Kate Spade Vs. Michael Kors (Which one Is Better?)

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Kate Spade and Michael Kors are, undeniably, two of the most popular fashion brands that deal in affordable and highly accessible luxury jewelry and handbags.

But what are the differences between these two brands? Is Kate Spade better than Michael Kors, or is Michael Kors a good option for you if you are to choose between these two companies?

This article takes you through everything you need to know about Kate Spade and Michael Kors. So, let’s get right into it, starting with the basics.


The brief introduction of Kate Spade

Kate spade vs Michael Kors

Kate Spade was founded in 1993 by Kate Brosnahan Spade, who previously worked as the fashion editor at the infamous Mademoiselle.

Building upon her experience working with world-class brands and having learned a thing or two about what really sells in the fashion industry and how she could make it better by setting in place designs that would set her brand apart from the rest, she went out to design what would be considered to be the perfect handbags.

The brand debuted with 6 stunning silhouettes designed elegantly, with combinations of sleek and highly utilitarian shapes and some of the most colorful palettes.

Kate Spade vs Michael Kors

All these were showcased in a small Kate Spade Boutique in SoHo, Manhattan. Kate Spade partnered with her husband, and the partnership led to the expansion of the brand across the international borders and turning into what is now a global brand.

Thanks to the unique, elaborate, and stunning designs of the Kate Spade handbags, her designs were an instant hit, and her brand soon expanded to meet the growing demands.

Note that after the launch of the brand in 1993 and with the subsequent expansion of the Kate Spade brand to include retail outlets and high-end stores that sold her goods, all went on to made Kate Spade one of the accessible household brands.

Kate Spade vs Michael Kors

But the success of the brand was not just because of their signature collection of handbags or the honor she received when she earned America’s New Fashion Talent in Accessories in 1996; the wide range of products offered by the brand is what propelled their success.

Despite the success of the brand and with over 450 stores across the globe, she sold off a part of the brand in 1999 to the Neiman Marcus Group, and the rest of the brand’s shares were sold off in 2006 to the Fifth & Pacific brand.

However, the Spades were actively involved in the company. Unfortunately, she passed away by suicide in June 2018 in her New York apartment.


The brief introduction of Michael Kors

Kate spade vs Michael Kors

Michael Kors, the founder of the Michael Kors brand, was born in Long Island before moving to New York City, where he attended the Fashion Institute of Technology.

He, however, dropped out of the fashion school after just two semesters because he felt that he could learn more by designing his own pieces.

With a passion for fashion and the experience he gained from being brought up by his mom, who was a model and also working in some of New York’s best fashion houses, he gained enough skills and knowledge needed to get his own brand going.

And in 1981, Michael Kors successfully launched his brand’s women’s collection.

Kate Spade vs Michael Kors

In 2004, Michael Kors was a judge for Project Runway, and with the then First Lady Michelle Obama posing in a Michael Kors dress for the very first official portrait as the first lady, Michael Kors was giving other high-end luxury brands a run for their money.

Beyond working with big names like Michelle Obama and even Angelina Jolie, Michael Kors success is pegged on the fact that the brand offers simple yet elegantly designed and tailored clothing that is adored across the world.

Of course, Kors persuasion and charm in sales and his unique sales techniques were the cherry on the top that led to the success of the brand.

Kate Spade vs Michael Kors

But he didn’t just make it to the top overnight; Michael Kors started out by traveling to several small fashion shows that were hosted in private homes.

These shows were referred to as Trunk Shows, and at just 23 years, he was able to convince the formidable fashion editor who worked for the New York magazine and now works for Vogue, Anna Wintour, to check out his collection, which was one of the things that opened doors for him.

While he displayed his collections on his bed in his apartment, Kors would then go on to be a household brand. Some of the big names that have picked MK include Barbara Winters. Over the Years, Michael Kors has won multiple awards thanks to his designs and remains an iconic brand to date.


What is Kate Spade most famous for?

Kate spade vs Michael Kors

Having shot to fame in the 1990s, Kate Spade, along with her brand, is well-known for a wide array of well-designed bags, primarily a rainbow collection of some of the coolest and the quirkiest handbags.

Her bags, all named after, featured linen, nylon, and straw designs that would soon turn into this important rite of passage for ordinary women, as well as A-List actresses.

