Is Pandora Jewelry Real Gold?-Quick Answer By Jeweler

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Before you buy Pandora jewelry, you should understand what the jewelry is really made of.

Doing this helps you determine the value of the jewelry, and in the case of Pandora, knowing what metal it’s made of will help you determine what the best kind of Pandora jewelry will be suitable for you.

In this article, we’ll take a look at Pandora jewelry and everything you need to know about the materials the jewelry is made of. So, keep reading to learn more.


What metals are used in Pandora jewelry?

is pandora jewelry real gold

The one thing that stands out about Pandora jewelry is the fact that the company makes use of authentic and real materials, resulting in high-quality jewerly options.

However, there are cases where they may use plated metals for their jewelry too. Below, we are breaking down the different kinds of materials that Pandora uses to help you have a better picture of what you should be expecting.

925 Silver

While Pandora is known for the best quality hand-finished and also modern jewelry types that are made of different materials, Pandora jewelry is largely synonymous with 925 sterling silver since most of Pandora’s jewelry is made of 925 sterling silver.

Sterling silver is the most popular alloy that is used by Pandora, and it is made of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper or any other metals.

The use of the alloy is necessary because pure silver is too soft and malleable to be crafted into any lasting or meaningful jewelry.

So, copper is added to strengthen it and also make it more durable. Even so, sterling silver looks just as good as pure silver, and this is the main reason why Pandora uses sterling silver for their jewelry.

is pandora jewelry real gold

Well, there is also the fact that sterling silver pieces by Pandora look stunning, and it wouldn’t make sense to change a thing about them. Often, the sterling silver pieces retain their luster and even color in the long run, and the best part is that the jewelry will not shrink or move its mass over time. T

herefore, as the best form of silver jewelry, sterling silver is the most ideal and durable form of metal used in Pandora jewelry. A large percentage of jewelry by Pandora is, therefore, made of sterling silver.

That said, you should know that although most of Pandora’s jewelry is made of sterling silver, the one annoying trait of the metal and something you’d have to deal with is the tarnish and resultant black coat that forms on the jewelry over time. You can easily be off the layer of tarnish, though.


Gold plated silver jewelry

Pandora also offers an impressive array of beautifully designed gold-plated jewelry pieces, with some of the popular gold-plated Pandora jewelry made of 14k plated gold, as well as

is pandora jewelry real gold

18k gold plated options.

Despite being made of plated gold, these pieces of gold plated are durable, sturdy, and look great. This is made possible by the fact that Pandora boasts a special production process for its 14k gold plated jewelry that starts with a specific metal blend core.

The jewelers mix several metals, creating a strong and very durable core that not only ensures the pieces last a long time but also gives off a more comfortable feel against the skin. The blend is also quite safe on your skin.

And it doesn’t end there – after creating the durable blended core, they also cover this core with a layer of palladium, effectively creating a barrier between the gold and the base or metalcore blend. Palladium also preserves the integrity of the gold, not just the color of the plated gold layer.

Since palladium is a durable white metal belonging to the same family of metals like platinum, you’d expect it to last a really long time, and the plated gold layer will also last just as long.

It further prevents the metals in the core from being oxidized or being corroded, and the gold layer retains its shine for long. The core metals are also prevented from migrating to the surface of the layer of gold, so there will be no color changes.

The 14k rose gold plating, or Pandora Rose is the most common gold-plated version of jewelry by Pandora.


Gold jewelry

is pandora jewelry real gold

Few of Pandora’s jewelry is also made of pure gold. This is often the case with yellow gold that is made of 18k gold or one of the purest versions of pure gold in the jewelry scene. These gold pieces are the most expensive ones on Pandora’s catalog, thanks to the high value of solid gold jewelry.


Are Pandora products real gold?

Only a small proportion of Pandora products are made of real gold.


Is Pandora jewelry expensive?

Yes, Pandora jewelry is expensive. This is often because buying from a luxury or premium brand translates to a high price tag.

is pandora jewelry real gold

Should you buy Pandora gold jewelry?

If you don’t mind splurging and are buying expensive jewelry because of the brand name, then you should buy gold jewelry by Pandora. Otherwise, keep researching to find stores that sell gold pieces of jewelry for a little less.



If you are not sure about the quality and materials used to make Pandora jewelry, we hope the answers above help you make a more informed choice. Read more fashion jewelry brands here or here

Hey! I finally find the Answer!