15 Popular Jewelry Brands Favored By Modern Women

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Ladies, where do you buy good quality jewelry from? Which designers have the best jewelry options, fashion jewelry or otherwise?

We can all agree that it’s not always easy to find great brands that offer jewelry that we love as women. And when we find something we love from a high-end brand, we cannot afford it.

Therefore, it’s time for us to explore the other options leading designers and designer brands to offer. These are some of the top-rated designer brands that offer the best quality jewelry varieties perfect for the modern woman.

It’s worth noting that after research and speaking to other women, it is essential to note that women around the globe who wear the best quality jewelry don’t often shop from online stores but from brands that match their style and aesthetics.

And for many of them, finding these perfect pieces of jewelry involves taking time to understand what’s offered on the market and one’s personal style.

So, by looking through the jewelry offerings by the lesser-known jewelry brands, you can easily find good quality jewelry offered by these brands.

Below is a list of some of the best and the most popular jewelry brands loved and preferred by modern women.


Jewelry brands favored By Modern Women



If you are looking for a jewelry brand that offers high-quality minimalist jewelry options, you should know that you cannot go wrong with GLDN.

The brand provides good-quality, gold-filled and gold-plated pieces, and if you don’t mind spending more on higher quality pieces of jewelry, then the solid gold pieces offered by GLDN would be a good fit.

Their pieces are durable and amazing, and the best part is that GLDN will rework the pieces of jewelry you buy from them if you are unhappy.  

GLDN offers a wide range of dainty necklaces that you can practically live in, even if you forget to remove the necklace when going to the shower or swimming. These pieces just don’t let up.


2. Atomic Gold


This is the other brand favored by modern women, and it is the case because the brand offers very good quality pieces that look very nice, elegant, and also chic.

In addition, the brand’s biggest selling point is that Atomic Gold’s jewelry is manufactured through sustainable methods. The quality of the jewelry is dependable, and all the pieces are made of real, recycled gold.

Atomic Gold also makes the popular brands’ list because they pay and treat their customers well. They boast a variety of lovely jewelry and have great returns and exchange policies, so if the size of the ring you get is wrong, they will replace it quickly, for free.


3. Mejuri


Women have a love-hate relationship with Mejuri. If you are looking for fashion jewelry, it will be wise to avoid Mejuri, but if you prefer splurging on the pricier but excellent quality solid 14k gold pieces, then Mejuri would be a good brand to try out.

The fashion pieces, such as the gold vermeil pieces, may look good the first few weeks, but after some time, they wear off or flake, meaning that they may not be your very best brand if you are looking for daily wear jewelry.

Mejuri also boasts several jewelry styles to choose from, and the fine solid gold pieces offer good value for your money.  

To avoid allergies and skin sensitivity reactions, you should settle for the high-quality, solid gold pieces you can wear daily without worrying about the irritation of flaking.


4. Ana Luisa


Most women also buy their jewelry from Ana Luisa, a sustainable jewelry brand that offers good quality and well-made fashion jewelry pieces.

This ethical brand also sells good quality and long-lasting pieces of jewelry. Ana Luisa’s jewelry is gold-filled with recycled gold, although they also offer good-quality gold-filled jewelry.

The gold-plated and gold-filled jewelry by Ana Luisa is also quite durable and will look as good as new for years; even when you’re a little carefree, shower with the necklaces often.


5. Amanda Hunt


Amanda Hunt is another excellent jewelry brand for modern women. They offer high-quality, sustainably produced jewelry designed to inspire elegance and confidence in the modern woman.

Amanda hunt is not a large brand but a boutique jewelry designer brand with Amanda Smith as the artist and the metalsmith behind all the incredible pieces from her brand.

Amanda Hunt’s pieces are not only elegant and durable but the designs are inspired by the wilderness or the wilds of nature in a way that evokes a deep sense of beauty and fascination.

Amanda Hunt’s jewelry is made of 14k solid gold and recycled gold, but the brand also customizes gold pieces made of 18k gold on order. You can also buy sterling silver and bronze jewelry from Amanda Hunt.


6. Takara Designs


For the modern woman looking for high-quality jewelry or even talismans, Takara Designs would be a good brand for you to shop from.

This designer brand was established by the artist Jen Goff, who’s traveled the world, worked on gardens and farms, shot great films, studied medicinal herbs, and leads a holistic lifestyle, all of which have inspired the great jewelry designs created by Takara. She settled on jewelry making after traveling the world, walking miles, and sitting for hours meditating.

Her pieces are imbued with a sense of wonder, and she finds inspiration across different places and the multiple disciplines she has interacted with.

The colors, materials, textures, past relics, and natural wonders inspire the Takara jewelry pieces. She also creates excellent, tangible talismans.  


7. Satomi Kawakita Jewelry


Women in search of the best quality fine jewelry, the kind that makes a great jewelry wardrobe, agree that if you are looking for rings, earrings, necklaces, anklets, or bracelets, then Satomi Kawakita is the brand to invest in.

This designer offers a variety of jewelry in stunning designs, shapes, and styles. They also boast multiple jewelry collections that suit different people, and there is generally something for everyone.

They provide jewelry options, primarily dainty pieces made of pearls, crystals, and solid gold, in different colors, shapes, and sizes.

In addition to creating high-quality jewelry worth investing in, they use recycled gemstones and conflict-free, ethically mined/processed metals.


