How Can I Make My Cubic Zirconia Shine Again?-Detailed Guide

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By now, you know that the Cubic Zirconia is the perfect alternative to the diamond. It looks just as good and sparkly, but for much less.

And with proper care, the cubic zirconia will last a good number of years. Being a form of Zirconium dioxide that is lab-created, it is durable, and you could easily mistake it for a diamond.

After its discovery, it became the most popular option and the gemstone of choice for most people who could not afford the diamonds.

However, these earlier versions of Cubic Zirconia were very porous, and they didn’t maintain their shine for long because they absorbed oils very easily and got very cloudy in a very short amount of time.

These CZ stones would also change color fast even in the cutting process due to exposure to high-temperature conditions.

So, improvements were made on the early cubic zirconia, and many years later, the new productions are less porous, and though they grow cloudy eventually, this change doesn’t happen too soon.

And also, you could make get rid of the cloudy film and restore the CZ shine. How?

Below are some tips on how to get rid of the cloudy film on your cubic zirconia


1.Cleaning the CZ jewelry using warm water and mild dishwashing liquid

How Can I Make My Cubic Zirconia Shine Again

This is the simplest but also the most effective way of cleaning the CZ Jewelry, and most people swear by it because it works.

With this method, the only thing you need to do is to make sure that the detergent you use is mild and non-abrasive, and we recommend using the blue Dawn dishwashing liquid because it’s mild and cleans the CZ perfectly.

You should avoid abrasive detergents and cleaners because they would damage the CZ stone.

To clean the Cubic Zirconia stone jewelry with this method, you will need the following – 2 small bowls, Blue Dawn dishwashing detergent, a soft, lint-free cloth, and a soft-bristled brush. Once you have these materials, follow the steps below:

First, make the cleaning solution by mixing the warm water with the detergent in one of the small bowls. Go for a 1 part detergent to 2 parts water – this doesn’t have to be precise, but you shouldn’t use too much water.

Put the CZ jewelry in this solution, let it sit or soak for about 2 minutes, then start cleaning. Gently scrub the CZ jewelry using a soft-bristled toothbrush – the one meant for children, paying attention to the areas around the prong or pave settings, and behind the centerpiece, and around all other nooks and crannies to ensure that the entire piece of jewelry is cleaned thoroughly, and the shine of the CZ and the metal is restored.

How Can I Make My Cubic Zirconia Shine Again

Note: in the absence of a soft-bristled toothbrush or a toothbrush that you trust to get the work done properly, you could clean it using a soft cosmetic brush like the eye shadow brush.

When done, rinse the CZ piece of jewelry in the other bowl with clean, warm water. You could also rinse it in the sink, as long as you keep the drain plugged.

Take time rinsing the CZ jewelry since you wouldn’t want to leave out any soap residue or suds on the CZ. This is also the reason why we recommend rinsing the CZ ring under the faucet, as long as you plug the drain.

Next, pat dry the CZ ring using your lint-free, soft cloth. And never let your CZ air dry because this may damage the CZ. Gently dab dry the CZ and keep dabbing until there is no more moisture on the piece of jewelry.


2.Soaking and cleaning the CZ Jewelry in case of extreme cloudiness

This is the method of cleaning you should go for if you are unable to get rid of the entire CZ film using the method above. You will be happy to know that this method is just as easy, and you need the same items as above, just more time needed.

How Can I Make My Cubic Zirconia Shine Again

To get started, mix the detergent with hot water. You’ll need to mix 3 parts hot water with just one part Dawn dishwashing liquid.

Next, submerge the CZ in the soapy mixture and set it in gently until it is submerged fully. That said, there is no specific amount of time that the CZ needs to be soaking, but we recommend letting it sit in the soapy water for a couple of minutes, at least.

After, gently rub or scrub the CZ piece using the soft-bristled brush. You could wear gloves to avoid getting burned in case the water is still too hot.

Now, rinse out the CZ thoroughly under the faucet, and then rinse the soapy mixture off the CZ thoroughly. You could dip it in the other bowl with clean water as the last step just to confirm that all the soapy residue is removed. Next, pat dry the CZ completely using a piece of clean, lint-free cloth.

If this method fails, we recommend taking the CZ jewelry to a jeweler for proper cleaning. The professionals will clean the piece and restore its shine and brilliance using high-powered cleaning methods like the use of the high-pressure steam cleaner or the ultrasonic cleaner.


3.Polishing the CZ jewelry

How Can I Make My Cubic Zirconia Shine Again

If you are praying for just one more Hail Mary before you take the jewelry to the jeweler, you may want to try something different – using a polishing cloth.

This is one of the other things you could do to restore the shine of your CZ jewelry, especially with options set on cheaper metals. However, it’s also ideal for polishing CZ jewelry set on sterling silver, 14k gold, or plated gold.

To polish the stone, you need a polishing cloth, polishing cream, and/or the tarnish remover. Often, these come as part of a jewelry cleaning kit, and they work well. You only need to make sure that the cleaning materials and solutions are not made of abrasive ingredients.

For the plated jewelry, you have to be extra careful when cleaning them, and we recommend cleaning the jewelry in warm soapy water instead of the polishing cloth because the cleaning abrasives in the polishing cloth will remove part of the plated metal.


Why does CZ dull over time?

How Can I Make My Cubic Zirconia Shine Again

All gemstones dull over time because of different factors, and the Cubic Zirconia stone isn’t an exemption.

  1. CZ grows dull and cloudy over time, and the biggest reason for the cloudiness is the exposure of the stone to everyday and inevitable things such as lotions, soaps, hairspray, makeup, body spray, etc. The impact isn’t felt instantly, but the stone starts to lose its shine whenever it’s exposed.
  2. The CZ also loses its shine when it’s scratched, and because the CZ is not as hard as an actual diamond, it will be scratched, and as the scratches grow, the brilliant shine of the CZ is lost.
  3. Exposure to chemicals also makes the CZ lose its sparkle and become cloudy.
  4. The good news is that the methods recommended above will ensure that the cloudy film is removed and the shine of the CZ is restored.



To restore the shine of your Cubic Zirconia, opt for the good-ol’ warm, soapy water cleaning option.

It works well and protects the structural integrity of the jewelry.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!