Is Jewelry Made In Italy Real?(Answered by Jewelry Manufacturer)

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If you are considering jewelry made in Italy, but you’d like to know exactly what you’re buying before you commit your money, this article is just for you.

Here, we’ll help you understand why it would be a good idea to invest in the best of jewelry made in Italy, and also the things that make the jewelry made in Italy different and easily identifiable from jewelry from other parts of the world.

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Is jewelry made in Italy real?

Yes, the jewelry made in Italy is genuine. If you are planning to invest in high-end jewelry made in Italy, we’d advise you to.

Just make sure that you are buying the jewelry from a reputable brand or store.

Is Jewelry Made In Italy Real

What kind of jewelry is Italy known for?

Italy is known for the most sensational fashion brands and also the biggest and the best jewelry brands. There are reputable brands that are well known when it comes to jewelry. Below are 5 of the best jewelry brands from Italy.

  1. Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana is synonymous with the best of Italian glamor, thanks to its best fine jewelry options and collections. The brand references some of the best jewelry themes representing the best of grandeur and Italian nobility.

So, if you are looking for grand and opulent jewelry options like necklaces such as the ones with the 29 precious gemstones set on the 18k yellow gold, Dolce & Gabbana might be a good option for you. D&G also offers the ultimate wow factor.

Is Jewelry Made In Italy Real

  1. Buccellati

Buccellati is one of the oldest jewelry houses throughout Italy. The company boasts a long history of creating the best quality and the most variety of show-stopping jewelry.

Buccellati’s jewelry designs are elegant and inspired by the unique Renaissance techniques, combined with the most luxurious of Venetian lace and satin textures.

Thanks to the design elements of the jewelry, the Buccellati jewelry pieces really stand out. Some of the features that stand out from this brand is the fact they sell unique jewelry designs that are easily recognizable, for example, the opera cuffs crafted out of the best quality yellow gold and also dotted with the best of brilliant-cut diamonds.

In other words, if you are looking for a reputable jewelry brand that offers the best of elegant fashion statements, then Buccellati would be a great option for you.


  1. Rosantica

If you are looking for an Italian brand that offers the best of chokers, Rosantica might be a good brand option for you.

Boasting the best of catwalk chokers like the one seen in the AW17 catwalk, this brand offers a great product for all the customers, regardless of the design options in mind. The jewelry sold showcases great style and elegance.

Rosantica’s jewelry features jewelry designs, including the plush velvet ribbons, along with the deep-red stones, and the best part is that the jewelry could be dressed up or down with the ensemble you are wearing. For a more low-key look, then you may get some of the stones removed.

All the Rosantica jewelry pieces are designed in the brand’s shop in Milan, and they are handcrafted in Italy. As a result, Rosantica offers the best product options, and if you are looking for souvenirs, Rosantica will make an excellent brand variety for you.


  1. Delfina Delettrez

For contemporary jewelry designs and the more festive options, Delfina Delettrez would be a good brand to keep under consideration.

This brand is run by the Designer Delfina Delettrez Fendi, which is one of the most popular/ famous families offering the best of Italian fashion. The business is not run as a family business but rather as an eponymous label that was established in 2007.

Some of their collections include the AW17 collection, whose aim is primarily the fusion of traditional designs with innovative jewelry designs featuring the use of vibrant stones but without the classic claw jewelry settings.

The brand also boasts the Dots ring collection, which stands out because of its modern, magical appeal.

Is Jewelry Made In Italy Real

  1. Pomellato

This is the other Italian jewelry brand.

They celebrated their 50th anniversary recently with the launch of their new gold jewelry collection featuring iconic cocktail ring designs that were debuted in the Milan Fashion Week.

These rings are an embodiment of the company’s smooth contemporary styles, including the twinkling bright diamond-encrusted starts that make the rings the perfect party accessories.



  1. Bulgari

Did you know that the jewelry designs by Bulgari were inspired by the Ancient Roman mosaic?

One of the collections that stands out from Bulgari is their Bulgari’s Diva’s Dream Collection, a unique collection that not only stands out but also offers the best level of celebration of style and femininity.

One of the pieces that stand out from this Italian fashion house is their rose gold paved diamond necklace with pink tourmaline.

This is the collection’s literal shining star, and it’s been expanded to include about 100 pieces for different occasions, style preferences, and budgets.


