Is Wearing Gold Anklets Good Or Bad?(Interesting Answer)

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If you are into gold anklets but also cautious about what you accessorize with, specifically the materials that the anklet is made of, you may want to take time to examine the features of the anklets to determine their suitability.

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Now, in as much as anklets are made of different materials, most of the anklets are made of gold. This begs the question, are gold anklets safe, good, or bad?


What does wearing a gold anklet symbolize?

Celestrium vs. Sterling Silver

Did you know that in some cultures that encourage the wearing of gold jewelry, the same gold jewelry can only be worn above the waist, and women are particularly forbidden from wearing gold anklets or even gold toe rings? This is a common practice and belief in Hindu communities and among believers, where it’s believed that gold is a precious metal that represents the Goddess known as Lakshmi, the goddess of fortune, wealth, and prosperity. As a result, wearing the gold anklet or other forms of gold jewelry on the feet would be seen as a huge disrespect of the goddess.

Celestrium vs. Sterling Silver

But even with such beliefs, there appears to be more than the gold anklet being a sign of disrespect to the goddess. The primary reason for this has to do with the fact that the ornaments and accessories that are made of gold keep the body hot, hence not an ideal choice. On the other hand, silver cools the body. Therefore, gold is ideally worn above the waist, and silver is worn below the waist to create a balance in your body’s temperature.

That said, wearing a gold anklet can be quite symbolic, and in most cases, a woman who wears a gold anklet shows that she’s married.

Is Wearing Gold Anklets Good Or Bad?

In the contemporary world, however, gold anklets and all other types of anklets are a fashion symbol, and for other people, the anklet is a talisman or good-luck charm (especially for the anklets worn on the left ankle). An anklet on the left ankle also says that the wearer is married or they have a lover whom they are committed to. So, if you are single and looking for anklets, you should keep them on your right ankle.

That said, the symbolism behind the anklet you wear will depend on your culture or your beliefs. In African cultures, for example, the anklets worn by women are often believed to symbolize beauty, and in Ancient Egypt, the anklets were a sign of wealth. It was believed that the anklets worn by women symbolized their strength and courage.

And as mentioned above, most cultures use the ankle to symbolize the wearer’s marital status.


Is wearing gold anklets bad for you?

Is Wearing Gold Anklets Good Or Bad?

Well, it depends on your beliefs. Overall, however, there is nothing wrong with wearing a gold anklet – it is an exquisite accessory like all other accessories you could wear.

For Hindus, however, wearing gold anklets is not the best thing to do as it is believed to be a sign of disrespect to the goddess of good fortune, wealth, and a good life; while also setting off your energy balance.

So, if you hold a belief like this one, it might be a good idea for you to observe these religious beliefs and abide by them.


When should you wear gold anklets?

Celestrium vs. Sterling Silver

Well, you could wear a gold anklet at any time. A gold anklet is regarded as the perfect accessory for the mature woman, and the gold anklet would be the perfect accessory for you to wear to formal events or special occasions. It is luxurious, stylish, and gives you a very sophisticated look.


When should not wear gold anklets?

Well, this beautifully accessory might not be the best option for you if you are looking for the best ankle jewelry, but you are a believer in Hinduism.

Also, you should avoid wearing a gold anklet to maintain a balance in your body’s temperature and energy.

That said, you shouldn’t wear your anklet accessory to the beach, the poolside, while on vacation, or at a casual summer party.

Celestrium vs. Sterling Silver

The reason for this is that gold is a valuable and delicate accessory that calls for extra attention and care. So, if you have to wear a gold anklet, do that in areas where the gold is safe.

You don’t want your gold anklet stolen either, which is why the places above aren’t ideal places to have your gold anklet on.



If you are looking for a gold anklet for accessorizing because it’s a beautiful fashion accessory, then you have nothing to worry about besides keeping things stylish.

But as a Hindu woman who observes strict religious rules and beliefs, the gold anklet might not be the best option for you. Generally, wearing a gold anklet isn’t bad.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!