15 Magnetic (Clip on) Earrings for Unpierced Ears in 2024

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Looking for magnetic earrings for unpierced? As popular as it has been over the years to get your ear pierced, anyone who has never tried it would assume it couldn’t be that bad, but it is.

The entire process from getting pierced to healing that piercing is riddled with pain and frustration.

That’s why a large majority of people now wear magnetic earrings for their unpierced and others pierced earlobes.

Before sharing the list, we are gonna tell you more about magnetic earrings and the pros and cons of magnetic earrings.


What Are Magnetic Earrings?

Magnetic earrings are the kind of earrings that use the magnetic force field between two opposite magnetically charged pieces placed on each side of the earlobes.

These two pieces are the earring crown and the backing which are attracted to each other magnetically. A force field passes through your ear lobe to make this happen.

These magnetic characteristics are both super cool and somewhat dangerous depending on who the earrings are intended for. Last week, I shared a post: is magnetic earring is bad for you?

You can learn a lot if you want to know more about magnetic earrings.


What Are the Pros and Cons of Magnetic Earrings?


  1. No need to get your ears pierced. It helps you avoid the pain and discomfort of nursing a piercing while enabling you to look just as cool as the designs available match other pierced alternatives.
  2. Very minimalistic in their design and style making them ideal for men’s studs which are always popular.
  3. Great quality of magnetic earring pieces will give you a strong and secure fit on your lobe. You won’t have to worry about missing pieces.
  4. Though some pressure may be experienced on your earlobe, there is no other inconvenience that they could present to the wearer of magnetic earrings.
  5. There is no chance of infection as compared to all other piercing options that could potentially get terribly affected by metal material composition or by a lack to follow proper hygiene measures in caring for your piercings.
  6. Very easy to put on and take out at any time and with barely anyone noticing.
  7. They are very well priced and make for a great buy for those who want to look great without all the pain that is associated with it.


  1. As they operate on energy fields, these earrings are prone to affect external energy fields that may be attracted or repelled by your magnetic earrings. Be careful not to use other magnetic devices when you have these on. Examples of these devices are the pacemaker and a high blood pressure monitor.
  2. They may rearrange your credit card data particles if you store your earrings close to your wallet. So be sure to have a very separate storage space for these bad boys.
  3. Sometimes they may not stay on so well. Depending on their quality and build, magnetic earrings may not have a strong enough attraction to hold firmly onto your earlobe. Especially true for those who have thick earlobes.
  4. Due to their ability to easily put on and take off, magnetic earrings are more prone to theft or falling off when you least expect it and almost unnoticeably.


15 Magnetic Earrings for Unpierced Ears

Rose-Plated Carat Clip Earrings

Available on Amazon-Please Click the Picture to Check the Price

Made of 14kt gold-plated copper or platinum-plated material and featuring a Cubic Zirconia diamond simulation for the crown to make a beautiful piece of jewelry.

These stylish pieces go well with all dress choices.

Packaged in cute little boxes, they make for the ideal birthday gift. With the gold or platinum plated options available, these magnetic earrings are made to fit many preferences.

The platinum-coated pieces will be safe for any skin sensitive users.


Spikes Rivets Stud

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Made from stainless steel and uses strong magnets so you can be sure they will fit securely all day.

the earrings are round in shape with the stainless-steel bit shaped into a tunnel or ring with a circular block of magnet fitted perfectly into it.

As you know with stainless steel, it lacks the shine of other similar metals like titanium. These pieces have been well polished and they look very unique with the spiked crown head.

When you buy this piece you also get an amazing gift bag or box.


Rioso Magnetic Studs

They come in a set featuring 4 different types of earrings for both men and women.

They are made from stainless steel making them highly recommended for sensitive skin types.

Among the earrings you will find in a set are like, dangle in the cross design, a stud with cubic zirconia simulated jewel as crown, a pair of pure stainless steel polished classic studs and the black fake hoops.

The material lasts longer than most and will offer you a lifetime of service and style.


Assorted Magnetic Earrings

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With each purchase you get four pairs of stainless steel but of the same color, shape and design but of varying diameter.

These would be cool gift for friends who are appreciative of the gothic trend called gauging.

They come in silver, black and gold color variations. Ideal for men and women.


Silver Earrings Cartilage Jewelry

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These are 4 pairs of differently designed earrings made to be worn on your cartilage.

They feature a highly polished surface and a smooth surface on the inner side which makes them ideal for all-day wear. They are electroplated as well and this increases their lifespan.

They include a trendy leaf wrap, pattern dome, a U-Shape swirl dome and a simple two-row wrap.

