Is Sunstone Jewelry Safe To Wear? – Expert Answer + Wearing Tips

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What is sunstone jewelry, and is this type of jewelry safe for you to wear? Essentially, sunstone refers to precious stone from the ruby gemstone family, and like rubies, sunstone is a precious metal.

It features a metallic appearance, and it gets its name from the fact that sunstone gives off an iridescent effect from different angles.

Sunstone further stands out because it features numerous light-reflective inclusions resulting in a characteristic glittery effect of sunstone referred to as aventurescence. Its bright golden color is the reason why this precious stone is also called goldstone.

Chemically, the sunstone gemstone is an oligoclase feldspar. Sunstone also stands out because it has a big number of impurities that enhance its color and other visual effects.

Hematite is one of the crystals that is often found in sunstone. Note that it has the same color as the sun. According to astrology, sunstone brings its wearer good luck, and it’s ruled by the sun, which rules Ratna, making sunstone ideal for the Libra zodiac sign.

In addition to good luck, sunstone is also associated with increased creativity, fortune, sense of independence, and thanks to the fact that it is ruled by the sun, sunstone would make you kind and a lot more delightful.

So, if you are looking for the kind of gemstone that will make you feel happier and be more creative. It also boasts medical benefits, thanks to its association with the throat and heart chakras. It also enlightens the mind and lightens a bad mood, among other mental benefits.


Is sunstone Jewelry safe to wear?

Is Sunstone Jewelry Safe To Wear

Yes, sunstone jewelry is very safe for you to wear, and not just that, wearing sunstone offers several advantages that will significantly increase your quality of life.

Wearing sunstone jewelry offers a number of benefits spanning metaphysical, medical, and mental benefits, among others.

In the metaphysical realm, the fact that the stone is ruled by the Sun means that the gemstone will bring the wearer good luck, success, independence, kindness, happiness, compassion, powerful, and you will also earn respect from different people.

Is Sunstone Jewelry Safe To Wear

The brightness of this stone also means that you will be much more confident, especially in times of crisis. It also attracts positive thoughts while enhancing your decision-making abilities.

Medically, sunstone’s association with the throat and heart chakras results in healing the body’s autonomous nervous system while strengthening the immune system and keeping off ailments and diseases caused by weather changes.

It also cures problems like stomach ulcers, cartilage issues, and heart problems. It also cures joint and body aches. And the best part is that it boosts metabolism, which means significant and faster weight loss.

Is Sunstone Jewelry Safe To Wear

Sunstone will also enhance your mental capacity thanks to its influence on your solar plexus. It will make you less anxious, calmer, more stable, and have peace of mind, and if you are having trouble sleeping, sunstone will get rid of horrifying dreams and nightmares.

It is also considered an anti-depressant and will boost your mood, energy, and vitality.  

If you are wondering if you should wear jewelry made with sunstone, the answer you are looking for is yes. And with all these benefits, there is no doubt that you should start wearing sunstone jewelry asap.


Can sunstone jewelry be worn every day?

Is Sunstone Jewelry Safe To Wear

Sunstone jewelry is safe to wear daily with the approval or guidance of an astrologer. All you need to do is to make sure that you wear your sunstone pieces set on gold.

Sunstone is also quite durable for daily wear. You only need to avoid rough handling it. On the Mohs scale of hardness, sunstone is ranked between 6.5 and 7.2.

While this doesn’t point to the stone being one of the most durable gemstones, sunstone incorporated in jewelry and the settings used to mount the jewelry on will offer the best level of protection to the gemstone.

The best protective settings used include earrings, pendants, and pins, but not on the rings because you would easily bump and knock them over, leading to damage to the gemstone.


Can anyone wear sunstone jewelry?

Is Sunstone Jewelry Safe To Wear

Generally, anyone can wear sunstone jewelry.


Who can wear sunstone gemstones?

Is Sunstone Jewelry Safe To Wear

Thanks to the stone’s association with and ruling by the Sun, it is ideal for Virgos and Aries signs.

It is a natural birthstone, but its benefits will be enjoyed by pretty much anyone who wears this gemstone.

Wearing sunstone jewelry will warm up your soul and turn into an endless well of positivity, hence a higher sense of happiness and positivity. This gemstone will lift your mood, and your life will also bloom after you start wearing it.

You can wear your sunset gemstone jewelry as a bracelet, necklace, or earrings.


Who should not wear sunstone?

Is Sunstone Jewelry Safe To Wear

Anyone can wear sunstone, and this magical gemstone will enhance the quality of your life, relationship, and your leadership qualities.

It will also make you feel more warmth and peace and gain a high degree of emotional clarity and strength.

But to be safe, you shouldn’t wear this gemstone if your zodiac sign opposes the sun.


3 Tips for wearing sunstone Jewelry

Is Sunstone Jewelry Safe To Wear

1. Cleanse the jewelry to enhance positive vibrations using sage, sweetgrass, and any other healing herb.

2. To receive all the benefits of sunstone, the best thing to do would be wearing your sunstone bracelet on your left receiving hand. You could also wear it on your right hand if it’s your non-dominant hand.

3. To cleanse and enhance the power of your sacral chakra, you may invest in some sunstone earrings or necklaces.



Sunstone is a powerful gemstone that boasts a bright sunny color with refreshing, mood-changing effects.

And most importantly, you will enjoy the cleansing effects and energy of sunstone gemstones on your body, making you more optimistic and cheerful.

The stones will also help you to attain a higher level of stability, and you’ll also have a high level of personal strength just from wearing jewelry set with sunstone.

And most importantly, this gemstone will protect your psyche and aura from attacks and leakages.

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