Is Semi-Solid Gold Real Gold?-Answered by Jewlery Manufacturer

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Recently when I was at a jewelry store, I saw a label of ‘semi-solid gold’ in the description of a jewelry piece, and I wondered what that meant. I had not heard of the term before, and I questioned a lot of things – I mean, the piece was a solid one, so it did not mean it was partially solid.

You may be wondering the same thing, so, with this article, I aim to clear up any misconceptions you may have about this form of gold jewelry.

I also offer some useful information that will serve you well when purchasing gold jewelry pieces for yourself or your loved one.


What does semi-solid gold mean in jewelry?

is semi solid gold real

The term ‘semi-solid’ is a misleading one. In reality, it just means the jewelry piece is ‘not hard’, for lack of a better description.

This means that the piece with this label has gold and metal inside it, instead of being in a solid gold form. Therefore, when searching for an ‘18k solid gold necklace’, for instance, you will get necklaces that are ‘semi-solid’ instead of solid gold. Unless the piece is a 24K gold option, it will always be in this form instead of a solid gold piece.

The Semi-solid gold jewelry design makes the piece more lightweight and flexible, and it is less likely to break compared to a solid gold piece. It also results in eye-catching and unique designs that will appeal to you if you want a bit of everything in your jewelry, as well as the flexibility to wear your jewelry with both formal and casual wear.

In most cases, semi-solid jewelry will be in the form of necklaces with pendants that add some personality to the piece, as well as wearing them alongside other pieces like rings and bracelets, or on their own.


Is semi-solid gold real gold?

If you are wondering whether semi-solid gold is a valid gold choice, you do not need to think too much about it – it is real gold. Semi-solid gold is just a mixture of gold with other metals like platinum, copper, or silver, which are all melted down and remolded into solid shapes like earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. While the purity levels are lower than what you would get in pure solid gold, the piece is more durable.

is semi solid gold real

Pros and cons of solid gold


  • Durability– solid gold pieces have increased durability, as there is a lower risk of the piece suffering damage, denting, or breaking.
  • Lower chances of tarnishing – solid gold jewelry has lower chances of tarnishing compared to other gold jewelry pieces. This is due to the reduced surface area that has oxygen exposure or other chemicals that lead to tarnishing.


  • Tends to be more expensive– solid gold jewelry tends to be more expensive compared to other gold pieces such as those made from 14k gold. This is due to the higher gold percentages in the piece, making the piece more expensive to create and sell.
  • Is heavier– the more gold the piece contains, the heavier it gets. This can be a drawback if you want lightweight pieces or those that are more comfortable to wear daily.

is semi solid gold real

What does a semi-solid gold chain mean?

The differences in different gold pieces are in terms of their karats, which is a measure of their purity levels. The purest form of gold is 24 karats, with lower percentages resulting from more mixtures with other metals or alloys.

This table should help you figure out different gold percentages and their meanings:

Karat ratingParts of goldPurity percentage

Or you guys read the picture below

Semi-solid gold chains are worn by both women and men, and they have the shine, feel, luster, and color of actual gold with some unique characteristics that include:

  • It has solid gold in its composition but is not as heavy or as thick. You can therefore bend it without the risk of breaking it, and it will not weigh down on your neck even if you wear it for a long time.
  • It tends to have a slightly hollow interior, which makes it lightweight and easily crushed compared to solid gold.
  • The production of the semi-solid gold chain is relatively cheaper, although it will be more expensive compared to chains made from alloy or gold-plated steel.


Are semi-hollow gold chains durable?

is semi solid gold real

Yes, they are durable – and they offer you the benefits of wearing gold without spending too much money. The main factor behind its durability is the gold type the chain uses, as well as any other metals comprising the mixture and their amounts.

The best chains in terms of durability consist of alloys made from three different metals, which means 14K and 18K are the best choices. If the chain only has two metals, it should have a gold plating on its surface to increase its durability.


Hollow vs. Semi-solid gold – Which one is better?

is semi solid gold real

Semi-solid gold pieces are always better options compared to hollow choices. Hollow just means there is a space inside, which is meant to reduce the amount of gold needed in the piece – so hollow options will either be 10K, 12K, or 14K gold. The lower the amount of gold, the cheaper the final product will be – the most common examples of hollow gold pieces are bangles because the lightweight versions are more comfortable to wear and look good while saving on cost.

Semi-solid gold is slightly different, as it contains a higher gold percentage – so most of its options will either be 14K, or 18K gold pieces. Most cases of semi-solid gold will be on delicate pieces such as earrings, and you can find them on gold chains or necklaces as well. 14K gold options are more suitable for frequent wear as well, while the 18K gold options will work for special occasion pieces.



The method you use to make gold jewelry will play a major role in its finish and how it appears, as well as the durability and the cost. Therefore, take some time to consider different factors before making your final choice when purchasing different forms of gold jewelry.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!