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In one of the biggest revelations made this year, Pandora announced that they’d stop using the natural diamonds and from now on using the lad-made diamonds.

So, it is safe to say that for Pandora, the laboratory-made diamonds and not the mined diamonds are forever. The company announced that the decision was driven partially by the high demand for lab-grown diamonds by the consumers.

What this launch of the laboratory-made diamonds will be an exclusive move by the company that would result in more affordable, sustainable, and even more accessible diamond jewelry.

However, the pieces of diamond jewelry made by Pandora before this move are still made of real or mined diamonds.

Also, the new collection featuring the lab-made diamonds will be launched first in the United Kingdom and will be launched in the rest of the world in 2022.


Pandora lab-made diamonds

The lab-made diamonds recently launched by Pandora are regarded as a symbol of progress and innovation, representing enduring beauty and standing as the statement of Pandora’s ambitions and ongoing move towards the sustainability agenda. They also hold the belief that while diamonds are meant to last forever, mined diamonds are not for everyone.

Is Pandora Diamonds Real

The silver-charm bracelet brand also notes that their lab-made diamonds will outpace the mined diamonds. And despite being made in the lab, these diamonds have been proven to have the same optical, thermal, physical, and even chemical characteristics as the mined diamonds, and so, they can be graded in the same way, using the 4Cs – color, cut, clarity, and the carat weight of the diamonds.

These lab-grown diamonds are quite sustainable thanks to the fact that they are made of at least 60% renewable energy. This move was guided by the fact that Pandora hopes to leave earth safer and in better shape than it is currently.

They, therefore, believe that their move to opt for the use of the lab-grown diamonds is guided by the belief that the renewable and sustainable energy lab-made Pandora fit into their idea of the fact that making these alternatives is the ‘right thing to do.’

This, and the fact that the diamonds made in the lab are cheaper, mean that the diamonds are essentially the same as the creations of nature, but at a different price. According to Mr. Lacick, Pandora’s chief executive, lab-made diamonds are just a third of what the mined diamonds are made of, which means that they are more affordable and reasonable.

And in 2020, the lab-grown diamonds productions grew by 6 and 7 million carats, while the mined diamonds’ production fell by up to 111 million carats.

Is Pandora Diamonds Real

So, their decision to opt for lab-grown diamonds can be seen as the most reasonable approach in a market where the mined diamonds are declining, and also from the perspective of the world being in need of more sustainable options.

There is also the fact that the lab-made diamonds are on the market at just the right time when there are changing tastes – millennials and the Gen-Z’s are all buying diamond jewelry, but not blood-diamonds, but the safer lab-made diamonds.  

And so, a move by such a big company not only meets the changing needs of the target market but also points towards the need for an overall big change in jewelry production, especially where natural resources are concerned.

The only caveat is that these lab-made diamonds require a lot of energy for their production, and so, at least 50% of the lab-made diamonds are made in China through an expensive process made through a process called the ‘High-pressure, High-Temperature Technology’ that also involves the use of coal-powered energy electricity.

The largest producer of lab-grown diamonds in the US uses a process called the 100% hydro-powered, zero-emissions process.

But generally, lab-grown diamonds are now a popular thing thanks to the fact that they are conflict-free and also because they are physically and chemically similar to the mined diamonds—these aspects about the lab-grown diamonds make them a more popular choice.


Are Pandora diamonds real?

Is Pandora Diamonds Real

For the longest time, Pandora, like all other jewelry brands, made use of the mined diamonds for their jewelry making.

But in a recent move towards sustainability and to meet their customer demands for better quality, safer and conflict-free diamond jewelry, Pandora has opted to cease the use of the mined diamonds, opting for the lab-created diamonds instead.

This move has been welcomed by individuals and groups because it is a sustainable option and also because these diamonds are conflict-free. They are made of up to 60% sustainable or renewable energy materials on average, which has made Pandora a new crowd favorite brand.

But are the Pandora diamonds real?

Well, yes. Despite making the diamonds in the lab, these diamonds are chemically and physically similar to the mined diamonds, and the only difference is that the lab-created diamonds are an ethical choice.

The use of the lab-grown diamonds by Pandora is considered the brand’s testament to their agenda on sustainability, in which they not only protect Mother Nature but also offer a wider variety of affordable, high-quality diamond jewelry.

Pandora’s sustainability agenda is also aimed at becoming one of the best low-carbon businesses that leave the earth a better place than they found it, and so, their diamond jewelry is now made using lab-grown diamonds.

If you are wondering if the Pandora diamonds are real, our answer is this – the diamonds are real, in that they have the properties of the mined diamonds, but they are produced ethically in the lab, through processes that mimic the Kimberly Process that is used in the mining of the diamonds.


How are Pandora diamonds made?

Is Pandora Diamonds Real

Pandora’s lab-grown diamonds, also called the Pandora Brilliance diamonds, are created through an intensive and modern process with re-imagined infinity diamond designs with unique settings that ensure exceptional radiance from the diamonds.

These lab-created or lab-grown diamonds, also man-made or cultivated diamonds, are diamonds that are created in the lab, literally, and not mined from the earth.

They have the same optical, physical, and chemical properties as the mined diamonds, but often fewer or no imperfections and cost less, meaning that they are one-of-a-kind pieces of diamonds that would be appreciated by the wearer.

The diamonds are graded using the 4Cs and are crafted by highly skilled artisans obsessed with breathing beauty and fire into the stones. These diamonds come with quality assurance measures, are sustainable, and come with a 2-year warranty.


Pros and cons of Pandora diamonds

Is Pandora Diamonds Real


  • Sustainable lab-created gemstones
  • More affordable than the mined diamonds
  • They come with a 2-year warranty
  • Look as great as the real diamonds or even better, for less
  • Conflict-free
  • Modern designs  
  • Quality assurance


  • Production can be very expensive
  • Coal factories are not that sustainable


 Should you buy Pandora diamonds?

Is Pandora Diamonds Real

Yes, you should buy Pandora’s diamonds. And not just because these diamonds are cheaper than the mined diamonds, but also because they are conflict-free and made using a sustainable process and renewable energy.

The diamonds also look as good as the real thing, and you have no reason to avoid them.



Yes, diamonds by Pandora are real. Well, the ones used in jewelry production are not mined diamonds, if that is your definition of the real diamonds, but by virtue of their physical, chemical, and optical properties, Pandora diamonds are real.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!