Is the Jewelry on Wish Real? Or a Scam?

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Is the Jewelry on Wish Real? Or a Scam? It’s hard to trust some of the newer online shopping sites, especially if you have been and scammed in the past. But should you write off all the newer online shopping sites?

Take Wish; for example, it appears to be one of the fastest-rising shopping sites with mind-blowing offers that often seem too good to be true. Should you trust it? Put another way, is Wish real or a scam?

Keep reading as we explore and learn more about Wish, the jewelry sold on Wish, and whether you should trust the site or not.

Let’s start with this question:

Is it safe to buy from Wish?

This is the biggest question you all have right now, but before we dive into the details of the jewelry sold on and whether buying from the site is a good or a bad idea, let’s first take a step back and answer the question ‘who/ what is’

Wish is one of the American online e-commerce platforms designed to facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers. It was founded in 2010, and it’s headquartered in San Francisco, California, in the United States.

Well, Wish is regarded as the super-popular and an ultra-cheap shopping app that sells things like watches for as low as $1 and sets of knives for as low as $9, and the most interesting bit is that every time you fire up the app, you are greeted by a rather vast array of stuff that you will agree you don’t need and you would never use. I mean, who needs a whimsical toilet brush holder shapes like a swan or cherries, or the 12-ft-long pool floaties?

While there is literally something for someone in the online shopping space, it’s important to understand that for the super low prices charged by Wish, you will have to pay for that with your patience.

Products sold on Wish have an estimated delivery time of between 2 and 4 weeks, and the delivery times could be longer. This is perhaps, the reason for the super-affordable products sold on Wish.

So, is it safe to buy from

While shopping on the platform is as risky as all online shopping experiences you’ve had, and you will only learn if the products purchased are genuine or not after you place the order and receive the products, the site appears to as legit as eBay and Amazon.

But this also means that you should anticipate some issues, including incorrect sizing.

Beyond that, you will be relieved to know that the company that is is legitimate and real, and there are real companies on there selling real products.


So, what’s the catch, and why the negative rapport?

Well, it turns out that despite the realness of the company, most of the sellers on Wish (if not all) are based in China, which is also the reason for the long shipping periods.

Unfortunately, getting cheap products from sellers in China often means that you end up with lower quality items, and this is the main reason for Wish’s negative press.

You could get lucky and find mid-quality products sold on Wish, but this is not guaranteed, and you often end up with low-quality items.

Besides sellers from China, the other products sold on Wish are the reason for the low prices.

The bigger retailers on Wish ship from China directly to the US, UK, and Canada, albeit very successfully, and unlike many of the online shopping experiences where you are buying products from a (small) retailer, the products sold on Wish come from the factory, and there are no middlemen involved.

For this reason, Wish products just end up being cheap. Of course, quality is still a big issue because, with no middlemen and retailers to assess the quality of the products before buying, there is little quality control.

Is any of the jewelry on Wish real?

Yes and no. While many people have made numerous successful jewelry purchases on Wish, there is an equally long list of people who have been disappointed by what they received after waiting for at least two weeks for the arrival of their orders.

For most of the people disappointed by their purchases, the biggest issue was the quality of the products received.

While most buyers don’t expect anything better than what is being offered for the price, you still end up disappointed because what you may receive may turn out to be the biggest waste of your money.

So, while you may get a little lucky, you shouldn’t keep your hopes too high, as you may end up with the absolute worst quality jewelry.

However, it may be a good idea to check out the reviews beforehand, take the extra positive reviews with a pinch of salt, and if you can find an alternative shop to buy from, somewhere the quality is guaranteed, then do it.

You don’t want to be stuck with that wishy-washy feeling for weeks, only for you to end up with something you throw out into the trash bin the same day it is delivered.

But just to throw in some common sense out there, especially going through the past experiences of buyers, you always need to remember that you get what you paid for, nothing more.

 $2 jewelry will not, for instance, look the same as a $2,000 piece of jewelry, meaning that you must manage your expectations, and do not let the pictures deceive you; they are always too good to be true.

Is the sterling silver on Wish real?


Often, and despite the bad reputation around Wish, the higher-quality and slightly expensive Wish sterling silver jewelry is real, and it’s made of authentic, 925 sterling silver.

As we mentioned above, some shoppers have had complete successful and positive shopping experiences on the site, and though they have some disputes here and there, they are mostly happy with their purchases.

But from the experiences of the happy shoppers, it would seem that you are likely to make a bad purchase if you fail to do your due diligence, which includes misreading the item’s description.


Is the gold on Wish real?

Well, the answer to this is Yes and No. Like all other retailers and online stores selling gold jewelry, there is always the risk of you ending up with fake or real gold jewelry from wherever you are shopping from.

What matters is the authenticity of the seller and whether they sell genuine gold jewelry or not.

Why is jewelry so cheap on Wish?

  • As explained above, Wish products are super affordable because of the absence of middlemen, and also because the manufacturers use cheap materials and make cheap products.
  • But that is not all, and there also is the element of cheap shipping, which results in long shipping times. The products are shipped cheaply from China, Indonesia, and Myanmar through ePackets, which results in the low cost of shipping, hence the lower price tags. But you have to remember that you will have to wait a little longer for the jewelry to be delivered.
  • Bulk production and low production/ labor costs further contribute to cheap products.


The other reasons for the low price tag include:

  • Wish products are priced cheaply because you are not buying the real thing
  • No middlemen involved
  • They use low-quality materials.



If you are going to shop from Wish, you need to be careful and do not be deceived by the photos.

Read item descriptions carefully because some sellers use deceiving descriptions, and avoid low-rated products.

Remember that if a deal is too good to be true, it probably is.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!