What is Lia Sophia Jewelry Made of?(Detailed Answer)

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Great accessories have the ability to raise your confidence and add a great deal of sparkle to your subtle outfit. Its gets even better when you are dealing with high end designer jewelry pieces that have been designed with the intent to have you stand out in a crowd.

 Also, sometimes, you may find yourself purchasing a jewelry piece because of the sole intention that the original designer had when producing and deploying their signature pieces.

Perhaps you have come across the name ‘Lia Sophia’ during your research for popular jewelry pieces that exist or when on your shopping spree, and are wondering what exactly Lia Sophia jewelry is. That said, in this write up, we will look into what exactly Lia Sophia jewelry is made of, confirm whether its silver pieces are real and evaluate their worth.


Brief background about Lia Sophia Jewelry

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 Lia Sophia jewelry is all about women empowerment. First, by ensuring that women are able to earn an income and second, by actively participating in the Dress for Success, a non-profit concept that is entirely dedicated to help any disadvantaged women get back into the workforce. How cool and considering is that?

Well, to add on that, Lia Sophia jewelry was established as a company that seeks to offer distinguished jewelry pieces at very affordable prices. Their jewelry are not necessarily sold in store but in fact have a unique way of ensuring sales are made and the pieces are successfully deployed to several jewelry lovers. What happens is that Lia Sophia saleswomen operate individually to host parties that are supposed to attract different customers who may be interested in buying the jewelry items.

During these parties, the saleswoman gives an overview of the Lia Sophia brand and identifies her favorite picks which are thereafter passed across the whole room and gives her audience a catalogue and paper to fill in their favorites before purchasing and if they are lucky could end up getting a gift in the process.


What is Lia Sophia Jewelry made of?

Lia Sophia Jewelry Available on Amazon-Click Picture to Check Price

 Generally, a lot of Lia Sophia ornaments are considered as costume jewelry simply because the company isn’t invested so much in using real precious metals to make their unique jewelry pieces. In as much so, their jewelry is made of high quality materials such as plated silver.

Their silver products are said to be anti-tarnish and are made from Rhodium, which is a precious metal in the Platinum family.

Their gold products are made of 18K-22K electroplated gold which is long lasting and has a lustrous shine. To add on that, their stones on their jewelry pieces may consist of resin or glass beads, crystals, pearls or semi-precious stones.

Also. Most of their earrings have a surgical steel post which makes them an ideal choice for anyone with sensitive ears. If you look closely into Lia Sophia jewelry, you will notice that it has a very distinguishable sense of style that makes it quite recognizable among several jewelry designers that exist.


Is Lia Sophia Jewelry real Silver?

Lia Sophia Jewelry Available on Amazon-Click Picture to Check Price

 As we mentioned earlier, Lia Sophia jewelry is considered costume jewelry because most of their pieces do not contain any real precious metals. On that note, we can deduce that their silver pieces aren’t real silver but are actually plated.

Also, the jewelry specified in the Lia Sophia catalogue is not exactly real gold, but are plated. The gemstones that are used in their delightful ornaments have just been designed to look like high quality gemstones that exist in the industry but are made from wither dyed or clear crystals.

Another thing is that most of the Lia Sophia jewelry pieces are mixed with bold colors such as black, red, silver or gold which are designed to stand out and match the contemporary them of that particular piece. Aside from that, you can find certain jewelry that aren’t too bold such as silver pendants and gold earrings that have clear crystal gemstones.

Among the key characteristics of their jewelry, is that the modern looking pieces have angles, circles, triangles, bubbles and sometimes a combination of them all incorporated in them.


Is Lia Sophia Jewelry Expensive?

Lia Sophia Jewelry Available on Amazon-Click Picture to Check Price

 Lia Sophia Jewelry is actually the most affordable let’s say high-quality jewelry that you may have very come across considering the fact that it is more or less a home party business.

Some customers have claimed to have gotten about $744 worth of jewelry for around $178 with all of the hostess benefits simply because every hostess tends to get about 20% of her show’s sales in FREE jewelry and it gets even better if her show can get about 10 sales and 2 bookings because she is able to get about 40% free jewelry.

An added bonus is that the hostess is able to get a booking gift which majority of the time is any item that is under $100 at approximately $15. This specific saleswoman then has the option to purchase for bonus items at $15 or a hostess price that is established by the company alongside 2 half-price items.

Lastly, each and every day, you have the option to purchase 2 items at the regular price and get the third item that is the most expensive at half price. Right after that, you have the option to purchase up to 3 monthly special items at half the price.


Is Lia Sophia Jewelry worth anything?

Lia Sophia Jewelry Available on Amazon-Click Picture to Check Price

 Your costume jewelry can either be worth a few dollars or a fortune! Sometimes the jewelry pieces that you think are extremely valuable and could earn us a great ton of money can actually be worth mere dollars and those that seem the simplest can cost a lot more.



You can comfortably build a stunning jewelry collection to match your sense of style with the Lia Sophia jewelry at a very affordable price and the best part is that when you are ready to clear out the junk or pieces that you aren’t able to wear, you can always re-sell them.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!