Italian gold vs Dubai gold (Which One is Better?)

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If you are interested in learning/ understanding the different intricacies of gold used in jewelry making, this would be an interesting article for you to learn from. This is because there are different types of gold, and they are often named based on where the gold is from. In the case of Dubai and Italian gold, the gold in question comes from Dubai, also known as the city of gold, and Italy (known for the finest quality gold jewelry), respectively.

Now, for anyone looking for gold jewelry, you’d think that there isn’t much of a difference between Italian and Dubai gold, but any gold connoisseur you interact with will tell you that there is, in fact, a difference between these two versions of gold. So, let’s look at some of the differences between these two types of gold, and determine which of the two is better than the other, and why.


What’s the difference between Italian gold and Dubai gold?

Italian gold vs Dubai gold

To differentiate Italian from Dubai gold, we’ll start by looking at the basics of these two types of gold.

On one hand, you have Italian or Italy gold, which is quite well known for its bright yellow shine, as well as its traditional premium quality, not to mention the resultant high-precision designs seen on jewelry made of Italian gold. It’s also worth noting that most of the Italian solid gold jewelry on the market is 18k gold, or gold of a higher karatage.

There also is 14k Italian gold, but it’s not the most common version of Italian gold on the market. Because of the brilliance of the Italian gold, it’s often used in gold plated jewelry. Gold made in Italy is made of the finest type of gold across Europe, and it bears the 585 mark on them. Note, however, that there are forgings of Italian Gold, and you have to be extra cautious.

Often, the forged Made in Italy gold would have the 14K Italy stamp on them, and the worst bit is that these types of forged gold often have no gold in them. So, you should be extra careful when handling or buying gold jewelry made of Italian Gold.

Italian gold vs Dubai gold

What’s Dubai Gold?

Dubai gold is the other common version of gold on the market. Unknown to many, Dubai is not just a world city in the desert, it’s also known as the City of Gold. And this means that if you are looking for authentic gold jewelry, Dubai would be an excellent place for you to start your search.

The gold from and sold in Dubai is not only the cheapest versions of gold, but also the best quality versions of gold.

The quality of Dubai gold is top-notch, you will access a wide variety of gold jewelry, and the best part is that most of the reputable gold sellers across Dubai only sell versions of gold that have surpassed the strictest purity regimens.

Italian gold vs Dubai gold

Is there a price difference in terms of gold origin? Italian gold vs Saudi Dubai gold?

Despite being from different parts of the world, gold is valued in the same way, regardless of where the gold is mined from, which means that there are no price differences between gold from Italy and the Dubai gold.

What matters when it comes to the valuation of the gold is the karatage or the purity of the gold, which is why 18k gold, for example, is valued at one common price, regardless of the country it’s from.

In other words, let no one lie to you about gold from one part of the world being more valuable than gold from other areas – at the end of the day, gold is gold. The origin of the gold does not matter.

Italian gold vs Dubai gold

Italian gold vs Dubai gold (Which one is better?)

As mentioned above, and with regards to the value or the quality of gold – all gold is valued the same way, which is why gold-is-gold. However, if these two types of gold were to be compared, say in terms of the jewelry prices, the Dubai gold wins because the gold jewelry sold in Dubai is a lot cheaper than Italian gold.

But in terms of quality of the gold karats, European gold is superior, which means that Italian Gold is regarded as higher-quality gold. For the best purity level for 18k gold, for example, Italy gold or European gold is a preferred choice for most people.

That said, we’d say that you’d be fine with gold from either country – Dubai or Italy. Just keep in mind that the lowest acceptable gold karatage in Italy is 14k and not 10k or 9k as is the case in most countries.

Italian gold vs Dubai gold


Despite the country of origin, gold is gold. This means that 18k gold from all countries of the world would be rated and valued the same. The only difference would be in the authenticity stamps recognized by different countries/ jurisdictions.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!