Is Tiffany & Co. Real Gold?(Jewelry Manufacturer’s Answer)

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Are you looking for gold jewelry by Tiffany & Co., but you are not sure about the quality of the gold or if the company uses real gold or not?

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Is Tiffany and Co real gold?

Yes. Tiffany & Co. is one of the leading jewelry companies in the jewelry world, but this company is well known for making some of the best sterling silver jewelry.

But the company also makes gold jewelry – which means that if you are looking for gold jewelry from Tiffany, you might doubt the authenticity of the jewelry at first.

The good news, however, is that the kind of jewelry sold at Tiffany is genuine and worth your money.

Tiffany makes real gold jewelry, and they boast a large collection of gold bracelets, gold rings, earrings, and necklaces which are often crafted out of 18k gold, hence that beautiful shine and warmth.

Tiffany & Co. also makes 14k gold jewelry, and pretty much 20% of the gold jewelry sold by the company is actually made of 14k and 18k gold.

That said, it’s important to note that the gold jewelry offered by Tiffany & Co is gold that is obtained from Bingham Canyon Mine based in Salt Lake City in Utah.

This company is a division of Utah’s Kennecott Utah Copper, and unlike other gold extraction/ mining companies, this company doesn’t make use of cyanide in the extraction of gold.


What karat gold Tiffany often use?

 Is Tiffany & Co. Real Gold?

Tiffany &Co makes gold jewelry using 18k and 14k gold. However, they offer 18k than 14k gold, which means that if you are looking for the best of gold jewelry from Tiffany, then you’d have to choose between 14k and 18k, although you’d find more 18k gold jewelry options than the 14k gold jewelry options.

Tiffany boasts a wide range of gold pendant necklaces, and the best of these necklaces are made of 18k gold. Besides 18k yellow gold, they also offer the best of 18k rose gold necklaces, bracelets, etc.


Pros and cons of 14k or 18k gold for jewelry making

Pros of 14k gold for jewelry making

 Is Tiffany & Co. Real Gold?

  • 14k gold is quite durable, and it’s a more popular option used for jewelry making in creating wedding rings
  • 14k jewelry is more affordable than 18k gold, given then 58.3% pure gold against the 75% pure gold in 18k gold.
  • 14k gold rings, for example, are more ideal for you if you lead an active lifestyle or if you are always on your hands
  • 14k is more resistant to the forces of wear and tear compared to 18k gold and
  • Like 18k gold, it has just the right tinge of yellow thanks to the alloying of 14k gold with just the right amounts of silver and copper metal alloys


Cons of 14k gold used in jewelry making

 Is Tiffany & Co. Real Gold?

  • There is a risk of skin irritation because of the high content of metal alloys that would mean trace amounts of allergens like nickel
  • 14k gold is less durable than palladium or platinum  
  • It doesn’t look as good as 18k gold


Pros of 18k gold

Is Tiffany & Co. Real Gold

  • 18k gold is considered the highest level purity gold used in jewelry making
  • It boasts an extra level of purity, which translates to a warmer, yellow color and vibrance
  • Low risk of skin irritation since there is hardly any allergen incorporated into 18k because a low percentage of metal alloys is added to the gold
  • It’s the preferable option for engagement rings
  • Perfect for setting diamonds


Cons of 18k gold

Is Tiffany & Co. Real Gold

  • The high purity level means that 18k gold is not that durable, and it’s quite soft, which means that the jewelry would dent or scratch easily.
  • Not suitable ring choice for persons who are hands-on or lead active lifestyles
  • 18k gold is quite expensive


What is Most of Tiffany and Co jewelry made of?

 Is Tiffany & Co. Real Gold?

Tiffany & Co.’s primary metal of choice for jewelry making is sterling silver, which is one of the most beautiful and lustrous forms of metal for making jewelry.

The sterling silver used by Tiffany is made of 92.5% pure silver, which is alloyed with 7.5% copper.


What other metals Tiffany use in its jewelry

 Is Tiffany & Co. Real Gold?

Jewelry by Tiffany & Co. is primarily made of 925 sterling silver, but the company also makes jewelry using other metals like gold.

So, taking advantage of the company’s extra level of craftsmanship, the company now makes some of the best gold jewelry collections that offer an extra shine and warmth, hence the best value for money.

The gold jewelry sold by Tiffany & Co. is crafted out of 18k and 14k yellow and rose gold.



Tiffany & Co makes good quality jewelry, including gold jewelry that is made of real (solid gold), hence the best value for your money.

The gold jewelry is beautifully crafted, which means that although Tiffany & Co was always known for their sterling silver jewelry, they now make some of the most elegant gold jewelry options.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!