Is Tiger’s Eye A Lucky Stone?-Quick Answer

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If you are into crystals, you may have come across the tiger’s eye stone, and you could be wondering if this stone is a good option for you if you are looking for lucky charms.

This article takes you through everything you need to know about the power or the effects of the Tiger’s eye stone and if it would be considered a lucky stone or not. So, let’s get right into it!


Tiger’s eye stone introduction

The Tiger’s eye stones were first discovered in South Africa by Martin Lichtenstein, a German naturalist. To date, South Africa remains a source of the Tiger’s eye stone. That said, there still are deposits discovered in Namibia, India, Western Australia, Burma, Brazil, and even parts of Canada and the United States.

Is Tiger Eye A Lucky Stone

The tiger’s eye is one of the most beautiful stones common with people who believe in the power of crystals. It features a marbled appearance with an overall cat-eye look, which is why it is not that uncommon for you to notice the beauty of the Tiger Eye’s stone with the most intricate designs and very mesmerizing chatoyancy that will pull you to the stone almost instantly.

It will also be the ideal option for you if you are looking to add to your crystals or jewelry collection.

What stands out about this stone is the fact that the Tiger’s Eye is formed from two elements that are inside the quartz stone that overpowers the Crocidolite, which is slowly replacing the quartz varieties, even retaining the shape of the stone’s natural and parallel fibers.

Thanks to the design differences and the overpowering effects of the Tiger’s Eye, and the fact that the stone’s uniqueness looks exactly like the eye of a tiger, the stone is very appealing and in high demand.

Is Tiger Eye A Lucky Stone

Note that the colors and the patterns of the stone range from red, brown, and orange, with black stripes, and the patterns essentially delineate fine black lines.

The chatoyancy of the stone also gives off a nice optical effect, allowing the stone to reflect light off it easily. This pattern is also known as the Hawk’s Eye Chrysoberyl.

The other feature that stands out from the stone is the fact that most of the tiger’s eye stones have a cabochon cut, meaning that the stones are tumble-polished, although they aren’t faceted.

These stones are opaque, but you almost never find them in rough form. They are rated 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness, which means that the Tiger’s eye’s stone is very durable.


What are the metaphysical properties of this stone?

Is Tiger Eye A Lucky Stone

Like the crystal or stone that the gemstone is named after, the Tiger Eye possesses several metaphysical properties like ambition, power, strength, and courage.

The stone is believed to have the power to help you harness your inner strength and determination, self-love, self-confidence, and it also enhances your willpower.

Using this stone could also help you be more focused, and it brings a sense of harmony, grace, and prosperity.

It’s also a great source of protection, and it can defend you from negative energies and evil spirits while also keeping you grounded as you traverse the spiritual realm.


Is Tiger Eye a lucky stone?

Is Tiger Eye A Lucky Stone

In addition to the other metaphysical benefits listed above, the Tiger’s eye stone is a lucky stone with the ability to bring you good luck and also good fortune.

In some of the ancient cultures, it was believed that the stone bore the ability to not just protect its wearers but also to bring the wearers victory when out on the battlefield.

It’s worth noting that one of the meanings associated with the Tiger’s eye stone is good fortune and luck.

As a result, you will notice that this stone often sits in the doorways of businesses, especially for people who regard the stone as an important symbol of financial success and stability.


Tiger’s eye stone effects

Besides bringing for good luck and great fortune, the Tiger’s eye stone is believed to channel the sun’s energy, setting the spirit of the wearer ablaze. So, if you have this stone on, it will warm your soul while also creating a renewed sense of confidence while dispelling negative energies.

Is Tiger Eye A Lucky Stone

  • It also has the power to protect the wearer from evil powers, with the warmth from the stone radiating energy and light. It also repels darkness while at the same time casting away negative energies, feelings, and negative thoughts.
  • This stone is also associated with an increased sense of determination, confidence, passion, and focus, all thanks to the stone’s positive, grounding, and protective energies.
  • Some parents have the stones placed in their kids’ bedrooms, enhancing their willpower, self-confidence, and bravery.
  • It also stimulates the Solar Plexus and the Root Chakras, which are the two important chakras that help keep you grounded by balancing the two chakras while also guiding you down the right path. The stone works great in opening and also balancing your solar plexus that’ the sub governs. The solar plexus controls the human ego, willpower, self-confidence, and personality while taking away negative feelings like devaluation, low self-confidence, and low self-esteem. It also helps take away narcissistic feelings that would manifest as misuse of power or dominance. So, wearing the Tiger’s eye stone would keep you grounded while encouraging positive and healthy relationships.
  • The tiger’s eye also stimulates your Root Chakra, which offers grounding effects and an enhanced level of foundational stability. Misaligned root chakras mean that your energies wane, and the tiger’s eye grounding effects will help you stop feeling like you are in the clouds,
  • It also has powerful healing effects and will heal anyone struggling with physical ailments, as well as emotional and mental problems.

Is Tiger Eye A Lucky Stone

Pros and cons of wearing tiger eye jewelry


  • The stone has powerful healing properties
  • It is grounding and balances your root and solar plexus chakras.
  • Improves mental and emotional health
  • Great for enhancing your confidence levels and sense of willpower
  • Spiritual healing benefits
  • It brings good luck and fortune
  • Creates and enhances a sense of harmony


  • It should be worn on the right hand



If you are looking for a lucky stone, the Tiger’s Eye stone would be the perfect option for you.

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