21 Jewelry Storage Ideas You Absolutely Should Try in 2024

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If you are into jewelry, then it is safe to say that your jewelry collection is probably one of your most prized and treasured possession.

Keeping your accessories in order and finding an optimal jewelry storage solution should be your priority.

Although storing your bracelets, necklaces, and earrings inside drawers seems like a no-brainer, these throw-and-go spots can make you forget some of your most valuable and less-worn jewelry.

Your jewelry requires special storage to ensure it remains tangle-free and safe.

Furthermore, because jewelry varies in size, shape, and material, different types need to be sorted and stored differently.

We have come up with a list of 21 budget-friendly jewelry storage ideas you should definitely try.

They are as follows:


1. Organize and edit your jewelry

Jewelry Storage Ideas

Before even thinking about the best storage means to use, it is crucial you go through your jewelry and pick on what you love, as well as place aside what you do not need.

You can toss or repurpose any tarnished jewelry, mismatched earrings, or broken pieces that are taking up your storage space.

You can also take meaningful pieces to a jeweler to be redesigned if they no longer match your style.

After picking what you need, you can then decide on the method of storage that fits you best.


2. Get a jewelry box

Jewelry Storage Ideas

Jewelry boxes are designed to help you organize your earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces, hence keeping them categorized, safe, and easy to find when you want to accessorize.

Jewelry boxes vary in size and hence can be either put on display or stored in a drawer, closet, or even under the bed, depending on your preferences.

Furthermore, these boxes are affordable, and thus investing in one won’t break your bank. With a jewelry box, you are assured of safe, dust-free, and visible jewelry whenever you want to use them.


3. Use a wall organizer

Jewelry Storage Ideas

If you do not have drawer space, ample counter, or a jewelry box, then your walls will be a perfect method for storing your earrings and bracelets.

Using walls or any vertical space to maximize storage is always the best and most clever way out if you have limited space.

Furthermore, this method of jewelry storage makes your accessories accessible, allowing you to see all your pieces at once.

This is advantageous as you won’t have to disorganize your jewelry when you want to accessorize.


4. Use a magnetic Jewelry Display

Jewelry Storage Ideas

Though a bit pricy, this jewelry storage method is the easiest, most practical, and most effective way of storing your earrings and other pieces.

This jewelry display comes with some “hooks” that you can use to hang your neckless and bracelets on.

This display has a magnetic section that holds stud earrings. It allows you to easily detach your pieces for easy access.


5. Invest in a portioned jewelry organizer

Jewelry Storage Ideas

Getting an organizer for your jewelry is good, but an already portioned organizer is the best storage idea.

Buying an organizer equipped with slots and compartments that sort all your pieces and baubles by type assures you of the safety of your pieces.

You can label each compartment to ensure that you always put your pieces back in their proper place. Additionally, this will make your jewelry easily accessible and always remain organized.


6. Buy a stud earring storage

Jewelry Storage Ideas

Instead of throwing your studs in a trinket tray or a box, keep them paired up by storing them in stud storage, like that used in shops to display them you can also use it to hold dainty jewels, brooches, and hold rings.


7. Copy the store display used in jewelry shops

Jewelry Storage Ideas

Jewelry stores know a lot about keeping everything gorgeous and organized.

A creative and budget-friendly way of storing your accessories is coming up with an efficient and creative jewelry storage idea that your favorite store uses.

These ideas include upcycling a DIY jewelry holder, laying jewelry on pretty wood pieces or rocks, and hanging jewelry on vertical spaces.


8. Use jewelry storage trays to divide and organize your drawers

Jewelry Storage Ideas

Dividing your drawer is a perfect way of utilizing your drawer as a storage space without dumping and mixing your jewelry. To divide your drawer effectively, you will need a few trays depending on the size and type of your pieces.

Trays provide each jewelry piece with its own space hence keeping it safe as it doesn’t get tangled, scratched, or damaged. Furthermore, if your pieces are very expensive, you can add a lock to your drawer to keep them safe.


9. Choose a specific place for your staple pieces

Jewelry Storage Ideas

It is easy to get into the habit of tossing your everyday earrings, rings, and necklaces on the lampstand next to your bed.

But this habit can lead to losing pieces or even your pieces tangling and tarnishing.

It is important to invest in a catch-all or a box and place it on your bathroom counter or stand to ensure all your accessories are secure.


10. Hang your necklace on decorative hooks

Jewelry Storage Ideas

If you only have a couple of necklaces on your regular rotation collection, you can consider hanging them on a decorative hook.

You can invest in a decorative hook that matches your home décor, place it in a visible place and use it as a storage space.

This idea is advantageous as you will be able to access your daily pieces easily without disorganizing your entire collection.


11. Use an acrylic organizer to sort your jewelry

Jewelry Storage Ideas

Another creative idea for storing your jewelry is by using an acrylic jewelry box. Investing in a standing acrylic organizer is worth it as you will store your pieces effectively while saving up on space.