They are made of copper wire which is bendable allowing you to adjust the tightness of the earring around your earlobe or any other place you plan to wear them on.

They perfectly double up as fake nose rings, lip rings, ear cuffs, tragus rings and helix cartilage.


Faux Pearl Clip Earring

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These earrings are made of materials made to simulate pearls and the ever-dazzling cubic zirconia plus three coats of gold platting.

They are such small and dainty pieces shiny enough for a happy informal setting.

They have a beautiful packaging that is inspired by the Chinese culture making them a perfect wedding, anniversary or birthday gift for the women in your life.


Magnetic Gauge Earrings

Available on Amazon-Please Click the Picture to Check the Price

Made of stainless steel making these earrings highly hypoallergenic.

They feature 6 pairs of earrings, three of them hoop clip-on pieces and three magnetic stud pieces.

They are versatile and made for men and women. With options for black, gold or silver colored earrings, they make for versatile options for wear and in matching with different outfits and occasions.

The loops hold on securely to stay on all through the day but you might want to be careful while removing your tops and t-shirts as they could easily be pulled off your ear.


Butterfly Earrings

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These are a set of 16 pairs of different earrings all embodying unique symbols of flower, butterfly, cherry, ice cream and many more.

They are made of an alloy which has not been clearly identified that is said to be strong and durable.

Their variety is great for any little girls closet because it allows for fun mix and matching plus she will never lack a piece to put on.

They are also easy to put on and offer a soft rubber pad to protect children’s ears.


Enamel-Plated Flower earrings

Available on Amazon-Please Click the Picture to Check the Price

This earring is made of an alloy of copper with 18k champagne gold-plating and is polished thrice.

They claim to be free of nickel, lead and cadmium which makes them a safe wear for sensitive skin types.

Also has a very cute packaging which makes it an ideal gift for your sister or daughter of a mature age.

They are intricately designed to be both beautiful and comfortable. They achieve this by their detailed outlook and lightweight.

What’s more is they have a light pad on the back that prevents them from pinching the wearer’s lobes even with extended wear.


Fake Hoop Earrings

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These earrings are made of 925 sterling silver and coated with 18k gold-infused with dazzling cubic zirconia making them a great choice for sensitive ears.

They are made to be adjustable to fit anywhere you would like to wear them.

They make for good conch, clip on, cuff placements. Due to their minimalistic design, they look good with any garment and are great for all occasions both formal and informal.


Magnetic Stainless Steel Stud Earrings

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Made with high-quality 316L stainless steel, these compact designed little studs are ideal for men and women who have sensitive skin.

The magnetic detail is strong enough for the earrings to stay securely in place.

There are three types of options available and each comes with three different studs with either round or square-shaped crowns.

The cubic zirconia diamond simulation makes this piece eye-catching and perfect for clean cut sophisticated looks.

Their material also increases this earring’s lifespan and could be ideal for generational heirlooms.


Princess Play Jewelry Earrings

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Great jewelry gift for your young teenager on her birthday or at Christmas.

Comes packed with 20 pairs of animal-patterned clip-on earrings.

They also have rubber pads to make the earring fitting comfortable and more secure even with long wear.


Cubic Zirconia Crystal Earrings

Available on Amazon-Please Click the Picture to Check the Price

These pieces are made of brass, coated with platinum and topped with cubic zirconia crystals of sapphire, red, gold, black and many other colors.

With every order you get 12 pieces of these in a variety of colors. Suitable for young to middle-aged females.

The platinum coating provides the necessary protective shield and is great for hypoallergenic pieces.


Dangle Drop Earrings

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These earrings are hand-made and are made in the clip-on fashion.

The material used to make them is copper with a coat of silver making them hypoallergenic, durable and resistant to fading.

They go well with most outfits and are a dazzling site in social functions.


Dangle Statement Earrings

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Designed into the shape of tear drops, these round-cut drops come fitted with comfort clips at the back.

They are made of 14Kt Rose Gold genuine gold offering a shiny exterior and a strong, endurable build.

The jewel used is Cubic Zirconia which makes an impressive copy of diamond jewelry.

Packaged beautifully as well, these are the best earrings for weddings and parties and as a gift on special days like Valentine’s day, Mother’s day or Christmas.




There is a lot to choose from in the magnetic earrings section.

Whether you are buying them for your children, your extended family and friends or yourself, they are very diverse and beautiful to look at.

Given that the wearer maintains responsibility over how and where they use and store their magnetic earrings, they should be safe from any negative effects.

Keep this in mind and find out more to enjoy your magnetic earrings experience.

For more information, go to this page for more.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!