Is Wearing A Watch Bad For Your Wrist? (Pros & Cons)

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A watch is that one accessory that completes your looks, makes you feel like you have it together, and though you may check the time on your phone more than you ever check your watch, it remains that one stylish piece of jewelry that brings out your style/ personality.

But is there a chance that wearing a watch could be bad for your wrist?

Let’s find out.


Is wearing a watch bad for your wrist?

While wearing watches is generally safe for most people, there are people who report getting hurt or being in pain when they wear wristwatches.  

There are many reasons why wearing a watch might hurt, and if you have any of these health concerns, wearing a watch might not be ideal for you.

But one of the main reasons why wearing a watch might not be the best thing for you to do and the cause of the pain/ discomfort has to do with your nerves. Essentially, you feel pain and/or discomfort when something gets on your nerves.

The most common culprit is pressure applied to the tunnel surrounding your nerves between the wrists, a condition that could result in carpal tunnel syndrome. Since the nerves control the sensations you feel in your hand, the pressure applied to the nerves causes discomfort.

Is Wearing A Watch Bad For Your Wrist

When it comes to wearing watches, the watch would be bad for you generally if you have a pre-existing condition that affects the wrist or the arm. If you wear your watch too tightly, it will cause some pain after some time.

But the issues around wearing watches aren’t limited to the traditional stainless steel or gold, rubber, or leather watches. Wearing your Apple Watch might not be great for you.

While your Apple watch takes over your life in the best way possible by motivating you to stay on top of your fitness, monitoring your physical activity, playing music, telling you the weather, among other tasks including checking your heart’s health, the watch might not be the safest invention, and your wrist could hurt after some time.

Your Apple Watch is pretty much your smartphone on your wrist, but the convenience it brings notwithstanding, the watch could result in discomfort because it causes the compression of the nerves in your wrist, especially if you wear the watch too tightly.

Over time, the pressure on the nerves results in nerve pain, and if the compression from the tight watch continues, you could suffer from nerve damage presenting as numbness, weakness in your hand muscles, pain, or tingling.


If you wear your watch too tight, will it be a problem?

Is Wearing A Watch Bad For Your Wrist

The risks associated with wearing the wristwatch too tightly include damage to the nerves and nerve endings (if the compression of the nerves isn’t abated early enough), poor blood circulation, muscle cramps, etc.

To avoid pain and lasting health issues from compressed nerves in your wrist because of tight-fitting watches, you need to select the perfect fit for your watches. Regardless of the make of your watch, it shouldn’t be too loose or too tight.

A watch that fits too tightly not only leaves marks and imprints on the skin, it may also dig into your skin and wrist in general, causing significant discomfort and even numbness from the restricted blood flow.

On the other hand (pun not intended?), don’t wear your watch too loosely because doing that means that the watch will slide off your wrist easily, and you may lose it. A loose-fitting watch fits most of your fingers under the band, and if it fits too freely, there is also a higher risk of damage to the ring.

That said, the other reason why you shouldn’t wear your wristwatch too tightly is that it might exacerbate pain from a pre-existing condition.

Conditions like joint pain from arthritis and other autoimmune conditions or even joint injuries, conditions that affect the tissues like gout, trouble with your tendons, and bone injuries/ illnesses are only worsened by tightened wristwatches.


The pros and cons of wearing a watch


  • Time– we wear wristwatches primarily because it is functional, and also because the watch was primarily created to tell time. Over time and with technological advancements, wristwatches have turned into fashion statements. But even with the changes in trends, the primary reason for wearing a watch is to tell time.


  • Man’s perfect fashion accessory– a good watch gives you solid points when it comes to fashion and enhancing your overall appearance. While it might take some getting used to, the perfect timepiece for you holds a special place among all your fashion accessories, and it’s the best way for you to express your fashion taste and style/ design preferences.

Is Wearing A Watch Bad For Your Wrist

  • The ultimate sign of adulthood– you may not have it all together, but nothing says you have it together better than the perfect timepiece. Well-designed timepieces are a sign of maturity, and wearing a dark dress shirt/ suit with the watch will show that you actually mean business. A well-dressed man in a high-quality watch is also quite striking.


  • Collector’s item– If you collect watches, you will be impressed with the variety on the market, with the best part being the ability to showcase your impressive collection. Men who collect watches have great taste, which might be appealing to that potential investor or the lady you are pursuing.


  • Smartwatches bring convenience while keeping your smartphone safe.


Cons of wearing a watch

  • Pain– Wearing the watch too tightly will compress your wrist nerves, causing pain. And if the issue isn’t resolved soon, you will have nerve damage on the wrist.
  • Expensive– for the best quality, trendiest watches, you will have to pay a good amount of money for it.
  • Cumbersome– some watches are a little too heavy and cumbersome and aren’t practical or functional.
  • Tan lines– you will develop tan lines if you wear a wristwatch every day, especially if you wear it tightly.
  • Discomfort– you cannot wear your watch too tight or too loose, and on extreme/ hot days, the watch is distressing.



Wearing a watch isn’t really bad for your wrist, but it will cause trouble if you wear it too tightly.

To avoid risking nerve damage or too much pain in the wrist, wear it just above the wrist.

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