Is Tiffany And Co Jewelry Pawnable? (With Useful Tips)

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If you are buying or already bought designer brand jewelry, you’d want to know if you would be able to sell the jewelry when the need arose or if, at some point, you no longer wished to keep the jewelry on.

In this article, we’ll help you learn more about Tiffany & Co’s jewelry and whether its jewelry is pawnable.


Understanding the jewelry metals of Tiffany jewelry

To determine the value of Tiffany’s jewelry and how much it is worth if you chose to pawn off the jewelry, the first thing you need to know and understand is what metals the jewelry is made of. The value and quality of the metals used for Tiffany jewelry are what determines the actual value of the jewelry at the stores and how much you’d get for the pieces of jewelry if you chose to sell them at the pawnshop.

 Is Tiffany And Co Jewelry Pawnable

Essentially, the best of jewelry sold under the Tiffany & Co brand is made of high-quality precious metals, as well as gemstones which enhance the value of the jewelry while giving you the elegant pieces of jewelry expected from the brand.

Below is a list of the main metals that are used for Tiffany & Co’s jewelry.

Sterling silver – a huge chunk of Tiffany & Co jewelry is made of sterling silver, which is why most of Tiffany’s jewelry is often white and lustrous. The sterling silver pieces are made of the best quality 925 sterling silver, and the pieces are made to last for generations, especially if you give the jewelry the kind of care and maintenance attention they need.

Gold – this is the precious metal used by Tiffany, and it’s responsible for some of their most elegant pieces of gold jewelry, whether you are interested in their yellow gold or rose gold piece. Most of the gold jewelry is crafted out of 18k solid gold, which means that you get the best value for money for these pieces of gold jewelry. Their rose gold jewelry is particularly stunning, and it would be safe to note that their rose gold pieces of jewelry are some of the unique pieces on the market. Their gold jewelry is hypoallergenic, meaning that anyone interested can wear the gold jewelry without worrying about adverse reactions – the use of high-karat gold ensures this and also ensures that you have the most valuable pieces of gold jewelry.

 Is Tiffany And Co Jewelry Pawnable

Platinum – Tiffany also offers a bunch of elegantly designed jewelry made of platinum, which is also a precious metal. There is a wide array of stunning platinum jewelry sold by the brand, and you can find anything you’re interested in, from pendant chain necklaces to earrings and pendants. The best part is that the platinum pieces of jewelry call for minimal maintenance, and they are also quite durable and elegant.

Gemstones – Tiffany is also quite popular thanks to its high-quality jewelry that is made of the best quality gemstones, from pearls and diamonds to turquoise, aquamarine, and other colored gemstones. These gemstones are ethically sourced, they are certified for authenticity, and they enhance the value of Tiffany & Co’s jewelry.


Can you pawn Tiffany jewelry?

 Is Tiffany And Co Jewelry Pawnable

Yes, you can absolutely pawn off your Tiffany jewelry. But how much you get for that jewelry from Tiffany is dependent on the features of the jewelry, the metal it’s made of and the current market value, and most importantly, how the pawnbroker has set their prices.

But before you buy Tiffany & Co jewelry because you could resell it later on – because it might be an excellent investment, it’s important to remember that the ultimate resale value of the jewelry is based on characteristics of the metal and the gemstones.

Don’t forget that, for the most part, the high price tag for the jewelry at the time of purchase has to do with the brand name, and much of what you are paying for is the brand name. So, eventually, the quality of the jewelry and the current market value of the jewelry is what will determine how much you will get for the jewelry when you do decide to sell it.

Often, the jewelry by Tiffany & Co will cost between 30% and 70% of the purchase value for the jewelry. So, no, Tiffany’s jewelry will not be a great investment, and you will never sell it for more than you bought the piece – well unless it is an actual antique piece.


Tips for selling your Tiffany jewelry for the best price

 Is Tiffany And Co Jewelry Pawnable

As mentioned above, you will not get the same amount that you bought that Tiffany ring for, which means that if you are buying the Tiffany & Co jewelry piece hoping for bigger returns after, you are mistaken. The ring will only fetch as much as its actual value is, and in most cases, you will get a little less for the ring at the pawnshop. Tiffany & Co jewelry is, therefore, not an investment unless it is an antique or a collectible piece.

So, how do you sell your Tiffany jewelry pieces for the best price?

  1. Work with someone or a store who understands the true value of Tiffany & Co jewelry.

This is an important factor because it would make it possible for you to get a quote that matches the actual value of the jewelry. To do this, you cannot work with middlemen and other parties because these layers can easily leave you with the worst/ lowest possible price for the jewelry.

  1. Understand the jewelry

And as mentioned above, work with someone who understands Tiffany. The reason for this is that Tiffany is a brand that belongs to a small group of very elite crafters and jewelers who employ their expertise in creating a brand that stands high, perched on top of the rest of the bigger jewelry brands. They even have signed jewelry, and this will attract a higher price tag when working with someone who understands what the marker’s sign means. There also have been a variety of jewelry styles by the brand, which means that some pieces are valued higher than others.

 Is Tiffany And Co Jewelry Pawnable

  1. Iconic designs fetch more money.

Tiffany was established in 1837, and over the years, its produced unique and very iconic jewelry designs like the 6-prong set diamond ring of 1886. Then you have the Art Deco or the Belle Epoque styles, which are quite valuable today – if you sell such pieces, you will make a few thousand dollars from it.

  1. To maximize its resale value, ensure that the presentation is immaculate.

Someone buying the jewelry will be easily convinced if you sell them the entire Tiffany & Co experience. In other words, it must have the signature blue Tiffany box, the original bag, receipt, warranty card, the information booklet, and the certificate of authenticity. If you are selling a diamond ring but cannot locate the certificate, just contact Tiffany & Co, who will send you the paperwork.

  1. Finally, get the piece appraised by an experienced jeweler.

 Is Tiffany And Co Jewelry Pawnable


Yes, Tiffany & Co jewelry is pawnable. All you need to do is to make sure that the piece of jewelry is appraised by someone who understands Tiffany & Co’s jewelry and their policies.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!