiger’s nature to draw meaning to the tooth? 

– You are confident

– You are fierce

– You are not intimidated

– You are ahead of the pack

– You are both friendly and a protector



Is the tooth authentic? How was it acquire? These are questions many wish to know before purchasing a tiger tooth.

However, an imitation will not diminish the meaning. As said, we do ascribe value to various things all the time.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!