Is Swarovski Jewelry Made in China? – Quick Answer in 2024

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Swarovski is one of the leading brands of premium-quality crystal jewelry. Anyone looking for brilliant high-end jewelry but cannot afford diamonds or needs an alternative would love Swarovski.

Swarovski jewelry is luxurious and precious, and all the jewelry by this brand is high-quality and reliable. But where does Swarovski make its jewelry, mainly because the Swarovski crystals are made in the lab and not naturally occurring?


Facts about Swarovski jewelry

Is Swarovski Jewelry Made in China

Swarovski’s is a reputable jewelry brand established in Austria back in 1892. It was started as a family business by David Swarovski, a guy who’d dreamt of making crystals that were more accessible or, as he put it, a diamond for everyone.

By 1892, Swarovski had patented the electric cutting machine, which allowed the crystal cutters to cut the stones much more accurately and with a high level of consistency, allowing for better performance but still as good as with the use of hand. He founded Swarovski 3 years later in Wattens in the Austrian Alps.

The first notable thing about Swarovski jewelry is that, unlike other crystal jewelry, Swarovski’s crystals are not naturally occurring.

Instead, Swarovski’s crystals are formulated in the lab from lead glass crystals made from sand, quartz, and several other minerals unspecified by the brand for obvious reasons.

Swarovski crystals are made of 32% lead, which helps maximize the crystals’ refractivity. And to create colored crystals, the created crystals are coated with chemicals.

Generally, however, the clear crystals are much harder to produce than the colored crystals because of the high impurities content. Swarovski’s crystals aren’t crystals, but a form of glass created through a Swarovski patented process.


Our Swarovski crystals made in China?

While Swarovski’s crystals and Swarovski jewelry are primarily made in Austria, many claims say that the Swarovski crystals may be manufactured in China.

Is Swarovski Jewelry Made in China

Unfortunately, it is not mere rumors, with reports showing that the company laid off most of its staff in the Austrian facilities in 2009, which pointed to its intention to relocate its production to the Czech Republic and China.

And with at least 400 stores across China from 2019 reports, Swarovski undoubtedly makes most of its crystals in China. There also are several Swarovski manufacturing companies in China.


Is Swarovski jewelry made in China?

In addition to Swarovski crystals, Swarovski jewelry is also made in China. If you buy Swarovski jewelry from other stores other than Swarovski, you will quickly notice that the jewelry comes with a Made in China tag.


Is Swarovski Jewelry Made in Thailand?

No, in an agreement for free trade, Thailand-based Swarovski subsidiary, Swarovski Gems, is a large center for distributing created stones and gemstones that are polished and cut in Austria for distribution to Asian Indian manufacturers of Swarovski jewelry.

Is Swarovski Jewelry Made in China

This move was necessitated by the fact that Thailand remains the world’s largest producer of jewelry and gems, which is why Swarovski jewelry is also sourced from Thailand.


Where is Swarovski jewelry manufactured?

Swarovski manufactures its crystals and jewelry in Austria. The crystals and jewelry are made under the highest and the strictest conditions for quality and control, hence the highest standards and quality seen in Swarovski’s jewelry and their crystals.

Is Swarovski Jewelry Made in China

Over the years, the Swarovski brand has become largely synonymous with the highest quality, genuine crystals. Swarovski specializes in manufacturing the best quality jewelry crystal jewelry that guarantees the highest precision, quality features, and unmatched brilliance.

All the pieces boast an unmatched level of consistency. The crystals and Swarovski jewelry are made in Swarovski’s production plant in Austria, Wattens, where all the crystals and metals used are developed to match the stringent controls for quality.


Where is the Swarovski brand from?

Is Swarovski Jewelry Made in China

As mentioned above, Swarovski is an Austrian crystal jewelry brand that delivers and boasts an elegant portfolio of unmatched quality, whose creativity and craftsmanship ensure the very best features and quality of jewelry.

Austria was founded in Wattens, Austria, in 1895, and to date, it remains a reputable brand whose crystals give the impression of sophisticated, luxurious, and elegant jewelry, with the wearer standing out from the crowd thanks to the elegance of Swarovski’s jewelry pieces.

Beyond the jewelry, Swarovski is also renowned for the high-precision-cut crystal glass made using their proprietary technology in their Austria-based factory.

The Swarovski brand that creates crystals in Swarovski Crystal Business is now run as a family business under the leadership of family members. The brand boasts about 2800 stores located worldwide in 170 countries, with 27,000 employees.

The other line of business under the Swarovski brand is Swarovski Optik, which deals in Optical devices like optical glasses and binoculars, and Swarovski Tyrolit, which deals in abrasives.

Is Swarovski Jewelry Made in China

Together, the Swarovski Crystal Businesses all form the Swarovski Group, which is one of the most profitable jewelry brands in the jewelry industry today.

As mentioned above, Daniel Swarovski’s invention of the crystal cutting machine that revolutionized the whole crystal cutting process led to the success of the brand and the creation of the Swarovski brand.

The cutting machine ensures the highest precision for the crystals, resulting in the most brilliant crystal stones that stand out beautifully in jewelry.

The other thing that makes Swarovski crystals unique is the fact that these crystals are chemical-coated, a design feature that allows for the creation of Swarovski crystals in different colors, shapes, and sizes; all these have led to and enhanced the worldwide recognition of the Swarovski brand for their excellence, quality, and clarity.



While some of Swarovski’s jewelry is made in Austria, established in 1895, some of Swarovski’s jewelry is made in China.

However, Swarovski’s crystals are primarily made in Austria, where they are distributed to other parts of the world like Thailand and India.

The good news is that all Swarovski crystals are high-quality stones, and they will always offer the best value for your money.

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