Is Yellow Gold More Valuable Than Rose Gold? – Expert Answer

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Are you looking for a stunning engagement ring for your partner? An ideal gold ring should thrill and stir excitement in your better half. After all, an engagement is a deeply personal life event; it deserves a befitting piece of jewelry. Perhaps you want jewelry to spoil yourself too.

Since jewelers devised ways to strengthen pure soft gold, its varieties can overwhelm you. Yellow gold and rose gold are some of the famous-colored metals that appeal to many jewelry lovers.

Which colored gold ring will woo your partner? Will yellow or rose gold meet your taste? Besides color, here are the differences between these two metals, their value, and their pros and cons.


About Yellow Gold

Is Yellow Gold More Valuable Than Rose Gold

Yellow gold is an alloy of pure gold, silver, zinc, and copper. These metals strengthen pure gold and boost its durability. In this post, we explain why 24K gold is not for making jewelry!

The pure gold in this alloy gives yellow gold its color and makes it the most malleable metal for manipulation. This soft nature is easy for jewelers to resize pieces like rings and bracelets. The high composition of gold makes this alloy the most hypoallergenic.

Historically, yellow gold is the most popular metal for engagement and wedding bands, notably during the vintage era when gold symbolized royalty.

In fact, for more than 2000 years, when lovebirds want to seal their nuptials, a yellow gold band is the default choice. The alloy’s color matches low color-grade diamonds perfectly.


Different Types Of Yellow Gold

Is Yellow Gold More Valuable Than Rose Gold

 A karat is the universal measure of the amount of gold in a piece of jewelry. Yellow gold comes in different karats; 10K, 12K, 14K, 18K, 22K, and 24K. Most people confuse karat with a carat.

A carat is a similar measurement for diamonds and gemstones.  Typically, karats have gold proportions that range between 58% and 99%. 24K is the highest and purest karat.

Yellow gold pieces with the highest karats have the highest amount of pure gold and are the least durable. In this case, a 10K yellow gold ring is the strongest and most durable.

According to the law, quality gold must have a hallmark and karat stamp that denotes a karat rating. The U.S. doesn’t accept gold that has a rating lower than 10K.


About Rose Gold

Is Yellow Gold More Valuable Than Rose Gold

Rose gold, also known as Russian gold, is an alloy of pure gold, copper, and silver. Pure rose gold doesn’t exist since it’s an alloy. Copper gives rose gold its distinct pink glimmer.

This color makes rose gold jewelry increasingly popular in recent times, particularly for engagement bands and other exquisite jewelry pieces.

Jewelers trace the origins of rose gold to Russia in the 1900s when Carl Faberge used rose gold in his famous Faberge eggs. The Art Deco era of the 1920s made this alloy famous in the US. Rose gold jewelry pieces don’t tarnish, but they require regular cleaning.


Different Types of Rose Gold

Is Yellow Gold More Valuable Than Rose Gold

The most common proportion of these metals in rose gold is 75% pure gold, 22.5% copper, and a minute amount of silver that makes 18K jewelry. Other karats of rose gold are 12k and 14k.

Copper and silver strengthen rose gold too. Rose gold has a variety of shades that vary from a faint yellow-pink to a distinct dark rose.

The amount of copper in a rose gold piece influences the color of your jewelry. The higher the copper composition, the redder gold. These variations are classified into pink gold, red gold, and rose gold.

Pink gold has 20% copper and 5% silver, while red gold has 25% copper and 2.75% silver. Lastly, jewelers make the rose gold type with 22.5% copper without silver.


What Determines The Value Of Yellow Gold Or Rose Gold?

Is Yellow Gold More Valuable Than Rose Gold

The amount of gold in an alloy determines the value of a jewelry piece. A higher gold composition makes a jewelry piece more expensive.

For instance, a 24K ring costs more than a 14K piece.

Interestingly, the gold content in yellow and rose gold pieces has an equal value. All gold jewelry pieces which weigh the same karats have the same dollar valuation.

Nonetheless, the proportions of other alloy metals like copper slightly influence the cost of yellow and rose gold.


So, Is Yellow Gold More Valuable Than Rose Gold?

Is Yellow Gold More Valuable Than Rose Gold

No, yellow gold is just as valuable as rose gold. For example, 18K yellow gold and 18K rose gold has 75% pure gold that costs the same; this statement is true for every other karat.

