12 Jewelry Pieces with Amazing Engraved Quotes in 2024

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Looking for jewelry with engraved quotes? You come to the right place.

Accessorizing is a fun way to transform a boring outfit to an edgy and chic by introducing a few statement pieces with cool colors, crystals or engraved messages that are empowering.

These twelve jewelry pieces have amazing engraved quotes and you should totally check them out.


12 Jewelry Pieces with Engraved Quotes 

With a continued growth spurt in the creative, art and design talent across the world, items such as jewelry pieces are truly experiencing a revamp of old ideas and an insurgence of new ideas.

1.An inspirational cuff

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Made of 316 stainless steel, this cuff is open-ended to suite multiple wearers.

It is a plain band of metal waiting for its owner to pick out a color and get it engraved.

The colors available are exciting. You have a choice of retro silver, two different shades of rose gold, and silver.

You are allowed to make your requests on your preferred metal of choice to have it read what your heart desires.

The material is skin-friendly and very long-lasting and resistant to a lot of possible damages other metals are vulnerable to.


2.A Couple’s Bracelets for Him and Her

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Two different designs are featured in this 11-inch long bracelet with a 5mm bar with an engraved quote.

The metal part of these bracelets is made of 316 stainless steel which is nickel-free and averse to dents, scratches, or corrosion.

One version of this bracelet features a custom braided rope with an adjustable mechanism and tapered at the end with stainless steel beads.

The bar is available in both rose gold and black colors and they are each bedazzled with a square-shaped bright cubic zirconia crystal.

A pink one for the rose gold and a blue one for the black bracelet.

The other version replaces the rope with a stainless steel link chain with a lobster clasp.

The bar’s crystal is replaced with a silver-colored metal plaque in a beautiful frame where you are to engrain your message.


3.An Engraved Quote Ring

With the words “I love you 3000” engraved boldly across the middle of the tungsten carbide ring this unique ring is available in a myriad of solid and two-tone colors that are simply brilliant.

There are many variations of black and grey, solid 18k rose gold, two-tone rose gold with silver or grey, gold, and about three different shades or finishes of silver hues.

The rings have been built with step bevel edge to increase the comfort of wear even in long durations.

Tungsten carbide is hypoallergenic and you should enjoy wearing your ring for years to come.

It is a great gift for anybody in your life of any age because you can get the ring sized to your preference.


4. A Buddha Quote necklace

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Engrained with a quote said by a Buddha, this necklace pendant features a full globe sun with the crescent moon lying in a perfect curve right next to it.

The sun’s orb of this unique pendant is made of glass dove for the display and the message has been printed inside it with a lotus flower at its foot. The message reads;

“Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most”- Guatama Buddha

The pendant hangs on a link chain and fastens quite easily with the dolphin clasp.

It is a great gift idea for your yoga enthusiastic network. Such pieces are said to carry some power and positive influence on the wearer.


5.A Stainless-Steel Personalized Pendant

Inspirational Jewelry Available on Amazon-Click Picture to Check Price

A double hearted special pendant that holds more than just a memory. Hanging on a tight curb chain that hangs through the larger silver heart-shaped hollow metal.

The tip of the rope inside this silver heart holds onto a black 3-dimensional black heart that can be opened and closed by screwing and unscrewing.

The tiny black heart is meant to be an urn in which to hold ashes of a dearly departed to keep them closer to us.

The heart-urn can be customized to read whoever it is you are remembering.

Stainless steel is a long-lasting material and you can expect to have this necklace for life.


6.Alex and Ani Words bracelets

Inspirational Jewelry Available on Amazon-Click Picture to Check Price

This chain-less bracelet features three round discs.

Once it is the main feature in size and design it has an octagon shape that grows out and the words “What is for you will not pass you”.

It comes in a shiny silver color only.


7.An Engraved key Chain

Inspirational Jewelry Available on Amazon-Click Picture to Check Price

This keychain will make an elegant and sentimental gift for your boyfriend / husband. Made of stainless steel.

High qaulity polished finish. Lead and nickel free. Sent in a Jewelry gift box , Ready for gift giving.


8.A Hook Drop Earrings 

Inspirational Jewelry Available on Amazon-Click Picture to Check Price

With a sterling silver plating, these earrings are safe to wear for all skin types.

It features a 9mm long dangle earring that hangs on your ear by the French hook.

The pendant features a circular metal bejeweled with cubic zirconia crystals in two alternating sizes and patterns.

The middle of the pendant is black in color and it’s written in a dramatic white, “A year from now you will wish you had started today”.

That’s very challenging and it’s the kind of message a person needs when they are about to start a big scary project. This earring might jolt them and others around them to action.


9. A Cross Necklace

Inspirational Jewelry Available on Amazon-Click Picture to Check Price

Available in gold, silver, and black colors, these stainless-steel necklaces feature a 22 to 24-inch double link chain that fastens quite easily with the help of the lobster claw clasp.

The pendant is a disc-shaped piece of stainless steel with a cross ingrained on one side of it, the other side is open to customization but there are some pieces available with inspiring messages such as “Keep calm and carry on.”


10. I Am Enough Ring

Inspirational Jewelry Available on Amazon-Click Picture to Check Price

3mm wide of polished stainless steel metal is the main feature of this ring.

It comes in shades of gold, rose gold, and the original silver color.

Engraved are short inspirational messages that are varied and you could pick based on the mood you feel best represents you are the wearer of the jewel.

It is safe for all skin types.


11.A Dog Tag

Inspirational Jewelry Available on Amazon-Click Picture to Check Price

This cool military type of pendant features a block of stainless steel that has been coated in gold and black colors to provide some variation in choice for different preferences.

The chain is wheat grain type and is available between the lengths of 22 to 26 inches.

The pendants don’t all look similar and there is quite a number of designs to choose from.

What they have in common is a cross-shaped engraving or metal protrusion either singularly or decorated with tiny polka dot spots giving the necklace a two-toned effect.

You could choose from the bible verse engraved options or have your own piece custom-made to read what you may.


12.A rubber bracelet

Inspirational Jewelry Available on Amazon-Click Picture to Check Price

A high-quality rubber band free of BPA has been used to make these creative and inspirational silicone bracelets.

They are the length of about 8-inches in circumference meaning they are adult-sized.

Their uniform black color makes them ideal choices for both males and females.

Purchases are made in packs of three or six bands with different messages.

They are the perfect buy for people who don’t like to wear metal because the designs and printing are on point.



Little intricate items like quote engraved jewelry and the meanings we place in and associate with them reminds us that it’s the little things in life that matter.

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