Is Traci Lynn Jewelry Still In Business? – Detailed Answer

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Traci Lynn Jewelry is a popular jewelry brand you may have come across in the past, especially if you are one to support the small jewelry brands at home.

In recent days, the brand has been receiving equal amounts of good and bad press, and you may be wondering if you should shop from them. And since they don’t come around often, you may be wondering if the brand is still in existence.

Well, this article shares some insights on what you should know about Tracy Lynn Jewelry’s company and what they are all about.


About Traci Lynn’s fashion jewelry

Is Traci Lynn Jewelry Still in Business

Traci Lynn jewelry, also called TLJewelz, is a popular jewelry brand established in 2019 by its founder and CEO, Dr. Traci Lynn, in 2019. Unlike other jewelry brands, Jewelz stands out as a National Direct Sales Company.

The company believes in the importance of small business and the fact that this company believes in the importance of empowering women with their own independent businesses for a balanced life and also for them to achieve a high level of financial independence.

Traci Lynn Jewelz believes that women will enjoy limitless and rewarding opportunities through empowerment. So, anyone desiring a chance for freedom may want to consider this company for backing and support in the right direction.

Is Traci Lynn Jewelry Still in Business

This company was founded by Dr. Lynn, an in-demand inspirational and motivational speaker and author. She is also the driving force beyond the Tracy Lynn jewelry company, regarded as a leading direct business company structure – which, unfortunately, is also called an MLM kind of business.

This entrepreneur believes in Passing the MIC – in this case, the MIC is an acronym for Motivate, Inspire, and Change.  

To this end, Dr. Lynn notes that her goal is to motivate different individuals from different backgrounds to get out of their comfort zone while inspiring them to greater heights and changing their lives.

Is Traci Lynn Jewelry Still in Business

She is an inspiration and believes in letting people know that they have the power to accomplish whatever they have set their minds in, especially if they choose to see the big picture. She makes this possible for all her mentees through her jewelry business.

This company helps to create entrepreneurs through their fashion jewelry consultant kits that go for $199 at minimum.

This kit features accessories, jewelry, as well as business aids, all designed to give you a chance at a profitable and strong business. They also have a Quick Start Program that helps to build good business habits right off the bat, hence a higher chance of success.


Traci Lynn jewelry’s official website

Is Traci Lynn Jewelry Still in Business

Traci Lynn Jewelry’s official website is, which goes by the name Jewelz By TRACI LYNN.

This website offers a large array of jewelry to choose from, but the most notable designs of jewelry options are bright and sparkly pieces of fashion jewelry designed to meet different styles. They are also mostly made of contemporary and semi-precious materials.

Note that Traci Lynn defines herself as an independent fashion jewelry consultant who offers guidance to everyone interested in getting into the business through vendor events and hosting in-home parties; that is exactly where the magic happens.  


Is Traci Lynn jewelry still in business?

Is Traci Lynn Jewelry Still in Business

Yes, Traci Lynn is still in business. You can buy a variety of jewelry from the brand, either by making single jewelry purchases or buying jewelry in bulk for resale.


Where can you buy Traci Lynn’s jewelry?

Is Traci Lynn Jewelry Still in Business

The best place for you to buy the Traci Lynn jewelry options is from their website. For more options and the most extensive variety of jewelry by Traci Lynn, consider purchasing the jewelry from


Traci Lynn’s fashion jewelry price range

Is Traci Lynn Jewelry Still in Business

Essentially, Traci Lynn’s variety of fashion jewelry is budget-friendly, and they have great options, including charms, bracelets, beautiful watches, breast cancer jewelry, handbags, and men’s jewelry.

The best part is that in addition to this wide variety of jewelry, Traci Lynn’s jewelry is quite affordable, and the prices range from $30-$50. Therefore, this brand makes for some of the most affordable jewelry varieties, and there also are great accessorizing options.


Should you buy Traci Lynn fashion jewelry?

Is Traci Lynn Jewelry Still in Business

Only if you are aware of this business structure and don’t mind running the risk of not selling the jewelry, if you aren’t good in sales, and if you are not sure about how to succeed in a jewelry selling-business, it might not be a good idea for you to buy Traci Lynn’s jewelry.



Traci Lynn jewelry is still running fully, and if you are interested in this line of business, you can easily find and sell their jewelry options from their website and other affiliate sites.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!