Is Pandora Jewelry Pawnable?(With Actionale Selling Tips)

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Can you pawn off your Pandora jewelry? Is Pandora jewelry worth much to be pawned off?

These are some of the questions you may be asking yourself or even Google if you have Pandora jewelry that you would like to let go of, permanently or temporarily, to be able to take care of a pressing financial matter.

In this article, we’ll share insights into everything you need to know about Pandora jewelry and whether this jewelry is in any way pawnable.


Understanding the jewelry metals of Pandora jewelry

Is Pandora Jewelry Pawnable

Pandora is one of the biggest and the oldest jewelry brands that is known for its unique range of elegant and high-quality jewelry.

The brand is also known for being the go-to brand for interested customers from all walks of life, all thanks to the fact that the metals used by Pandora jewelry are quite variable, from the best of Pandora Rose, under their unique metal blend options, to the high-end pieces made of solid sterling silver and/or gold. Among others

Now, to understand what the brand has to offer, we’ll take a look at the different kinds of metals that are used to make Pandora’s jewelry.


Gold – as a metal that is considered the superior option in jewelry making, Pandora offers some of the best gold jewelry options. And over the years, this brand has been revered as the go-to brand for some of the best high-end jewelry options designed for elegance and durability, especially in the crafting of the most luxurious kinds of jewelry in different colors and compositions.

Sterling Silver – this soft and lustrous white metal is highly valued for its versatility and beauty, and Pandora offers a wide range of sterling silver jewelry. Sterling silver is also Pandora’s signature metal, which is why most of the jewelry by the brand is made of sterling silver.

Is Pandora Jewelry Pawnable

Pandora Shine – this trademark name represents this unique metal blend that Pandora is known for. The jewelry that falls into this category is plated with the best of 18k gold, leaving you with gleaming gold jewelry options that come from the Pandora name.

Pandora Rose – this is the other unique jewelry line by Pandora. The Pandora Rose jewelry is elegant and quite luminous, thanks to the brand’s unique metal blend that features a warm and very flattering metal blend with flattering and warm pink-colored 14k rose gold plating.

Is Pandora Jewelry Pawnable

Besides the gold, silver, and silver-plated jewelry options, Pandora also makes jewelry using non-precious metals such as titanium alloys and stainless steel.

The titanium alloy, for example, is made of different metals, including aluminum, titanium, and vanadium, resulting in a malleable, transition metal that is available in silvery-grey.

The stainless steel jewelry options, on the other hand, are made of high-quality stainless steel only, and they are corrosion resistant and durable, hence the use of the metal in making bracelet clasps, etc.

So, is Pandora jewelry worth your money? Given the brand name and the available options on the market today, should you buy Pandora jewelry, and would you make some money out of the purchased Pandora jewelry?


Important question: Is Pandora WORTH the money?

Is Pandora Jewelry Pawnable

The truth is that this is a big debate among most circles because not everyone holds Pandora or some of their jewelry pieces in such high regard.

So, while some people are all for Pandora, there is a camp that doesn’t really have much faith in the products offered by the brand.

However, if you are in the middle and you don’t know if you should buy jewelry by Pandora or not, you need to know that the quality and the worth of the Pandora jewelry you buy will be tied to the materials that the jewelry is made of.

So, jewelry made of solid gold or sterling silver will be worth more than Pandora jewelry blends – Shine or Rose, because the blends are plated with yellow gold or rose gold, while the jewelry is made of non-precious metals like stainless steel and titanium might not be worth as much.

Is Pandora Jewelry Pawnable

But when it’s all said and done, this brand founded in 1982 is worth something, and as long as the jewelry is not made of non-precious metals, the jewelry will be worth something.

Bracelet charms, for example, are made of the best quality sterling silver, and authentic Pandora pieces are stamped. If you have one or more of these pieces, you will be happy to know that those simple charms are actually worth something.

If you are a collector wondering about the value of Pandora’s jewelry, you should know that the jewelry offered by this company is worth something, and the vintage pieces in your existing collection would be worth a good fortune.

Beyond all this, Pandora jewelry is worth your money if you are looking for the best customizable options for jewelry, the trendiest pieces of jewelry, or if you are looking for something delicate and personal; and unique.


Is Pandora jewelry pawnable?

Is Pandora Jewelry Pawnable

Yes, you can pawn your Pandora jewelry, first because the pieces of jewelry are from a big brand, and also because the best of Pandora jewelry is highly valuable and worth good money.

So, if you are thinking about pawning your beloved gold or sterling silver Pandora jewelry, you should.

However, Pandora jewelry made of titanium or stainless steel is not pawnable because these are non-precious metals that are not worth much – well, they could be worth a lot to you because of the attached sentimentality, but this doesn’t mean that you will fetch a good price for them.

Is Pandora Jewelry Pawnable

Keep in mind that the plated jewelry by Pandora might not be worth as much because they won’t always look elegant, and the value drops even further if the base metals used are non-precious metals like brass or copper.


3 Tips for selling your Pandora jewelry for the best price

Is Pandora Jewelry Pawnable

1. Research

Before selling, you need to allocate a considerable amount of time researching the market for Pandora jewelry, what they are valued at, and if you can find a better deal elsewhere.

The prices are quite variable, especially for the charms because there are numerous designs of the charm bracelets and charms, with new, more elegant designs released all time.

So, don’t rush the process, and keep in mind that the solid gold pieces are worth more than the sterling silver charms and the charms or bracelets made of non-precious metals. Think of it this way – while one gold charm bracelet by Pandora goes for a few thousand dollars, the silver charms would be worth less than $100.

One gold charm would be about $200. But even with these numbers in mind, there are other factors that will determine how much you ultimately get for the bracelets.

Is Pandora Jewelry Pawnable

2. Be Realistic about the price offerings  

That said, as you walk up to that pawnshop, remember that the prices for the bracelets or, rather, the amount of money you get from them will not be the same as the retail price for the pieces.

Often, the pawn shops are resellers, and you will only get a fraction of the jewelry’s buying price or its actual value.

Is Pandora Jewelry Pawnable

3. Clean and polish the jewelry pieces before you sell them

The pawnbroker will instantly quote a lower price if the pieces you present to them look rundown.

So, clean the Pandora jewelry beforehand, and even polish it if you need to, and if the pieces show signs of tarnish. You could buy polishing cloth online.

Don’t forget to clean your Pandora Rose pieces, too – you could use a soft cloth or a mild detergent plus warm water.

Clean the charms and the beads too, and make sure they are sparkling before you present them to the pawnshop broker.



Pandora jewelry is worth your money and pawnable. But before you pawn off the pieces of jewelry, make sure that they are in good condition and clean.

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