15 Affordable Pieces of Jewelry You can Wear All the Time in 2022

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Are you looking for the jewelry you can wear all the time? Jewelry is an extension of our outfits, but even then, it could be difficult to know what the essentials are so that you’re always fully prepared to complete a look.

Well, if you’re looking to up your game, we are here to help you with the bare minimum that you should have. In this article, we are going to look at 15 different types of jewelry that you ought to consider purchasing. These will be what you consider your go-to items, whether you’re dressing up or down.


A delicate gemstone ring


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Having a brilliant sparkling gemstone ring always make a statement anywhere you go.

It doesn’t have to be your engagement ring; you can always go out and buy one yourself.

Celebrities are always wearing rings with gemstones on their other fingers.

So that it has sentimental value, consider purchasing this for yourself during a special occasion that you want to remember forever.

Also, consider getting a ring that is highly polished, such as one with a rhodium finish that adds to the luster.


A simple sterling silver ring

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Silver is another type of ring that goes with any outfit that you have.

It is simple enough to wear when you want to keep things simple with casual attire.

At the same time, you can wear them with more elegant or flashy clothes and the sterling silver ring will still look fantastic.

Sterling silver, when new and also polished it stands out and works well on any finger.


A Comfort-Fit Tungsten Ring

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Tungsten is a hard metal, and it withstands everyday wear quite well.

You want a comfortable tungsten ring if you always love having a ring on your finger.

The other good thing about tungsten is that it is scratch-resistant, so you don’t have to be overly concerned when you’re going about the day, and it is getting scratched.

Tungsten comes in various colors; you can get a silver-colored one, black, and with designs and engravings that you like.


A textured bangle

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Textured bangles have been fashionable since time in memory, and that has not changed.

Consider getting a clap-free bangle for comfortable wear and fit. For those, you can get multiple bangles that are intertwined.

If you want something more subtle and doesn’t make a sound when it moves, then get a singled but somewhat large bangle.

You can get one with or without a clasp. You’re not limited in the type that you get; it could be gold, sterling silver, copper, or whatever suits your liking.


An Inspirational Cuff

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Cuffs are also in fashion and more so because of their ability to carry a message that we are passionate about.

You can have the cuff customized, or you can get one readymade.

An inspirational cuff ought to be a cause that you are passionate about or has a reminder of something that gets you going in life.

The fantastic thing about inspirations cuffs is that you can wear them in almost any context there is, and it also makes for a good conversation topic.


A Spirit Wrap Bracelet

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Glass beads, when put together to make a bracelet do make for a beautiful piece of the jeweler.

The spirit wrap bracelet is also great if you are religious or believe in a Higher Power.

That can also serve as prayer beads when you need them to be.

There are a ton of applications for wrap bracelets; you could use it to count the number of breaths when you are stressed, or count the things you have to be thankful for.


A Silver Chain Necklace

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To get something that lasts, go for a .925 sterling silver; it is going to last you a lifetime.

The reason you can’t get pure silver it’s because it is too soft and tarnishes, and thus not suitable for jewelry making.

Depending on your taste, you can get a thin or thick silver chain necklace.

Thinner ones tend to be more delicate and thicker once they are more of a fashion statement.

When you have a plain silver chain necklace, you’re free to pair them with any pendant you want.

No one will tell that it’s the same chain if you keep making the stitches and polishing it to keep looking brand new.


Beautiful Tree of Life Earrings

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Celtic symbols are gaining popularity for their deep meanings.

The Three of Life is one such example. It has different interpretations, including the harmony and balance found in nature, strength, wisdom, and even longer life.

What’s more, is that it could also mean the relationship between this world and the spirit world.

If you strongly believe in these themes, you can indeed get a beautiful Tree of Life earrings.


Tree of Life Necklace Pendant


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To complement the Tree of Life earrings, consider getting a Tree of Life pendant.

You can switch it up a bit and get one with a woman as the trunk of the tree to symbolize women being at the center of family trees.

It could be for you as the mother, or you can wear it to show the special place in your heart that your mother holds in your life.

To make it more special, you can get one with gemstones so that it stands out more even with the earrings.

However, for the necklace pendant to be the center of attention, consider wearing plain earrings or studs.


An Encouraging Rubber Bands

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Rubber bands will always be with us as long as we have something encouraging or inspiring to say.

They are perfect for when you’re out and about having a relaxed day, or you’ve stopped by to see someone you love.

Wherever you wear, it is going to serve as a reminder of the things that matter to you.

If you like rubber bands, you can get them with different messages of a similar theme.

As always, get something that means a lot to you.


Alphabet Pendant Necklace

You don’t have to love your name to get an alphabet pendant necklace.

You can get one of these accessories like a statement of who you are and that your presence matters.

The letters also don’t have to be the starting letter of any of your names.

It could be that of someone you love and cherish, and you’d always want them close to your heart.


A Nice Name Necklace

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If you want to go all out, why not get a name necklace pendant?

They always look stylish, especially given the font the name comes in.

The great thing about these pendants is you can always purchase them if your name is available or have them custom made.

It could be either-or. Alternatively, the name could be something that you love or something that motivates you.

For example, you can get a name pendant written ‘hustle.’


An Adjustable Anklets

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Nothing makes a foot look more delicate and graceful than when an anklet is worn around it.

You can get ankles of whatever design that you wish, with one of the most popular being those with charms.

They tend to come with extenders so you can adjust it to suit your ankle size.

The other aspect that would make you appreciate an anklet is that it works amazing with any shoe that you have on, and they are out of the way.


A 14K Gold Chain Necklace

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Your closet is not complete until you have a gold chain necklace. Every woman needs one to complete their style.

The chain necklace is also favorable because you can switch the pendants for varies depending on the outfit.

The reason to have 14k gold is that you want the chain to give you decades of service.

14k also tends to be the sweet spot when it comes to gold. That’s because anything less or more will tarnish faster.


A Rose gold Chain

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The color rose gold is truly considered to be an embodiment of femininity.

The delicate color of it makes it suitable to go with anything, and you can choose pendants that complement the colors as well.

Ensure that you get a sterling silver or gold chain with rose gold.

The best time to wear this color is when you want to let your feminine side shine through and speak of who you are and what you are feeling.



Jewelry makes a statement and also speaks to who we are and what our likes are.

Therefore, consider the above the canvas in which you can let your personality shine through.

There is no right or wrong way; only choose to remain focused on what you love.

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