Is Wearing A Cross Idolatry?(Quick Answer in 2024)

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Crosses are a touchy subject, and wearing a cross might be misinterpreted and idolatry in some circles. And even though we’ve seen a growing number of jewelry made with cross pendants, there seems to be a lot of misconceptions around crosses and what the cross means to and about the wearer.

In this article, we’ll help you learn more about crosses and whether wearing a cross is a sign of idolatry or not.

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Is wearing cross idolatry?

The short answer to this question is a simple NO. Wearing a cross is not regarded as idolatry, and whether you are a Christian or not but prefer wearing the cross, it wouldn’t mean that you are committing idolatry. Well, this is the case only if you are not using the cross as an actual object of worship,

 Is Wearing A Cross Idolatry

Biblically, the Old Testament has set out several commands that are banished and warn against the use of graven images and idolatry. In these instances, the cross is one of the objects whose worship would be regarded as idolatry. Which would mean that if you worship the cross sign that decoratively hangs from your neck or on the wall, then this would be regarded as idolatry.

That said, we have to mention the fact that Christians are required to have rather sound doctrines, which is why Christians are always forced to go back to the bible, where the scripture and its accurate interpretation will help you determine if wearing a cross is actually considered idolatry or not. According to Exodus 20:3-5, the scripture says and rebukes against having other gods (and placing these gods) before me (God). It also rebukes against having graven images or likeness of anything believed to be in heaven above and also on earth and the water under the earth. The bible is also against Christians bowing down to the images or likeness of God and serving these same images. Having said this, the bible warns that the Lord is actually a jealous god, and they’d be punished with the punishments going down their 3rd and 4th generations. In this context, the verse notes that the bible is against having any other gods other than the one true god.

 Is Wearing A Cross Idolatry

 Back to the cross, and it is a sign of idolatry, the following questions would arise, and they should be able to guide you on whether the cross represents the worship of an idol or not. Think about what you do when you wear the cross necklace pendant – are you bowing down to a god or serving the cross, or even treating it as a god or as you would a god? If you are doing any of these, then you are committing idolatry. But if you don’t and are simply wearing the necklace as a beautiful accessory, then you really are not committing idolatry.


  • So, what’s the cross all about?

Well, crosses are a great conversation starter among Christians, and the reason for this comes down to the symbolism behind the cross. The cross is believed to be the symbol of Christian Faith (and Jesus Christ), but wearing the cross doesn’t mean that you are worshipping the cross. In all honesty, there really is nothing wrong with wearing your cross necklace around the neck, especially if all you are doing is to proclaim your Christianity.

 Is Wearing A Cross Idolatry

  • The cross is old and predates Christianity.

This is the other reason why wearing a cross doesn’t mean that you are practicing idolatry. In one study, it was revealed that the cross was one of the biggest religious symbols that came into existence centuries ago and long before the time of Christ (AD). Neither the Old nor the New Testaments has a record of the use of the cross in its physical form. The cross has been around since the dawn of humankind and civilizations, and it wasn’t just religious but also ornamental. With this in mind, the cross is not, in any way, something that makes you guilty of committing idolatry.

Keep in mind that the ‘cross’ that Jesus Christ was crucified on wasn’t really cross, but upright stakes that date back to the Romans. The stakes were translated to English from the Greek Language, which is where the word Cross comes in from. However, there are too many unknowns that include the possibility that the crucifixion of Christ was in just one stake that he was tied to, meaning that the important thing to keep in mind is what the actions on Christ meant and how he saved mankind from sin. So, wearing a cross doesn’t really mean committing idolatry unless you worship the cross.

 Is Wearing A Cross Idolatry

Is it bad luck to wear a cross necklace?

No, and it’s not. Wearing a cross doesn’t really weigh into how you live or what happens to you. The cross is just a symbol, and it has no power.


Can you wear a cross necklace if you are not religious?

Yes. Most of the cross necklaces available on the market today are ornamental pieces, and you can comfortably wear the cross necklace without worrying about your intentions being misconstrued.

 Is Wearing A Cross Idolatry


There are too many misconceptions around crosses and what it means to wear any type of cross jewelry, but as long as you are not wearing the cross and worshiping it, then you are not committing idolatry by wearing the cross.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!