Male Fashion Jewelry Advice – 10 Mistakes You should Avoid

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Jewelry has the power to elevate the appearance of the wearer and also the confidence levels in an explicable way and also in a way that nothing else will.

It has been an important part of the human race for centuries, with the first account of man wearing jewelry dating back to 5000BC in Ancient Egypt. But some people still get it wrong, either wearing the wrong kind of jewelry or not knowing how to style the jewelry well.

There are many ideas for jewelry styling for women, but not so much for men. And so, this means that despite owning fabulous jewelry, you may have styled them inaccurately or worn the wrong thing – there are instances where you look much better without any jewelry.

So, when someone looks at you, they may be thinking that you have some great quality pieces, but you didn’t style them well.

To prevent that from happening, we’ll be sharing a number of tips on how to style your jewelry appropriately. We’ll also share ideas for the best jewelry options meant for men.


What jewelry should a man not wear?

1. Earrings – when to avoid them

Male Fashion Jewelry Advice

While most men avoid wearing earrings because earrings are quite the statement item and because they often feel feminine and not masculine, guys shouldn’t avoid earrings altogether.

Instead, they should look for earring styles that suit the masculine frame. This is important because choosing the right earrings, especially for men, results in the most trendy look.

But if you are unsure about what earrings to wear, we recommend settling for the smaller, understated earrings, preferably the earrings in neutral designs and the ones made using small gemstones.

These options are much more trendy, and they don’t give a feminine vibe. It’s also important to note that a pair of studs look more stylish than the old aesthetic of wearing a single earring, especially if you don’t want your sexuality to be questioned.


2. Flashy necklaces – yay or nay?

Male Fashion Jewelry Advice

Generally, men can get away with any type of necklace, and most guys can go wild with chain necklaces. But it doesn’t mean you should wear flashy necklaces if it is not your vibe or style.

Not everyone is into flashy and attention-grabbing jewelry; most men opt for subtler pieces. So, if you are interested in necklaces, it may be safer for you to choose simpler and sleeker chain necklace options over bolder, gold-studded chains.

We also recommend the small and/or medium-sized silver or gold chains for a subtle, elegant look, especially for that T-shirt and jeans outfit. These simple chains also look good under buttoned shirts.

If, on the other hand, you prefer a classy look for your jewelry, you may want to try the coil or even the diamond-cut necklaces. That said, always go for a simple and stylish look.


3. Clips and Tie Bars – Should you skip it?Male Fashion Jewelry Advice

Despite being the most functional accessories, the tie clips and the tie bars are oftentimes overlooked by most jewelry-loving men.

More men should invest in this accessory, though, because the tie clips or bars work well in anchoring and keeping the tie in place, preventing it from getting into your face or flying around. In other words, this accessory will save you a lot of embarrassment.

So, if you are looking for an important accessory that you will never go wrong in, the tie clip would be ideal.

The best part about the tie clips and bars is that they come in an excellent color array, and they work with different attires, whether you wear formal or business wear.

The colors also give you options for casual wear when you need to tone down your look.


4. Gaudy Bracelets – Yay or Nay

Male Fashion Jewelry Advice

If you love bracelets but aren’t sure about statement pieces, you will be happy to know that, as a guy, you may easily get away with wearing different kinds of bracelets.

But when choosing bracelets, we recommend against wearing the chunky or the dangly bracelets; these tend to come off as tacky and cheap, especially for men.

Alternatively, wear simpler bracelets that give a subtle look to accent your outfits easily. When it comes to accessories for men, opting for the understated bracelet matching your outfit adds the perfect touch of class.


5. What to wear and where to wear specific pieces

Male Fashion Jewelry Advice

It is possible to wear jewelry options that are deemed situationally inappropriate, which is why men and women should think of the situation or events they are dressing up for before settling on jewelry pieces.

The rule of thumb for guys is to avoid flashy jewelry when attending something like a funeral or maybe an in-person meeting with top-tier professionals.

That said, you should consider investing in subtler jewelry options because these work for different events and occasions, and you wouldn’t have to worry about the bracelet being too flashy or wrong.


6. Confidence

Male Fashion Jewelry Advice

The biggest mistake you can make when it comes to wearing jewelry as a guy is not being confident.

Because at the end of the day, you must wear your jewelry confidently.

Wearing jewelry means you are doing the unexpected and breaking the mold regarding what fashion means for men, so you should be self-assured when wearing your jewelry.


7. Avoid wearing disproportionate jewelry

Male Fashion Jewelry Advice

Another common mistake that men make is picking jewelry that doesn’t compliment the shape of their faces.

Regardless of the stylishness of the jewelry, you need to ensure that it sits in a way that balances and accentuates your appearance.

What this means is that you can only wear the larger bracelets and the oversized watches if you have wider wrists and larger hands.

I. Settle on longer necklaces if yours is a thick neck

II.  And if you have large hands, you should opt for larger or wider rings.

III. On the other hand, settle for smaller pieces if you have a leaner frame.


8. Best colors of jewelry for men

 Male Fashion Jewelry Advice

We recommend subtle jewelry in subtle colors for a seamlessly stylish look that will enhance your confidence. Also, know the color of your skin, tone, and the skin undertone to settle on the metal that complements the color of your skin.

What this means is that if you have a cool skin tone, your ideal jewelry should be made of silver or white gold metal pieces, and if yours is a warm skin tone, you should opt for jewelry in rose and yellow gold.

But if your skin tone is neutral, you can confidently wear yellow or white metals.

Other than your skin’s tone, you should also consider your wardrobe’s color scheme, then settle on the jewelry whose metal colors work for you.


9. Don’t wear too many accessories

Male Fashion Jewelry Advice

The other common mistake that guys make when it comes to jewelry is overaccessorizing, and really, it is a buzzkill.

Don’t overcrowd your outfit with multiple pieces because they will overpower your whole outfit.

Often, wearing one-too-many pieces creates an understated and distasteful look. So, you should live by the simple rule of fashion which states that less is more.


10. Don’t be nervous

Male Fashion Jewelry Advice

You may think you are the only guy wearing jewelry, which will make you overly cautious and not so confident. And that shouldn’t happen.

Once you make up your mind about wearing jewelry, you’d want to make sure that you wear the pieces boldly and don’t feel nervous.



While men can wear any kind of jewelry they love and look good on them, the truth is that most often, men go wrong by being nervous about wearing accessories that make them look good or not look confident.

Also, for most men, less is more, and there is no doubt that subtler pieces often work best for men.

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