Is The Cartier Love Bracelet Screwdriver Real Gold?-Expert Answer

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Wondering what makes the Cartier love bracelet so special, and why this is Cartier’s most popular creation?

Well, the bracelet’s popularity has to do with the fact that the love bracelet features a unique locked design that is not only unique to the brand but it’s also meaningful and meant to represent love and commitment, or rather, being locked in love with just one person.

This design for the bracelet was curated in 1969 by Aldo Cipullo for Cartier, who was, ironically, unlucky in love, but it remains the most iconic jewelry design by Cartier to date.

Is The Cartier Love Bracelet Screwdriver Real Gold

But as expected of unique jewelry designs, Cartier’s Love bracelet is one of the brand’s most counterfeited pieces of jewelry, which is why you need to do your due diligence before you spend your money, especially if you come across a deal that looks too good to be true.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the love bracelet’s screwdriver, its meaning, and what this finding is made of.


About the Cartier love bracelet screwdriver

is the cartier love bracelet screwdriver real gold

The Cartier love bracelet is easily identifiable by the screw incorporated into its design. And though this screw is also seen in the necklace, the screwdriver incorporated in the bracelet is rather symbolic.

The screwdriver represents the fact that the bracelet allows and represents the wearer being locked in love with one person. This locking mechanism represents a commitment to their relationship with each other.

Beyond commitment, the screwdriver incorporated in the bracelet is an important design element for the bracelet. The love bracelet is oval-shaped, and it is designed such that it remains close to your body at all times, and the only way to remove the bracelet is by using the special screwdriver by Cartier.

Is The Cartier Love Bracelet Screwdriver Real Gold

Unlike other bracelets and types of jewelry by Cartier, the Love bracelet wasn’t to be removed daily, hence the screw-design or the locking mechanism.

The screw on the bracelet, therefore, acts as defining details for the bracelet. It is also the feature that allows you to easily identify the Cartier love bracelet as a genuine or fake piece.


Why does the Cartier love bracelet come with a screwdriver?

is the cartier love bracelet screwdriver real gold

As mentioned above, the screwdriver was incorporated into the bracelet as a unique design element. On top of this, it meant to offer a tight fit on the wrist while also symbolizing the commitment of the lovers to each other.

The screwdriver is what gave the bracelet the name – the modern love handcuff. It secured the bracelet and the love or commitment between the two people.

Then there is the fact that the screwdriver was incorporated in the bracelet because the bracelet was not meant to be removed every day.

So, what is the screwdriver made of?


Is the Cartier love bracelet screwdriver real gold?

is the cartier love bracelet screwdriver real gold

Although all the genuine love bracelets by Cartier are made of real gold and the embellishments made of real diamonds, sapphires, and other premium-quality gemstones, the Cartier love bracelet’s screwdriver is actually gold-plated.

Often, the screwdriver is made of a sterling silver base but plated with 18k yellow or pink/rose gold for a nice, lustrous finish.


Tips for using Cartier love bracelet screwdriver correctly.

Cartier’s bracelet’s iconic design features the two screws that are perfectly shaped, as well as the clasp that also comes with a tiny gold screwdriver which h you will use to open and lock your bracelet.

Is The Cartier Love Bracelet Screwdriver Real Gold

The design is meant to symbolize your commitment to each other, with the open and lock design meant to represent your devotion to each other. To ensure that the bracelet is in good condition for a long time, you need to know how to open and lock the bracelet correctly.

Here is what you need to do to wear the Cartier love bracelet correctly:

is the cartier love bracelet screwdriver real gold

Opening the Cartier Love Bracelet

  • First, loosen the two screws located on each end of the love bracelet
  • Don’t tilt the screwdriver while using or opening the bracelet. Tilting may be damaging to the screwdriver.
  • When opening the screwdriver, open the bracelet very slowly, making sure to release each end of the bracelet simultaneously.
  • Once the bracelet is fully open, place the two halves together, then put the bracelet and the screwdriver back in the bracelet’s case for safekeeping.

Be careful not to drop the screws and/or the screwdriver

Is The Cartier Love Bracelet Screwdriver Real Gold

Locking the love bracelet

  • To lock the bracelet in place, you first need to put the two halves of the bracelet on the wrist, then use the Cartier screwdriver to screw in the screws – you will lock in the bracelet in two full clockwise turns.
  • The good news about all this is that the rivet for the locked screws doesn’t have to match the rivets on the other side for the bracelet to be completely locked in place.

is the cartier love bracelet screwdriver real gold

Putting on your Cartier Love Bracelet

  • To put on the Cartier love bracelet by yourself, you will need to figure out how to safely put it on without causing any damage. Here are the steps you could follow to put on the bracelet.
  • First, connect the two ends of the oval bracelet around the wrist using your free hand.
  • Next, hold up the two pieces together in a place by placing the wrist against the hard surface at either of the two points where the ends of the bracelet meet. Alternatively, you could put your wrist between your legs or knees to hold it in place.

With the bracelet in place, use the screwdriver to secure place the screws in place. Do this gently and carefully; you will be done in no time!

Is The Cartier Love Bracelet Screwdriver Real Gold

How to open the love bracelet in the absence of the screwdriver

In the absence of the love bracelet’s screwdriver, we recommend that you buy either of these screwdrivers:


Cartier Love Bracelet Screwdriver You Can Buy On Amazon

1. NAVIKO Yellow Gold Bracelet Screwdriver

If you have lost your Love bracelet’s screwdriver, you may like this love bracelet made by Naviko. It is gold-plated and made of a titanium steel base, which means that it is a very durable screwdriver metal.


2.NAVIKO Rose Gold Bracelet Screwdriver

If you have a rose gold love bracelet, this rose gold screwdriver, also made of a titanium steel base would be the best option for you.



The love bracelet by Cartier gets its iconic status from the fact that the bracelet is uniquely designed in an oval shape as two halves of the oval are held in place together by the screws that are perfectly designed and match the rest of the bracelet elegantly.

The rivets fit into each other perfectly, and this feature makes the bracelet stand out as a unique accessory that is loved and worn by everyone.

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