Comparable karats for each jewelry piece have somewhat similar prices.  Notably, rose gold is slightly more affordable than yellow gold and other gold alloys since copper is relatively inexpensive.


Yellow Gold Vs Rose Gold – Which One Should You Choose?

Quality jewelry is pricey; you don’t want to risk buying a piece you can’t wear. Since the cost of rose and yellow gold is more or less similar, you can choose what works for you based on the following factors.

Is Yellow Gold More Valuable Than Rose Gold


Strong jewelry is a timeless piece of splendor you can even pass down as an heirloom. Therefore, you need to buy durable jewelry that suits your lifestyle. Due to the metal composition of yellow gold, it’s more prone to bends and scratches.

Yellow gold pieces also require frequent polishes. However, polishing wears down yellow gold; it can thin over time.

Hence, yellow gold is more suitable for people who adopt an inactive lifestyle.

Is Yellow Gold More Valuable Than Rose Gold

Rose gold jewelry is more durable because of its high copper composition. Its ability to withstand wear and tear makes it ideal for people with active lifestyles.

Although rose gold lasts longer, it’s still prone to scratches and scuffs, but you can polish it to restore its luster.


Personal Sense Of Style

Jewelry is a significant part of a person’s style; it can also make or break a fashion look. If you appreciate modern pieces and trends, you can choose rose gold jewelry to keep up with trends.

On the other hand, people who like the idea of pure gold without embellishments can choose yellow gold.

If you prefer classy, flashy, catchy pieces with a vintage feel, consider yellow gold pieces too.

Some people even combine rose, yellow, and white gold to create unique multi-colored jewelry pieces.

Is Yellow Gold More Valuable Than Rose Gold

Mix-and-match jewelry layered pieces are also a growing trend. For instance, you can pair a rose gold engagement ring with a yellow gold wedding band. If you want to gift a loved one, consider their style too; observe the type of jewelry they wear and buy a piece that matches their taste.


Choice Of Stone

Rose and yellow gold should complement or match your favorite exquisite center stone.

Some fancy stones and diamond cuts such as red garnet, pink sapphire, amethyst, aquamarine, and ruby look stunning in a rose gold setting.

Yellow gold pairs well with other colored or clear stones like Amber, Emerald, Melanite, and Topaz.


Skin Tone

If your skin tone is a concern, you’re probably wondering whether yellow gold is better than rose gold. Choose the metal that complements your skin tone.

Warm skin tones like olive, tan and dark skin, Yellow gold compliments these tones with a vintage feel while cool-toned pale skin looks washed out.

This metal is also gender-neutral; either way, you can’t go wrong with a timeless yellow gold piece.

In contrast, rose gold makes contemporary jewelry pieces for all skin types and genders. It’s particularly stunning on pale skin since it has a natural contrasting blush.

Is Yellow Gold More Valuable Than Rose Gold

Many jewelry lovers also consider rose gold romantic because of its pink to red shades. Rose gold pieces exude an air of refinement and femineity, yet they retain enough yellow undertones for men and women.

Lastly, if you experience seasonal skin tone changes, the versatility of a rose gold piece adapts perfectly.



Although the price difference between yellow and rose gold is minor, the latter is more affordable for people who want quality gold on a budget.



As mentioned earlier, the malleable nature of yellow gold requires more maintenance sessions to maintain a luster. If you can afford such costs, choose yellow gold. In case you are keen on keeping your jewelry longer with minimal polishing, Rose gold is a better choice.



If your skin is prone to allergic reactions, avoid rose gold jewelry. Copper and other skin-irritant metals in alloys can trigger allergies in sensitive skin; choose yellow gold instead.

However, if a jeweler makes yellow gold with nickel and you’re allergic, ask him for jewelry that omits this irritant.



Sometimes, the variety of jewelry metals and stones in the market is overwhelming. Yellow gold and rose gold metals are ideal for sentimental or statement jewelry pieces.

Understanding the differences between the two metals helps you narrow down your decision. Yellow gold makes timeless jewelry pieces, while rose gold is trendy.

You can pick the metal that matches your preferences, skin tone, personal style, allergies, and lifestyle. Keep these factors in mind when you also want to gift your loved one.

If you’re still unsure about your choice, contact your nearest trusted jewelry store for more information.

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