8 Professional Jewelry Glue For Resin Jewelry (Made In The USA)

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To make the best jewelry for yourself or for sale, your DIY or crafts jewelry projects will depend on how good the raw materials you select are. And we are not just talking about the quality of the metal or thread used to make the pieces of jewelry, but also the glue.

This is crucial because at the heart of the most successful jewelry-making projects and professional jewelers is a stash of good-quality glue.

If you are working on resin jewelry, you will also need to find the best types of glue for your jewelry, and this means knowing what the best varieties for jewelry glue are.

At the end of the day, your work must be flush, durable, and perfectly finished, and these would only come about if you get professional-quality glue for the jewelry.

To avoid costly mistakes or poor-quality pieces of jewelry, we’ll share with you our recommendations for the top 8 professional jewelry glue options that work well for the resin jewelry varieties.


What glue should I use for jewelry?

If you are a hobbyist jewelry maker, you will agree with us that there really is nothing worse than spending hours on a project for new jewelry designs, only for the pieces to fall out when you wear them.

So, for all your projects, you’d want to make sure that you have the right kind of glue for different jewelry-making materials such as leather, gems, beads, metals, etc.

Essentially, the glue you select should be one that is proven to work well on the kind of materials that you will be working with and the materials that you use for your jewelry pieces/ parts.

You could start your search by looking for the jewelry glue that is expert-tested for use in different jewelry projects.


How to Choose the Right professional Jewelry glue?

If you are not sure about where to start from in your search for the best kinds of jewelry glue for jewelry, we’ll guide you through all the important factors and considerations that you need to keep in mind when looking for the right professional-grade glue for use in jewelry.


1.Types of jewelry glue

There are many types of jewelry glue that you could choose from, but they all fall into 4 main categories:

  • Epoxy– this is the most common type of jewelry glue and also a multipurpose adhesive that would work well for most of your crafts projects. It is a heavy-duty type of glue that works quite well on binding/ bonding different kinds of gemstones or beads to the metal findings. It is, therefore, considered one of the strongest jewelry adhesives ideal for general crafts.


  • Jeweler’s Cement– this jewelry glue is often sold as cement. What you need to know about it is that it is one of the most powerful types of jewelry glue that is preferably used in jewelry making, where you are going for fine detail work with embellishments or small beads. In addition to the stronghold it offers, it dries fast, and it will remain clear, leaving you with perfect finishes. And since it comes with a precision applicator, you don’t have to worry about making unnecessary messes or not being able to get to the smallest spaces.


  • All-purpose jewelry/ contact adhesive– this glue is a great option for you if you need a type of glue that would work well for you and with different types of surfaces or items. This is the kind of glue that you should always have on hand, and you could use it for jewelry and non-jewelry projects. It’s also versatile in terms of the materials it will hold in place. These include fabric, canvas, leather, glass, plastic, paper, and ceramic, among others. You may also like this type of glue because it is paintable, flexible, and waterproof.


  • Instant Glue– this glue is what you go for if you need an adhesive that gets the work done, but maybe not heavy-duty glue. It is ideal for repairs, and you may use it to secure beads in place, for example. Thanks to its thin consistency, it dries quickly and leaves an almost invisible film.

In addition to the type of glue, you also need to take into account several other factors that will affect the performance of the glue and its suitability for use.


2.Setting time

Some types of jewelry adhesives, like the instant glue, will dry up in seconds, but others require a few hours to set or be cured properly.

For heavier and more durable types of jewelry, you should opt for the glues that take a bit of time to set fully rather than the slow-curing ones.


3.Color of the glue

The best jewelry glue is clear after it dries.

Keep this in mind because the transparent dried-up glue will not affect the rest of the jewelry or leave you with rough edges that can be unsightly.



The glue must be durable, able to withstand exposure to sunlight, high temperature, and even water or hand lotions.



The best resin jewelry glue remains soft after it dries. You don’t want glue that turns brittle after it dries; rather, you need the softer glue because it will be able to handle more pressure, impact, and different movements with a high level of flexibility.


6.Ease of use

The right jewelry glue will, for instance, come with a thin, high-precision applicator that gets to the small, hard-to-reach spots, and also one whose cap will stay on and not result in the glue drying up.

So, which are the best options of professional jewelry glue that you could try?


