Is My Pandora Bracelet Waterproof? – Check Our Expert Answers

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Wondering if you should wear your Pandora bracelet in the shower, and in case you accidentally do, is your Pandora bracelet waterproof?

This article shares insights into everything you need to know about your Pandora bracelet and how best to take care of that piece of jewelry.


About the metals used in Pandora bracelets

Is My Pandora Bracelet Waterproof

Pandora prides itself in creating some of the most delicate quality bracelets that are well-designed, durable, and also very elegant.

The bracelets, like the rest of the genuine Pandora jewelry options, are some of the finest bracelet options you will come across, but there also are several fakes and Pandora dupes.

It means that if you are shopping for Pandora bracelets, you need to know what to expect and, most importantly, the specific materials that Pandora uses.

Pandora bracelets and the rest of Pandora’s jewelry varieties are made of solid, high-quality, and durable materials, notably sterling silver and gold. Pandora doesn’t use brass; even their gold-plated options have other types of metals as base metals.

Is My Pandora Bracelet Waterproof

Brass is not used as a metal base for Pandora, which means that while your Pandora bracelet will not fade or look discolored after being in the water for some time, the jewelry will become dull after months or weeks.

They will somehow sustain a degree of damage after exposure to water. And so, you should avoid wearing Pandora jewelry when in the gym, swimming, and bathing.

The most notable materials used in Pandora bracelets include:

Is My Pandora Bracelet Waterproof

Sterling Silver – Silver is one of the softest precious metals that are quite valuable thanks to its beauty and versatility, but it cannot be used as it is.

It must be alloyed with other metals to create a more durable version of silver called sterling silver which is made of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper.

Most of Pandora’s pieces are made of sterling silver thanks to the durability of this metal, not to mention the fact that sterling silver allows for easy crafting of jewelry, hence some of the unique bracelet styles. Sterling silver is also Pandora’s signature metal.

Is My Pandora Bracelet Waterproof

Gold – Pandora uses solid gold, and in some cases, they employ gold-plated metals. Pandora uses rare, high-quality, durable metals that result in luxurious pieces in varying compositions and colors.

The most notable versions of gold jewelry offered by Pandora fall into two categories, Pandora Rose and Pandora Shine, boasting an exquisite rose gold finish and a lustrous white gold finish, respectively.

Is My Pandora Bracelet Waterproof

Gold Plated materials – Pandora also uses gold-plated materials, with gold-plated sterling silver being the most common version of gold-plated metal used by Pandora. These plated bracelets, like sterling silver and gold, are hallmarked to indicate their fineness and the metal’s purity level.

Is My Pandora Bracelet Waterproof

Pandora Shine – this is another common material used by Pandora, and it’s made of a unique blend of metals. It’s plated with 18k gold, which lends it a radiant golden color that makes the jewelry pieces stand out.

Pandora Rose – This is the other common material used by Pandora, and it boasts an elegant, luminous finish. Thanks to the uniqueness of this blend, Pandora Rose pieces boast a warm, flattering pink finish. These pieces are plated in 14k rose gold.

Is My Pandora Bracelet Waterproof

Other metals used to create Pandora bracelets include stainless steel and titanium. Titanium alloys are elegant, hypoallergenic, durable, and high-strength, making unique jewelry. The titanium alloy is made of titanium, aluminum, and vanadium, hence a malleable but durable metal in a silvery-grey finish.

Stainless steel is also often used to make Pandora bracelets. The stainless steel version is an iron alloy resistant to corrosion and staining. These pieces are also super-strong, durable, and safe on the skin.

Is My Pandora Bracelet Waterproof


Pandora also uses stones, ranging from natural, man-made, and synthetic stones. They also use pearls, glass, and diamonds.


Is my Pandora bracelet waterproof?

Is My Pandora Bracelet Waterproof

No, although it may look fine after that one time you forgot to take it off and showered with the bracelet, you should stop wearing it in water because they are not waterproof, and it will fade and look tarnished after some time.


What happens if you get your Pandora bracelet wet?

Is My Pandora Bracelet Waterproof

You shouldn’t shower with the Pandora bracelet on; you should also take it off when bathing, swimming, or working out. However, you should stop keeping the bracelet in contact with water as much as you can.

If the bracelet remains in water repeatedly, it will wear off because water and oxygen will react with the metal it is made of, tarnishing after some time.

At first, the bracelet will look dull, and it will even look faded, whether it is made of sterling silver or solid gold, or gold-plated. After a prolonged period, the bracelet will develop a layer of tarnish that will make the bracelet look much older than it is.

So, you should clean and polish it, then stop exposing it to water. You should take it off whenever you are near water or if you are in contact with water. Also, store it in an airtight jewelry box and away from humidity.


Will water damage a Pandora bracelet?

Is My Pandora Bracelet Waterproof

Exposure to water will damage your Pandora bracelet after some time, especially if the water you are exposing is salt or chlorinated water.

After some time, the bracelet will become dull because it gets oxidized, and the result of oxidation is the dull appearance of the bracelet.

In other words, the bracelet will look a lot older than it is because of exposure to water. Even bath water is unsafe for your Pandora bracelet because the soap, body wash, and shampoos will interact with the metals, causing more damage which first manifests as dulling.


Pandora Care & Cleaning Tips

Is My Pandora Bracelet Waterproof

  • To clean your Pandora bracelet, use lukewarm water on a damp cloth. Mix the warm water with mild liquid detergent soap then put the bracelet in the water and start rubbing it gently using a clean cloth. Once it’s clean, you should rinse the bracelet using warm, running water and pat it dry with a soft, clean cloth. If the bracelet is too tarnished, soak it in warm soapy water for about 5-10 minutes, then use a soft-bristled brush to clean the pieces and get rid of the deep-seated dirt and grime. However, avoid using silver dips, polishing liquids, or ultrasonic cleaners.
  • Wipe the bracelet or any other Pandora jewelry when you notice dirt or if you haven’t cleaned it for some time using a damp, clean cloth.  
  • Store the bracelet in a jewelry box that is water and airtight
  • Keep your Pandora jewelry in a tarnish-resistant pouch or a plastic ziplock bag to prevent tarnishing.
  • Wear your Pandora bracelet after bathing, oiling the skin, applying perfume and lotion, and after your skin and hair care products have dried.


Avoid exposing the bracelet to water because Pandora bracelets are not waterproof and will get damaged after some weeks of water exposure.

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