8. Vrai & Oro


This is another beautiful and popular brand that women love. The brand’s name translates to Truth & Gold, and the jewelry is ethically sourced and produced in Los Angeles.

This elegant designer brand creates minimalistic pieces of fine jewelry, and the best part is that multiple entry pieces will instantly have you hooked on the brand.

They offer essential and delicate jewelry pieces that are considered simple jewelry. Vrai &Oro offers a variety of jewelry, including hoop earrings, diamond necklaces, stacking rings, and rings.

And to point to the high-quality designs of the jewelry, most customers who’ve purchased these types of jewelry note that the jewelry is essentially designed to last forever, and you can live in them, taking them off only on occasion.

They also offer many beautiful jewelry designs, including engagement and wedding rings made of platinum, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and diamonds, all available in different shapes and sizes.

Vrai’s jewelry is created sustainably to reduce greenhouse emissions and create conflict-free high-quality, high-carat diamonds.

Thanks to the success of this brand, VRAI has been featured in several magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Forbes, Vogue, and The Hollywood Reporter.  


9. Alex Monroe


Alex Monroe is the other excellent jewelry brand loved by women. The jewelry pieces are made of high-quality and durable materials, and the styles are inspired by nature and organic designs.

The engagement ring options by Alex Monroe are stunning.


10. Astrid &Miyu


This is the leading UK jewelry brand that offers high-quality jewelry for women. The brand offers good quality fashion jewelry sold affordably.

In addition to the plated gold pieces, Astrid & Miyu also provides good quality solid-gold jewelry featured in their curated collection of 14k recycled gold, either in white or yellow gold.

This brand is also famous because it empowers its community and women even as the brand celebrates the diversity of the communities around. Also, Astrid Miyu offers good quality recycled sterling silver pieces, not just the gold and the gold-plated parts.


11. Kathleen Whitaker


This Los Angeles jewelry brand is another popular brand for women. They offer several types of jewelry, including several custom-made pieces for their classical collection.

The jewelry designs are not only unique and stunning but also versatile, elegant, and timeless. It’s also popular because its collection features high-quality statement and dainty pieces of solid gold.


12. Gorjana


Women also love the Gorjana brand, especially when looking for affordable and stylish fashion jewelry options. While they are not meant for daily wear since they tend to tarnish, as some women reported, Gorjana’s jewelry is worth the money, especially if you are looking for versatile, significantly affordable, versatile jewelry options.

Besides the gold-plated jewelry and pieces made of plated rose gold and sterling silver, Gorjana also boasts a great variety of fine jewelry, all pieces that are not only tarnish-free but also long-lasting and stylish.

Also, this brand stands out because it’s a family-owned business run by a cute couple who’ve combined their strengths to build an incredible brand of authentic jewelry. Gorjana is also a great brand because it is adaptable and pays forward to the community.


13. Kendra Scott


Women also love and support Kendra Scott because this brand offers good quality boho jewelry. Kendra Scott offers an array of high-quality fashion jewelry that meet the different style and fashion needs of women, and the array of jewelry offered include necklaces, earrings, rings, and charms.

Kendra Scott offers a nice range of fashion and fine jewelry. Fashion jewelry pieces are more affordable and are made of plated 18k gold, gold vermeils, gunmetal, and mixed metals.

On the other hand, the fine jewelry by Kendra Scott is made of stunning, high-quality materials such as solid white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold in 14k and 18k; and 925 sterling silver.


14. Cat Bird


Cat Bird is the other popular jewelry brand loved by women across NYC, the country, and abroad. Cat Bird not only offers a large variety of jewelry but also offers frequent sales, so their clients enjoy the most affordable jewelry options.

They have deals every Monday, and there is a wide selection of jewelry collections for anyone, including themed astrology pieces, engagement rings, and wedding rings.

On top of that, Cat Bird offers a virtual styling option which is a life-changer, and there is also the impressive fact that Cat Bird’s jewelry is made ethically.


15. Pyrrha


Pyrrha is loved by women (and men) because it is a great sustainable brand that offers sustainable and meaningful jewelry. Pyrrha uses the Deucalion stones formed as men and reshaped as women.

The brand is inspired by the whole idea of metamorphosis and its importance. Pyrrha is a name borrowed from the Greek mythological story of Pyrrha and Deucalion.

The name symbolizes physical and emotional change, seen in the transformation of the recycled metal pieces into jewelry and the emotional transformation that the wearer experiences from the pieces.

The brand also makes elegant pieces inspired by the Victorian wax seals, while their talismans have been created from the desire to give permanence and a new lease of life to the fragile antique seals.

So, for women who love sterling silver jewelry with unique, old wax-style seals, the rings, earrings, and bracelets by Pyrrha are befitting.


Other brands we can recommend include:


16. Daisy London

17. Maria Black

18. YCL Jewels

19. Ania Haie

20. Monica Vinader

21. 1929 Galore

22. Jakdaw Gems

23. Pandora

24. Mazza Boutique

25. Reliquia

26. Seol + Gold

27. Raemi

28. Luv AJ

29. Abbott Lyon

30. Aurum + Grey

31. Swarovski Jewelry



The brands listed here are all reliable, high-quality jewelry that offers valuable and stunning jewelry worth investing in.

Interestingly, most of these brands provide top-tier quality brands of jewelry that are just as good or even better than the jewelry offered by Cartier, David Yurman, or James Avery; but now, you won’t have to pay the 600%+ markup on the fine jewelry pieces.

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