Is Walmart Simply Gold Real Gold?(Quick Answer in 2023)

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Is Walmart Simply Gold Real Gold? Is the chain you have on real gold? Or, is it just plated?

One of the most important questions that you may find yourself asking when trying to purchase new jewelry pieces is whether they are solid gold or just gold plated pieces. This is also a crucial factor that is often in line with the sensitivity of your skin and whether you intend to wear your jewelry pieces on a regular basis.

Well, as far as durability is concerned, you may want to go with solid gold but if you are looking for a much cheaper option, then you can always settle for plated gold or gold filled pieces.

That said, is Walmart Simply Gold real Gold?

To answer your question, it would be very important for you to understand what exactly Walmart Simply Gold is. Once you are able to understand what it is, then it would be a lot easier to evaluate whether it is real Gold or not. In addition, we will evaluate the entire Walmart jewelry collection to confirm whether they are real gold pieces.

Without further ado, let us get started!


What is Walmart Simply Gold?

Walmart is actually the largest, most popular seller of jewelry and watches in the country with a great number of sales.

Walmart Simply Gold is a collection of simplistic jewelry pieces designed to enhance beauty in all their customers. It is identified as Simply Real beauty and simply real value.

Whether you are among the people looking for simplistic jewelry pieces or a classic look at a great value, then this may be an ideal brand for you.

In addition to that, the Walmart Simply Gold collection is affiliated with strength and style thus huge investment in the premium brand of 10k and 14k items.

When you look closely into their Simply Gold 10kt Gold Chain Collection, you will find 10Kt Yellow Gold or White Gold 18’’, 20’’ or 24’’ simply gold neck pieces with a polished finish.


Is Walmart Simply Real Gold?

Generally, most of the sales made by Walmart in line with their Simply Gold jewelry collection come from smaller-ticket and lower quality items.

This is because Walmart’s main focus is to ensure that the prices are kept low enough to attract multiple buyers.

In the event that gold is selling for approximately $1,500 for every ounce, then you are assured of an absolute value for the buck.

But, at Walmart, this would mean that you would get about 10 karat gold jewelry and salespeople who aren’t so familiar and well-versed when it comes to the finer points of cut and clarity of any jewelry pieces.

If you are trying to establish whether any jewelry pieces are real gold, you would need to look at them and see whether you are able to find any markings on them. If you find any numbers followed by letters such as KT, K or KP, then you are definitely dealing with jewelry made of solid gold.

However, when looking closely at the stamps and hallmarks on the Walmart Simply jewelry, that have been designed to identify the karat of jewelry in their gold pieces, you would notice marking such as GF, RGP, GP, HGP, GEP or HE. \This is a direct indicator that most of their jewelry are Gold-plated or Gold filled. In as much so, you may find a few real gold pieces in their collection.


Is Walmart Jewelry Real Gold?

Jewelry is generally defined as any ornamental pieces whether rings, necklaces, bracelets or earrings, that are made of materials which are or aren’t precious such as gold, silver, plastic or glass. The whole idea is that these ornaments are set with imitation or genuine gems and anyone can wear them for personal adornment.

Based on this explanation, the real question becomes whether Walmart Simply is fine jewelry. Well, a portion of Walmart jewelry is made from either silver or gold and they have a few jewels in their structure.

In as much so, you may want to be extremely careful during their purchase because a great deal of their jewelry is more or less ‘gold-toned’. This means that they only have a gold color but aren’t necessarily real gold.

What we are trying to say is that, a lot of the jewelry pieces from Walmart are ‘gold-plated’ and not solid/real gold. This is an indicator that their jewelry is made of either an alloy of non-gold metals or another metal and has been covered with a very thin film of gold to make their jewelry look like any real gold pieces that exist.

On the other hand, some of their ornaments are gold-filled. Similar to gold-plated items, they are also made of non-gold metals but the major difference is that they are wrapped in a very thin sheet of gold attached to the core metal under high temperatures instead of being plated with gold.


All in all, you may come across jewelry pieces from different vendors that may be stamped with a karat number that isn’t followed by any additional letters but this does not always guarantee that the piece is real gold simply because they aren’t always properly marked.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!