Is Second-Hand Jewelry Bad Luck? (Quick Guide)

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Purchasing used jewelry items can seem taboo for multiple reasons. Some of us may interpret it as bad luck, while others may think that pre-owned jewelry pieces may carry negative energy associated with their previous owners.

Others may suppose that second-hand jewelry is dated and gaudy, while others may assume that they are inherently subpar in quality.

Generally, jewelry is a very emotive item, often given at happy and emotional times. If a specific jewelry piece is obtained through any illegal means, it may divert bad energy your way.

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However, if the previous owner was emotional, chances are that you will always feel a sense of emotion every time you wear the piece.

Based on these few examples, most people claim that previously owned items carry on the traits, whether negative or positive, of their owner and are transferrable to the next person who wears them.

In as much so, some of these are myths and aren’t necessarily true. In this write-up, we will deduce whether wearing second-hand jewelry is bad luck.


Is second-hand jewelry bad luck?

Is Second-Hand Jewelry Bad Luck?

Second-hand jewelry is any jewelry item that was purchased by someone else and is now up for sale. Sometimes, it could be inherited from a family member.

Unfortunately, some people may claim that second-hand engagement rings come from broken relationships, and one may end up with unwanted jewelry pieces, if not those that are cursed.

Genuinely speaking, if you are someone who lives by karma points, horoscopes and is a strong believer in superstitions, then second-hand jewelry wouldn’t be the best investment for you.

If you know that you will be so bothered about inheriting another person’s bad relationship luck from the same jewelry items, then maybe you would never be comfortable when you wear any previously owned jewelry items.

Is Second-Hand Jewelry Bad Luck?

However, if you are a non-believer of superstitions or are an occasional zodiac checker, then you can always browse through a collection of second-hand jewelry. Maybe the ring would entirely transform your life for the better after all.

The decision on whether any second-hand jewelry items will be a lucky choice or bring you bad luck entirely depends on your personal beliefs. Someone else’s luck is just mere superstition, but you may attract bad luck when you choose to align negative energy with your life.


Is it wrong to buy a used engagement ring?

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A used engagement ring can be as good as a new one. For this reason, purchasing a used engagement ring isn’t a bad decision. It may be a good way to save a few dollars.

Not all used engagement rings come from broken engagements or marriages. Several rings come from couples who are still together and are looking to upgrade their ring or try something different.

Others come from unique and special inherited family jewels. Some could be new but were sold to a jeweler or retailer at a discount so they could clear out any remaining stock.

This, however, does not dispute the fact that a small number of second-hand engagement rings come from failed relationships. In as much so, they are in the minority.

Is Second-Hand Jewelry Bad Luck?

The reality is, relationships only work as far as you choose to put in the effort, but not as far as jewelry is concerned. That said, most people sell their engagement rings to upgrade to another ring with a bigger stone or pay for a dream vacation.

Perhaps even add to their savings account. Yeah, that’s how expensive engagement rings can be.


Is it bad luck to buy a wedding ring from a pawn shop?

You can find good quality jewelry items from a pawn shop. The best time to buy anything from a pawn shop is when they are a new business. Why? Because they always sell items to stay in business.

Is Second-Hand Jewelry Bad Luck?

That said, pawn shop wedding rings are not bad luck. One of the luckiest things that can happen to you is, finding the perfect ring for your lifetime partner! A wedding ring is a huge investment and could have you bankrupt if you purchase it at retail prices.

All you have to do is ensure that you are dealing with a reputable pawn shop. If you know what you are looking for, you may end up with good quality wedding rings at less than half the price you’d find at retail jewelry stores.


Is it bad luck to give a used engagement ring?

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Giving out a used engagement ring has got nothing to do with bad luck. It’s got a little to do with poor taste or sketchy planning, but you may want to erase the superstition to be comfortable with a used engagement ring.

When you think about it closely, any good quality jewelry pieces you own will eventually be sold or handed down to another. If you attach any superstition to jewelry, you need to use the same energy to remove or nullify any original vibrations.

Some engagement rings are family heirlooms and are passed down from one generation to the next. In different countries, some families have betrothal rings that date back to several hundred years.

Is Second-Hand Jewelry Bad Luck?

These rings are only taken out and worn for the actual proposal. Afterward, they are worn for the engagement party, followed by the wedding ceremony.

Lastly, the bride would wear them for any family portraits then it is returned and will be used once again for the next wedding. The bride would then have to wear a substitute ring for the rest of her marriage.

When such engagement rings come from the groom’s side, it is often a clear indication that all his family members accept the woman as a prospective family member.



Whatever you decide about second-hand jewelry, always remember that you will always have several options to pick from as long as you are willing to do away with any jewelry superstitions.

You don’t have to continually settle for jewelry from the store counter anymore, especially if your favorite diamond has a price tag that sends you over the edge

And if a used jewelry item doesn’t do it for you, you can always incur more costs towards finding your favorite jewelry items.

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