How to Match Earrings and Necklace Smartly(5 Actionable Tips)

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Self-presentation is a valuable asset in the world that every human should master. A lot of opinions and perceptions can be created and thrown around about a person who doesn’t look quite put together.

If you have been stuck wondering how to match your earrings and necklaces smartly, look no further.

Finding a happy medium between wearing our favorite necklace or our new earrings is never easy. Of course, this is something that we all struggle with sometimes but with the right information uncertainty is kicked out and confidence invited in.



How to Match Earrings and Necklace

Matching two different pieces of jewelry like earrings and necklaces which feature around your upper body is more about complementing one piece with the other.

These two are the biggest culprits when it comes to a disjointed look if you don’t take the time to think about how you are pairing them up.


1. Choose different materials


An interesting way to pair up two pieces of jewelry as bold as necklaces and earrings is to combine them with different materials. A short and precise example of this to wear a beaded silver necklace with a colorful bead on it and pair this powerful statement piece with small but silver-colored plain metal earrings.

Train your eyes to spot the basic material in your statement jewelry piece and use this as a reference point to guide your selection of an ideal and complementary match.

If you are a fan of gemstone jewelry, the rules somehow get simpler and more self-explanatory because there is no way you will wear a pink crystal on your necklace and chose to wear gold earrings. That can never happen.

The simple rule to follow is to match the color grade or hue of the necklace gemstone with earrings that have a similar gemstone set on them.

Another pairing option that you could try is pairing similarly themed jewelry together. If for example, you were wearing a cross pendant necklace, if you happened to match it up with either short dangly cross earrings or a simple cross-shaped stud, that would be the ideal look.


2.Size and Shape Matching 


Taking into consideration the sizes of your jewelry that you intend to match, you would be able to identify which pieces look good together and which ones seem a bit overwhelming.

If you have some iconic earrings that are quite the statement piece, you can afford to play down your necklace by wearing a simple chain with or without a pendant.

Matching jewelry by shape and design is also a very crucial thought to keep in mind because you could perfectly put two jewelry pieces together simply based on the general design incorporated in their creation.

Another cool way to play around with the shape of your jewelry items is to pair them up in contrast to each other. Like you could wear a triangular-shaped earring with a necklace featuring another geometric shape. These pairings are always so attractive and they really make you stand out from the crowd.


3.Color Coordination 


One of the oldest and most used pairing jewelry rules in the book of fashion accessories is the matching of similarly colored crystals, gems, or metals to create a unified and simple look. This is the safest route you can take if you are not sure of what looks good.

However, if you are as experimental and daring as fashion trends call you out to be, you must seek out the thrills of living life on the edge. Nothing super dangerous or anything like that. Just be a little imaginative and try to pair contrasting colors and see how that works out.

Let’s say you love silver and gold with equal intensity, there is no day you will feel extremely happy missing one or the other. The best way for you to achieve a sophisticated and fashion-forward look is to first buy a two or three-tone metal jewelry.

This jewelry has a combination of silver and gold in its design. This piece you can wear maybe on your finger as a ring or on your necklace as a pendant. Having set that as the base, you can then slip on earrings of your choice.

Remember to keep the colors on a neutral shade to avoid having one color that is too explosive and risks overshadow the other. A good tip is to select more earth-toned colors because they match with all colors.


4.Match Color with some Sparkle


This simple pairing features a brightly colored gem and a clear and sparkling crystal.

Say you had a blood or scarlet red ruby or moissanite pendant necklace and some really brilliant cubic zirconia simulated diamond earring studs, pair them together and check yourself out in the mirror.

You are bound to love your reflection.


5.A fun way to Match your earrings and necklaces

You may like to believe that people you see successfully match their jewelry and look well put together never had it wrong but this is far from the truth.

Adding a little fun and your own quirky personality to your fashion expression will help you ease into jewelry pairing almost effortlessly.

It helps if you have a theme in mind like birthday, animals, nature, and other such themes. Pick out the jewelry pieces that you feel the best express this theme and complement each other in color spectrums and throw them on.

Wearing something personally inspiring or motivating gives you a little skip in your step and elevates your mood and confidence.

And you know what they say about confidence right? When you have it on, you always look and feel great!



Over and above all fashion rules stated or implied, the beauty of fashion and style lies in self-expression.

The most important thing you need to consider before you step out of the door is if you are happy, comfortable, and confident in whatever earrings, necklaces, or outfit you pick out.

With a sense of appreciation and love for yourself and your unique style will see you setting trends that others can only dream of pulling off.

You just have to trust your own judgment and express your creativity as you see fit.

Thanks for reading. Please visit this page for more tips.


Hey! I finally find the Answer!