8 Professional Jewelry Glue For Resin Jewelry (Made In The USA)

Best glue for gemstones on metal

1.Nail Art 8ml WIPE-OFF Rhinestone Glue Gel Adhesive

Jewelry Glue on Amazon-Click the Picture to Check Price

It can be a bit challenging to fix gemstones to metal, but this becomes less challenging when you have the best kind of jewelry glue that works well in bonding gemstones to metals.

This glue by GA&EN is made in the US, and you will be happy to know that it comes with all the tools you need to secure the gemstones to the metal with ease.

These include the 2 LED glue pieces, tweezers, and 3 pieces of the LED glue brush tools.

The glue is also recommended because it is strong, reliable, and it doesn’t leave messes.


2.BelleBoost Nail Art 8ml×2pcs WIPE Rhinestone Glue Gel Kit.

Jewelry Glue on Amazon-Click the Picture to Check Price

This is the other option of jewelry glue that works best for jewelry projects that require the bonding of gemstones to metal.

It works great because it comes as a kit that offers everything you need from glue to rhinestones, tweezers, and the necessary brush tools.

The glue is strong, lasts long, and doesn’t leave a mess since it can be wiped easily once it’s cured.

Best glue for gold jewelry

If you are working with gold jewelry, you have to find reliable, high-performance jewelry glue that will ensure that the gold pieces are well bonded.

These two types of glue would get the job done rather beautifully.


3.Aleene’s 94830 Jewelry & Metal Glue

Jewelry Glue on Amazon-Click the Picture to Check Price

Aleene’s is the most popular and the top-recommended type of jewelry glue, especially for use with metallic parts, which is why we recommend it for use if you are working with gold pieces.

It is easy to use and also works with ceramic, rubber, and leather parts.

You may also like it because it is permanent, strong, durable, and the best part is that it bonds quickly, and you don’t have to wait overnight for the glue to dry up.

The glue comes in three tubes for convenience while also allowing you to enjoy great value for your money.


4.Cat Palm B-7000 Adhesive

Jewelry Glue on Amazon-Click the Picture to Check Price

This is a multifunctional jewelry glue that works well on jewelry made of gold, as well as pieces made of wood or glass.

It is also a popular go-to choice of glue for most jewelers handling gold and other metals; and also nylon, plastic, PVC, fiber, ceramic, paper, wood, glass, cloth, rubber, textiles, toys, etc.

This glue is in paste form but boasts an easy application process thanks to its needle design that is easily reopened after use and with no risk of gagging.

You may also like this glue for its impact resistance, high degree of elasticity, as well as effective bonding, and durability of the glue, even on load-bearing pieces.

It also dries quickly (in about 6 minutes) and boasts great sealing features that will protect it from gas or liquid flow, even underwater.


Jewelry glue for sterling silver

5.Gorilla Super Glue Gel XL, 25g

Jewelry Glue on Amazon-Click the Picture to Check Price

Gorilla glue is the most common type of super glue and is known worldwide for its effectiveness and versatility.

While it’s the ideal glue for use on pretty much all kinds of surfaces, it is also a great bonding solution for jewelry made of sterling silver.

You could use it on vertical surfaces, and the anti-clog cap is easy to use.

It’s also strong, durable, and impact-resistant, with a fast-drying time of under 30 seconds.


6.E6000 1-Ounce Jewelry and Bead Adhesive

Jewelry Glue on Amazon-Click the Picture to Check Price

If you are handling sterling silver jewelry findings and need to bond pieces in very small spaces or to add small beads to sterling silver, you may like this adhesive because it is well-designed to handle these small spaces while creating strong and permanent bonds thanks to the 4-pieces of precision applicator tips and the 5 rhinestone applicators.

It’s reliable, dries quickly, leaves no mess, and it dries as a flexible and clear bonded surface.


Best glue for earring posts

7.Joligel NewVersion- Epoxy Resin UV Glue Kit

Jewelry Glue on Amazon-Click the Picture to Check Price

If you are getting started on a small jewelry-making project and need help handling earring posts, this crafts kit for jewelry offers pretty much everything you need to get started.

The kit comes with everything you need, from the eyelets and tweezers for jewelry making to pendants, bezels, the UV curing lamp, and of course, the gel.


8.ZAP Gel Jewelry Super

Jewelry Glue on Amazon-Click the Picture to Check Price

There is also this jewelry glue that works well for jewelry making, especially for fixing the earring posts.

It is durable, easy to use, dries clear, and is strong.



So, if you have been looking for the best options of professional glue for jewelry making, specifically the ones made in the USA, the 8 options above would be your best ones.

Since they are categorized into what they do best, you will know the exact version of jewelry glue to buy.

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