This is because these organizers are easy to fold up and hence can fit in small spaces. The clear version of these organizers allows you to easily pick your daily accessories just by a glance hence and can store earrings of all lengths.


12. Invest in a rotating jewelry display

Jewelry Storage Ideas

If you have lots of neckless, earrings, and bracelets, rotating organizers are the perfect storage idea for you. These organizers will not only store a wide range of many pieces but also make them easily accessible by simply twirling the display around.

Many of them are designed to include a different storage style on each side; hence you can store your jewelry according to the type on each side. For example, rings on one side, earrings on the other, and necklaces on a different side of the organizer.


13. Store your jewelry in a locked safe

Jewelry Storage Ideas

If you own expensive and precious gems, a portioned safe is a great jewelry storage idea and the safest option available.

With a portioned safe, you will have a designated space for each of the pieces in your collection hence avoiding misplacing and damaging items.

You can also purchase lng.


14. Place your jewelry in soft pouches

Jewelry Storage Ideas

You can buy soft pouches and store your best and coveted sets of earrings there.

Most soft pouches have two compartments in which you can store your earrings in. Each earring is designated to either section of the pouch; hence you are sure that your pieces won’t get damaged by scratching each other.


15. Utilize ring dishes around the house to store your jewelry

Jewelry Storage Ideas

If you are the type that takes off cocktail rings when going to bed or before doing dishes, then you can consider placing a few ring dishes strategically around your home.

This method will help you keep your pieces safe by preventing them from falling under the bed or into the sink. Additionally, it will save you from forgetting where you placed your precious pieces.


16. Buy a jewelry mirror or armoire

Jewelry Storage Ideas

If you have an extensive collection of jewelry pieces and your space permits, investing in a jewelry armoire dedicated to all your baubles is a one-and-done storage solution for your collection.

An armoire is a free-standing piece of furniture that has designated spaces like shelves, drawers, rods, and hooks that allow you to store a wide range of items.

However, if your space does not allow it, you can get a mirrored jewelry cabinet. You can easily mouth a jewelry mirror on a wall as it will open up into jewelry storage.


17. Invest in a jewelry pocket organizer

Jewelry Storage Ideas

You can easily find an array of ready-made organizers equipped with individual pockets designed for the storage of statement jewelry. You can use hooks to suspend your everyday pieces on these organizers.

However, these organizers are not meant to hold your valuable or delicate pieces. They are best suited for storing chunky fashion rings, bracelets, and necklaces.


18. Create your DIY Jewelry Organizer

Jewelry Storage Ideas

If you have many pieces of jewelry but are skeptical about investing in an organizer or trays to partition your drawers, worry no more, as we will show you how to create your own organizer at home.

Create an organizer by covering a cork bulletin board with a piece of bold fabric and add metal screening or decorative mesh to a frame. You can then get pearl-headed pushpins to hold your bracelets and necklaces on the bulletin board.

Additionally, you can hang your earrings on your DIY organizer by hooking earring wires through openings on the screen. You can then place your organizer on the countertop or a dresser and divide it to catch post earrings and rings.

Jewelry Storage Ideas

Furthermore, you can DIY a hardware jewelry organizer. If you think that knobs and pulls only work for cabinets and drawers, then think again because we disagree with you.

You can repurpose your hardware, either vintage or new, and come up with an eclectic jewelry display idea that you can use to store your pieces. You can customize your hardware organizer to store your bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and more.


19. Use a thread rack organizer

Jewelry Storage Ideas

Though these organizers are mostly used to store spools of thread, they can be a great way of storing your jewelry if you are working on a budget and have limited space.

These organizers can be hung on the wall easily, or you can attach them at the back of your closest door. A thread rack organizer is a great way of keeping your jewelry tidy and in a place that you can easily access.


20. Get a mounted tray display

Jewelry Storage Ideas

This storage idea is almost similar to the traditional use of flatware trays. Instead of using your horizontal trays with drawers and cabinets to help with partitioning, you can be creative and mount them on the wall vertically.

This way, you will be able to access your pieces without disarranging your whole collection. Furthermore, sticking these strays to your space will add visuals to your space.


21. Create or invest in a folding jewelry stand

Jewelry Storage Ideas

Lastly, creating a tabletop stand is a great way to store and show off your jewelry pieces.

With such a stand, you will be able to fit more jewelry on your bathroom counter or dressing table, and you can fold it up when it is taking up a lot of space and needs to be out of the way.

Furthermore, such a stand is easily transportable, and you can carry it anywhere life takes you.



Storing your earrings well will prevent your special, expensive and treasured pieces from getting damaged, lost, or scratched.

The best thing about getting a good storage organizer for your pieces is that you will be able to dispose of pieces you no longer need while easily accessing your daily accessories.

Furthermore, jumping on a good storage idea, like using the safe, is a great way to keep your expensive pieces safe.

Remember, before getting your jewelry organizer; you need to consider available space and how many pieces of jewelry you own.

Everyone ones to keep their precious pieces as new as possible for a long and a good storage idea will prevent your jewelry pieces from tarnishing.

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