Talented Italian Jewelry Designers

In addition to boasting the best of architecture, art, food, and fashion, Italy boasts some of the biggest jewelry designers offering the best level of craftsmanship. These designers boast an unmatched level of creativity, quality, and innovation, resulting in some of the most masterful art pieces.

The biggest Italian jewelry designers mostly come from the Vicenza region of Italy, which is also regarded as Italy’s gold capital. Note that Italian gold boasts a distinctive yellow color and the best yellow gold of 18k or higher. With this in mind, only one-third of the best Italian goldsmiths are from Vicenza. So, which are the leading Italian jewelry designers?

Is Jewelry Made In Italy Real

  1. Roberto Coin

If you are into exceptional jewelry, Roberto Coin is one of the biggest names in the industry. Truth be told, Roberto Coin needs no introduction.

The brand name was established in Vicenza in 1996, and it has since grown into this globally recognized jewelry brand that makes jewelry the most respected jewelry designer. Roberto Coin offers precision-crafted 18k gold jewelry that can be worn as standalone pieces or stacked with other pieces by Roberto Coin.

The most iconic jewelry collections offered by the brand include their romantic Princess flower collections. The addition of rubies to the jewelry gives the jewelry a nice, extra touch.


  1. Marco Bicego

Marco Bicego is a big jewelry designer known across Italy, but what you may not know is that Marco Bicego comes from a long family of leading goldsmiths whose works are deep-rooted in the family traditions, as well as the best level of craftsmanship in the designed jewelry options.

Marco’s first jewelry collection debut was in 2000, and today, the company is known for the best of blended Italian contemporary jewelry designs that showcase the best of Italian jewelry.

 Marco Bicego’s jewelry sport three main things – the hand engraving, hand-twisted coils, as well as multi-colored gemstones.


  1. Roberto Demeglio

This is the other great jewelry designer known across Italy and the rest of the world. The Demeglio name goes as far back as 1922, but Roberto builds upon the brand’s basic designs to create some of the best and the newest eclectic and unique jewelry designs.

The Roberto Demeglio jewelry options boast a great balance of design, outstanding creativity, and excellent craftsmanship.

So, if you’re looking for the best customized jewelry options, Roberto Demeglio would be the best place for you to go.


  1. Pesavento

This brand name was established in 1922 by Chiara Carli and Marino Pesavento. Pesavento’s operations are based in Vicenza, and all their pieces of jewelry are made in Italy. While Italian jewelers focus on the best of gold, Pesavento offers the best of sterling silver jewelry collections that embody contemporary elegance and an enchanting level of sophistication.


  1. Mattia Cielo

Founded in 2006, the Mattia Cielo jewelry company is known for its forward-thinking, avant-garde jewelry designs representing the best blend of sophisticated elegance and modern minimalism. The pieces of jewelry represent the perfect fusion of sophisticated technological innovations and traditional goldsmithing jewelry designs.


Is gold jewelry cheaper in Italy?

Is Jewelry Made In Italy Real

If purchased from Italy, the jewelry is significantly cheaper Italy.

However, Italian gold jewelry is made of the best quality 18k gold, which is a lot more expensive than 14k gold that is primarily sold in the US.

So, if you are looking for the best jewelry options in Italy, you should know that the jewelry options there are still a little expensive and not that cheap.


Tips for Identifying Authentic Italian Jewelry

Just knowing that the jewelry sold in Italy is the best is not enough; you also need to know how to identify what the best authentic Italian pieces of jewelry look like.

  • Materials used – the best Italian jewelry is made of fine gold and also the best of sterling silver. There also are gold vermeil options which are made of a sterling silver base and a heavier gold plated layer. Authentic Italian gold jewelry bears the 18K gold and the 925 sterling silver stamp that helps in identifying the jewelry.
  • Buy the jewelry from reputable stores. If you are worried about buying knock-off Italian jewelry, avoid buying the jewelry from little-known stores. Buy from bigger, more reputable brands for the pieces that really define your brand.
  • Identify the authentication process. Actual, reputable brands often name their provenance brands and the manufacturers. There is also paperwork to prove the brand’s authenticity. Without the ideal documentation, then the products you are interested in might not be authentic.

And finally, if the deal is too good to be true, then it is.

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Jewelry made in Italy is real, and the best part is that they offer some of the best options for elegant jewelry. Just make sure that pieces are authentic and from reputable stores.

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