Does Jewelry Make Men More Attractive in 2024?(From Women’s Eye)

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Does Jewelry Make Men More Attractive? What women think of men’s jewelry? What do men think of men’s jewelry? You can find the answer here.

Jewelry for a long time has been viewed as feminine, with most advertisements targeted toward women. The most you’d see for men is watches but little more.

Even male wedding bands weren’t something that you’d see on a magazine or billboard, but you’d spot a female model wearing diamond jewelry anywhere. This narrative has shifted in the past few decades, with more men opting to wear more than a watch or ring.

Even with these apparent changes in society, the question for some remains- does jewelry make men more attractive?


Why more men wear jewelry?

More men are indeed opting to wear quite a bit of jewelry than before. This transition from the basic jewelry is mostly thanks to male celebrities that double as fashion icons.


For them, it is a way to spice up their outfits.

It is no longer left to royalty like in the past, where kings and nobles wore gold and diamond pieces as a sign of prestige.

Nowadays, if you can afford it, then you can wear it. While there is an evident transition, some hold a traditional view of masculinity and what they can and cannot wear.


In light of that, jewelry has, for a long time, has been viewed as feminine.

More men are, however, breaking away from that stereotype. It is not uncommon to spot men with tiaras and dangling earrings at the Met Gala.

Not all men go to these extremes, but it’s become more acceptable in the recent past.

While there is mention of male icons, it is those that have been labeled masculine in a lot of ways such as David Beckham and Kanye West that have left the door wide open.

You no longer have to be a music artist to wear large diamond earrings or a gold chain. Even the corporate man can wear them.


The other reason why more men are wearing jewelry is the fading beliefs about sexuality.

In the hippy era of the 1970s and in different cultures, it was not common to find men wearing one stud. However, heterosexual men had to follow the prevailing culture of which ear meant they were “straight,” and which one would imply that they were “gay.”

That idea has faded, and even finding men with both ears pierced doesn’t raise an eyebrow, particularly for some Baby Boomers.

Gradually, men wearing more than a watch or ring have become more acceptable, where bracelets, brooches, and other once feminine pieces attract admiration and not criticism.


What women think of men’s jewelry?

A lot of matters when it comes to fashion are subjective.

That said, the idea that less is more works perfectly when it comes to assessing what women think about men’s jewelry.

One of the best bits of advice that women get is that simplicity is essential. The embodiment of this idea is the concept of wearing all the jewelry that you want and then removing one.

For men, the same should be accurate, especially since it’s socially through that men should have significantly less bling than their female counterparts.

Another factor that would determine what a woman thinks about men’s jewelry is the age. If you’re younger, then you can get away with flashy jewelry and even more pieces.

For older gentlemen, less is insistently more, where one or two fashion pieces is enough.

Necklaces and rings are things typically let go of, since having this is still seen as evidence of a midlife crisis or refusal to accept one’s age.


What do men think of men’s jewelry?

Men tend to be calculated when it comes to jewelry, very much the same way that most women are.

Those keen on looking trendy do have a certain way that they approach wearing accessories, where each tends to be an expression of their inner self.

You’ll find men wearing jewelry that speaks their truth, with illustrations of religion included. Men see this in each other, there is a level of respect passed out, knowing that they are making a statement.


Does jewelry make you more attractive as a man?

We can’t ignore the subcultures that exist when it comes to men wearing jewelry.

There are circles where wearing multiple chains, rings, or bracelets is the norm. For others, a watch is enough.

Therefore, one has to adjust how they view a man wearing jewelry to suit the reality a person lives in.

Thus, it is essential to judge a man in his jewelry wearing based on the culture or subculture he exists in before overwriting his taste.

From there, you can decide for yourself if jewelry does make men more attractive or not.



The question of jewelry making men more attractive has a lot to do with how with personal taste and the culture in which someone lives in.

Even so, the broader consensus in popular culture is that men do look attractive in jewelry, but only when it’s worn right.

Thanks for reading. As a man, I wear jewelry almost every day! I just love it. No other reasons.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!