Is it Bad Luck to Wear Jewelry of the Dead?(Jewelry Superstitions )

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Which do you prefer between vintage and inherited jewelry items? Following the loss of a loved one, we may choose to wear or sell jewelry items that they leave behind. When it comes to purchasing vintage jewelry pieces, you wouldn’t know whether they were pre-owned by the deceased or not. That said, allow me to ask, do you believe in jewelry superstitions?

Believe it or not, the jewelry world is filled with jewelry superstitions that may prevent you from wearing any jewelry items, no matter how good they are.

Some people believe that wearing jewelry of the dead breeds bad luck, whereas others treat it as a myth. So, is it really bad luck to wear jewelry of the dead? Why? Read on to find out!


Is it bad luck to wear jewelry of the dead?

Jewelry of the dead is often sold as second-hand items. Second-hand jewelry is jewelry items that were purchased and worn by someone else at one point in time and is now up for sale. Sometimes, it could be inherited from a family member who has passed on. Unfortunately, some people may claim that jewelry of the dead carries traits and curses associated with previous owners. For this reason, they assume that the same energy would be passed on to their lives.

Is it Bad Luck to Wear Jewelry of the Dead

That said, you may be wondering whether it is bad luck to wear jewelry of the dead. The answer to this question entirely depends on your personal beliefs. On that note, it can be bad luck while, in other contexts, it doesn’t even matter at all. Generally, metal retains energy, both positive and negative. The same goes for gemstones.

In wearing certain jewelry pieces that were previously owned, you may be commemorating their union, relationships, and lifeline. Every time you wear jewelry of the dead, chances are that you will be reminded of them. If you feel as though it is too much for you to handle, you can try taking it to a psychic with a gift for psychometry. Psychometry is the practice of holding an object and telling you different pieces of information about its previous owners. What happens is that psychics pick up anything disturbing associated with the item. When this happens, it helps you understand the value of the jewelry item in your life. If the psychic feels that the ring has not retained energy, then you can always decide to wear the piece. If the opposite happens, you may need to get rid of it.

Based on that explanation, we can establish that jewelry is a very emotional item, often given at physically charged and happy times. If that particular jewelry piece, was purchased with money that was gotten by any immoral or illegal means, then negative energy may come your way. If the person was emotive, then you may be filled with an aura of emotion every time you wear the piece. Sometimes, it is mere superstition, and you shouldn’t pay too much attention to it. The majority of the time, the jewelry of the dead isn’t cursed.

Is it Bad Luck to Wear Jewelry of the Dead

If you feel the need to sell jewelry of the dead, you may want to take it to a high-end appraiser. Before you do that, however, you can try to wear the ring for about a month and evaluate how you feel in the process. Take time and cleanse it spiritually. Once it is spiritually cleansed, you can have it cleaned by a jeweler. As you do this, you can have the jewelry item appraised and insured. Doing this, helps you decide whether the item indeed brings you bad luck, or if you are superstitious. Most times, you will find out that it’s the latter.


Some other jewelry superstitions and how to use it

1.Opal as a talisman for bad luck

Is it Bad Luck to Wear Jewelry of the Dead

In some cultures, opal is seen as a carrier of bad luck for everyone, except those born in October. Also, you shouldn’t buy an opal for yourself.

In ancient times, quality Australian Opal was discovered, and it seemed to threaten demand for diamonds.

For this reason, diamond traders began making up falsehoods about opal to reduce competition. Since then, opals remain a bad omen.

You can always gift an October baby an opal but avoid doing it often.


2.It is bad luck to wear pearls on your wedding day

One of the most renowned jewelry superstitions identifies that pearls forecast tears in marriage and that they will always bring you tears if you buy them yourself. Based on this superstition, you can avert any issues by receiving them as a gift and wearing something different on your wedding day.


3.Black diamonds are bad luck

In Southern Asia, customs advise against wearing or purchasing black diamonds or diamonds with deep, black inclusions. Black is seen as a color of misfortune, and inclusions are considered imperfect.

That said, these kinds of diamonds bring bad luck to the wearer and anyone close to them.

Generally, diamonds are associated with strength, purity, and perfection. For this reason, Asians consider diamond clarity as to the most important factor when purchasing jewelry.

If you want to gift a person black diamonds, or diamonds with black inclusions; you may want to dig deeper into their culture to avoid tampering with any contrary beliefs and superstitions that they may have.

Is it Bad Luck to Wear Jewelry of the Dead

4.Certain jewelry pieces ward off evil

Some cultures advise the wearing of evil eye jewelry when a baby is born. The mysterious symbol is said to ward off any ill intent or malicious evil eyes on the newborn.

The eye brings good luck and protects the child at all times. Some cultures prefer turquoise, while others say silver protects anyone against evil eyes.

Generally, silver has antibacterial properties that cleanse the body to some extent. That said, this superstition may hold a certain degree of truth to it.


5.Heirloom jewelry sometimes brings bad luck

Some jewelry superstitions are against the hand down of heirlooms to newlyweds, especially if the ring came from a failed relationship.

Heirlooms from a negative relationship carry negative energy that could ruin the marriage at its early stages.

If you do not believe in superstitions, you can always find high-end second-hand jewelry in a pawn shop. Alternatively, you can wear any that was passed down to you by a relative.

Is it Bad Luck to Wear Jewelry of the Dead

6.Amethyst prevents intoxication

Ancient Greek mythology identifies that amethyst has the power to prevent intoxication. Greeks would drink from goblets made of amethyst to remain sober at all times throughout the day.

Amethyst comes with serene and calming energy that allows you to unwind and relax. It soothes your body and reduces any jittery effect that you may be experiencing.

Some parts of this superstition are said to be true.



There are plenty of reasons why anyone would want to avert jewelry of the dead, and there are multiple valid reasons why anyone would prefer to have good luck charms for themselves.

No matter which side of superstitions you fall on, jewelry remains a great way to adorn oneself.

Even if you don’t believe in jewelry superstitions, it may be interesting to explore what people have always thought about different jewels that we hold to heart.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!