Is White Gold Good for Sensitive Ears?(Detailed Advice)

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Is white Gold Good for Sensitive Ears? What are white gold earrings made of? What are the pros and cons of white gold earrings? You’ve spotted a beautiful pair of white gold earrings. You’re in love and want to add it to your cart.

What’s stopping you, though, is that you have a history of being allergic to earrings you’ve bought in the past. That’s why you’re here.

Let’s answer the pressing question of whether white gold is suitable for sensitive ears.


What are white gold earrings made of?

We know that gold is yellow, and thus the idea of white gold can be confusing.

What’s more, when you look at the term “white gold,” if it’s your first time hearing about it, you’ll assume that the gold has somehow been turned white.

While that might sound amusing for those who know what white gold looks like, it’s best not to assume that everyone is knowledgeable in all-things jewelry.

Before we get into what white gold is, it’s important to note that all gold used in jewelry making is alloyed.

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 Working with pure gold is impossible, given how soft it is. For that reason, jewelers add other metals to strengthen the gold so that it’s workable.

 Yellow gold tends to be either alloyed with either copper or silver. That aspect makes the jewelry durable as well.

The same applies to white gold. It is an alloy of pure yellow gold with silvery-white colored alloys.

Typically, what gets used is either silver or palladium. When you’re purchasing white gold earrings, you’re still buying real gold; only it’s been alloyed to create the jewelry possible. However, that’s not all when it comes to white gold.

Once the item is made, in this case, the earrings, the last step makes white gold what it is. It gets coated with a precious metal called rhodium, which comes from the same classification of elements as platinum.

The purpose of this coating is to further strengthen the white gold, adding to its durability. A welcomed byproduct is that the jewelry has a lustrous white surface that has a shine to it.


Is white gold good for sensitive ears? ( Read Here carefully)

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 There’s such a disappointment when you get earrings that you’ve fallen in love with, only to realize that you’ll have to give them away or let them gather dust in the jewelry box.

That’s why knowing whether white gold is suitable for those with sensitive ears. Skin reactions are telling. They range from redness of the skin, itchiness, rashes, and dry patches. The pain and discomfort will be enough to alert you there’s a problem.  

The good news is that both yellow gold and white gold are considered hypoallergenic.

However, there’s a caveat. It is recommended that you get At least 14k( if you are too sensitive, 14k is not a good choice) or 18k gold. (Higher is better). The concern with earrings of a lower karat is that they might contain nickel, a well-known allergen.

If you’re unsure, ask the jeweler what other metal alloys got used in making the jewelry. If in doubt, don’t purchase it.

Another point to remember; if you’ve been wearing white gold earrings and suddenly get a reaction, it might be time to clean them.

Dirty or dusty earrings are known to cause skin reactions. You can often clean your white gold earrings with a soft cloth or soak them in water mixed with mild detergent and rinsing it after.

When you keep your earrings in perfect condition, then having allergic reactions will be a thing of the past.


Pros and cons of white gold earrings

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  • Gold is overall a precious metal that’s also known for its beauty and luster.
  • White gold is a good alternative for people who own gold jewelry but prefer to have silvery-white jewelry.
  • It’s a suitable alternative to platinum, which is more expensive compared to white gold.
  • White gold tends to fair on better than silver when it comes to withstanding environmental factors.
  • The silver color is neutral, which makes gemstones sparkle all the more. It’s a classic look, and you’re that the earrings will stand out.
  • The rhodium coating lasts a few years before tarnishing, which means you have to recoat it. The good thing is that it’s affordable, costing about $30


  • Over time, the rhodium plating fades or chips, exposing the yellow layer underneath. That is normal, and it’s dependent on the pH level of your skin, what you expose the ring to, and other environmental factors.
  • The cost of re-plating adds up over the years.


6 Easy Tips for buying white gold earrings

Let’s now look at a few useful tips that you can use when purchasing white gold earrings

1.Search for an authorized dealer 

The unfortunate thing about the fashion industry is that many knock-offs touted as the real thing.

That’s why people tend to gravitate toward well-known brands because they’ve made a name for themselves as providing legitimate products.

When you’re dealing with a new vendor, check if they’re authorized.


2.Look the hallmarks 

If you’re shopping on your own, another tip to look at is the hallmarks.

In the UK, they have different hallmarks. For 18 karat gold, there will be a 750 stamp and a 585 stamp for 14k gold.

This system is not universal, but be on the lookout for the same, often accompanied by its unique mark.

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3.Check the karats

As we’ve mentioned, it’s more advisable to opt for 14k and 18k gold if you have sensitive skin.

24k gold is best left for trading. 14k gold has 58.5 percent pure gold, and 18k gold has 75 percent pure cold, with the remaining percentage comprising of alloys, in this case, copper or silver, and a coating of palladium.


4.Avoid vague or misleading labels:

One of the ways people get cheated out of their money is through untruth in marketing a product.

If you’re looking for 14k gold, that should what the label should say. However, when you see other vague words such as “plated,” ‘colored,” or “gold-filled,” that’s an immediate indicator that you’re not purchasing real gold.

Plated and filled gold jewelry means that there’s a base metal, for example, copper, and then gold is layered on top.

Therefore, be mindful of the product descriptions when you’re looking to purchase any kind of jewelry, not just white gold earrings.


5.Compare prices

Once you’ve seen earrings that you love, don’t be too quick to add them to the cart.

Window shop in other online or brick and mortar stores so that you can see the options available.

You’re likely to get something cheaper at a different store, which is often the case.

Large brands will overprice a piece of jewelry that you’ll find for much less at an obscure but legitimate store.

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6.Ask for a warranty

One way jewelers back their items’ integrity is by providing the client a warranty.

Therefore, if you’re purchasing an expensive piece of white gold earrings, find a vendor that offers a warranty.

You may pay more for the pieces, but you’re assured that your investment is protected.



White gold is suitable for sensitive ears, but to be on the safe side, opt for earrings with 14 karat gold and above.

It’s also worth noting that white gold is considered hypoallergenic, which means least likely to cause an allergic reaction.

If you get one, you fall under the small percentage of people who are indeed sensitive to white gold.

Should that be the case, opt for biocompatible materials such as surgical stainless steel or medical grade plastic.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!