The brand and the Kate Spade Bags turned into one of the most important entry points for adulthood and the world of pretty much most of the luxury buys of the time.


What is Michael Kors most famous for?

Kate spade vs Michael Kors

Besides judging the popular TV Show, Project Runway, Michael Kors is known for a variety of relatively affordable, simple, but elegantly designed outfits, handbags, and accessories.

This is also the fashion brand that is known to have inspired trendy fashion and lifestyle as a whole.

Michael Kors is a powerhouse in the accessible fashion industry, and they are known for some of the very best luxury pieces, from their wide range of beloved bags to


What is special about Kate Spade?

Kate spade vs Michael Kors

Kate Spade’ features a unique style and trendy colors made into bags and accessories whose styles are a perfect blend of the classic silhouettes and the traditional shapes.

The Kate Spade bags are also known for being extra sturdy and also reliable, but the best part is that they offer a nice, extra vibe.


I. Simple, practical designs

Kate Spade vs Michael Kors

Kate Spade is also known for the unique and bold colors and stripes that are incorporated into their handbags, hence the trendiest pieces.

On top of that, the Kate Spade bags are also designed for practicality – they are all functional pieces, and the best part is that Kate Spade bags are made out of high-quality leather that wouldn’t be ruined if they got wet.


II. Signature style and bold colors

Kate Spade vs Michael Kors

On top of that, Kate Spade bags are made in the signature Kate Spade Style, featuring a fun and friendly vibe without being too girly.

The bags are perfectly infused with some bold patterns, colors, and nice, cool-girl energy that make the Kate Spade bags stand out.

The bold gingham prints and the vibrant seasonal colors all make the brand stand out.


III. The large size of bags

Kate Spade vs Michael Kors

In addition to being trendy, the Kate Spade bags are not just stylish but also big enough to fit your laptop, which makes the bag the very best of work bags – think of the bags as the holy grail of all work bags.

If you have been looking for a stylish work bag that fits all your work essentials seamlessly, Kate Spade’s sleek and stylish bags would be the perfect option for you.

Finally, the bags by Kate Spade are simply stunning. Their wide range of bags they offer means that you have a perfect bag for nice, fun, optimistic, and feminine finishes.


What is special about Michael Kors?

Kate Spade vs Michael Kors

The popularity of Michael Kors comes from the fact that the brand prides itself in top-quality PR strategies and some of the cleverest ads.

But that’s not all; the best part about MK is the fact that their products are reasonably priced for a luxury brand; you will be paying less for products with the same quality features like the bags offered by Prada, Hermes, or Dior.


The pros and cons of Kate Spade Products

Kate spade vs Michael Kors


  • Kate Spade bags and accessories look amazing
  • The bags come in various sizes for different uses, but the best part is that the bags are big enough to fit your laptop and all your work essentials with great ease.
  • The bags are sturdy and durable to carry all your heavy stuff, and this also means that the bag will last a long time.
  • Kate Spade bags are stylish, and there is a bag for every personality and style.
  • Uniquely designed and fun bags and accessories.
  • The designs of the bags are practical, and there is a bag for everything, occasion, or person.


  • There are too many counterfeits on the market  
  • Some of the bags are above the affordable range for most customers


The pros and cons of Michael Kors products

Kate spade vs Michael Kors


  • Michael Kors bags, clothes, and accessories are reasonably priced, and they cost less than prices on other luxury brands.
  • Good quality products
  • Wide range of products for you to choose from on the Michael Kors products catalog.
  • Durable items sold under the Michael Kors brand


  • Too many MK counterfeits on the market today


Kate spade vs. Michael Kors (which is better)

Kate Spade vs Michael Kors

Unfortunately, Kate Spade’s growth has been stunted, and its range of products hasn’t expanded as much over the years.

Michael Kors, on the other hand, is always reinventing the wheel, and they offer the widest product range at great prices.

So, with this comparison in mind, Michael Kors would be a better brand for you, especially if you are looking for variety.



Kate Spade offers a good range of bold colored and bold-patterned bags and accessories, but Michael Kors offers classic designs for bags and outfits at a lower price tag.

At the end of the day, the brand you choose depends on what you are looking for, and sometimes, the brand you end up with depends on what you’re looking for. But overall, Michael Kors is the better brand.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!