Is Swarovski Good Quality?Safe to Wear?(Jeweler’s Answer)

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Is Swarovski Good Quality? If you’ve never heard of Swarovski or have come about it but wasn’t sure about the brand, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here, we’ll briefly look at the company’s history, and then answer questions about the quality of products they produce.

Swarovski is an Austrian brand that has been around since 1892. Its founder was Daniel Swarovski, the son of a glass cutter.

When he started, he aimed to make “diamonds” for a fraction of the price that the everyday person could access them. The journey began when he patented a machine that could cut glass and form crystals that were almost identical to diamonds.


Is Swarovski Good Quality?

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To answer the question about quality, we have to look at how Swarovski crystals get made. It starts with a mixture of quartz sand, potash (a potassium-rich salt), sodium carbonate, and 32 percent red lead melted together at high temperatures.

That said, while it is known what goes into the crystals, the ratio and any additional components remain a secret. What also makes the company stand apart from other brands is they have a patented electric glass cutter pioneered by Daniel that give Swarovski crystals their signature look.

Overall, Swarovski is a quality brand for several reasons. The precision Swarovski is known for is thanks to potash. Once mixed with chalk, it dramatically increases the glass clarity and malleable as well, making for easy shaping.


The polishing and the added Aurora Borealis (AB) coating added to the crystals also makes it have a similar brilliance to diamonds. Technology is also employed to streamline these processes so that everything produced is uniform.

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Clarity of a diamond is what drives the prices high, and getting one is out of reach for a majority of people.

Diamonds come with impurities, meaning that most diamonds within one’s budget are not transparent or have a cloud to them.

Therefore, if you want the clarity of a $30,000 ring but don’t have the money, then Swarovski automatically becomes the go-to product to opt for.

They might not be as tough as diamonds, and you’ll need to be more mindful, but they will serve the purpose if aesthetics is the main selling point for you.


Are Swarovski crystals safe to wear?

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The question of safety with regards to Swarovski crystals primarily lies in the fact that the glass contains red lead. Lead is now ruled to be a toxic element, and many countries around the world have banned the use of the same in quite many products.

Why then would Swarovski use lead? Well, in the case of forming crystals, the purpose of this compound is to increase the refraction index. That means that by adding red lead, it improves the sparking appearance of the glass.

Additionally, the lead used in the crystal is not the same as that on the metal. It’s different when it comes to making glass products and thus incapable of transferring into the skin.

That means that you can wear Swarovski crystal and not worry about the safety of the same. Earlier makes of Swarovski crystals did contain a high amount of lead, but that has changed after the effects of lead became more mainstream.


Is Swarovski on amazon real?

Swarovski Jewelry available on Amazon- Click Picture to Check Price

The Swarovski on Amazon is real, but there is more you can do to ease your mind about authenticity.

The first is by confirming if the vendor deals directly with Swarovski, the company.

You can also check their online credentials from the vendor’s site to verify that they deal with authentic jewelry.

However, the most telling sign of if something is real Swarovski is it comes with an official certificate. The box also has a patented Swarovski logo that no one can copy.


Benefits of wearing Swarovski crystal

Perhaps the most notable benefit of wearing Swarovski crystal is its affordability over diamonds.

You can wear jewelry that sparkles and is brilliant, all for a fraction of the price of a diamond. To the untrained eye, these crystals can look like diamonds, and since not a lot of people would ask, they’ll assume that you’re earing precious gemstone.

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Therefore, the other benefit of getting these kinds of crystals is they work as a suitable alternative to diamonds.

Other aspects include wearing a well-known brand that’s made its appearance in some significant moments in history. For example, when Marilyn Monroe sang “Happy Birthday Mr. President” to J.F Kennedy in 1962, she was in a dress adorned with Swarovski crystal on almost every inch of the fabric. High ends brands such as Christian Dior have also partnered with the crystal maker to debut their collection of crystals with the Aurora Borealis effect.


Lastly, you’re assured that Swarovski is tirelessly working to remain among the leading crystal manufacturers in the world.

Swarovski Jewelry available on Amazon- Click Picture to Check Price

 They are committed to evolving with the times, relying on technology to create their best pieces yet.

On your part, you also need to take good care of what you purchase, heading the advice that comes with the jewelry.

Swarovski jewelry is delicate, with it only being a 6-7 on the Mohs hardness scale. That means that it can get scratched or even chip if you don’t care for the crystals.



Swarovski crystals are indeed good quality, and they have proven themselves to be so almost 130 years later.

If you’ve been hesitant to purchase from them, we hope that this article has equipped you with the information you require.

Even so, remember to do your due diligence to ensure that you’re only purchasing authentic pieces.

Do also take care of the jewelry, as you want them to serve you for years to come.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!