Is Michael Kors Jewelry Real Gold?(Jeweler’s Answer)

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Michael Kors is one of the leading luxury jewelry and fashion brands on the market, and they offer a great range of jewelry options at great prices.

But what you may be wondering about is the quality of the gold jewelry that they sell and whether the pieces sold are made of real solid gold or not.

Considering the low prices of the gold jewelry from Michael Kors, you may be wondering if the pieces are really made of solid gold or if they are gold plated; and in this article, we endeavor to offer answers to this question.

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What metal is Michael Kors jewelry made of?

Is Michael Kors jewelry real gold

Michael Kors offers a wide range of affordable jewelry that is made of different metals like sterling silver, stainless steel, and gold-plated sterling silver or gold-plated stainless steel. Other plated pieces of jewelry are rhodium plated for a nice white, lustrous finish.

Most of their jewelry options are, however, made of sterling silver and stainless steel. But unlike other kinds of fashion jewelry on the market, the gold plated pieces by Michael Kors are rather pricey thanks to the use of a thicker layer of gold for the plating and the fact that the base metal is high-quality 925 sterling silver.


What are Michael Kors bracelets made of? Why use these metals?

Michael Kors boasts a good range of good quality bracelets that boast stunning finishes. These bracelets are made of varied metals, which means varying price tags, but the most common metal used for the bracelets is 925 sterling silver. Depending on the design of the bracelet, they may have gemstones added to them or just made of plain sterling silver.

Is Michael Kors jewelry real gold

A big chunk of the Michael Kors bracelets is, however, gold-plated with 14K and 18k gold over sterling silver. Most of these plated and plain sterling silver pieces are simple, versatile, stylish, and they are also quite affordable. They all come in different shapes and designs, allowing everyone a taste of the best that Michael Kors has to offer.

These bracelets are also paved with high-quality cubic zirconia stones that add value to the bracelets while making them even more stunning.

While Michael Kors would have opted to sell solid gold bracelets and jewelry in general, it would appear that they opted for the cheaper option of the gold-plated sterling silver to tap into the market featuring individuals interesting in buying jewelry from a luxury brand, but without having to go through the trouble of paying the high price tag that comes from buying solid gold jewelry from high-end jewelry.

Is Michael Kors jewelry real gold

And because sterling silver is also a precious metal, the sterling silver bracelets that are plated in gold are equally good quality, and they offer great value for money.

In other words, the affordable jewelry from a luxury brand idea wouldn’t sell quite as well if Michael Kors opted to make their bracelets using solid gold.


Are Michael Kors Bracelets Made of Real Gold?

Is Michael Kors jewelry real gold

Michael Kors bracelets with gold hues are not made of solid gold, but they are gold-plated. The plated gold is, without a doubt, real gold, but unlike jewelry made of solid gold, the amount of gold on the gold-plated sterling silver bracelets by Michael Kors is only a few microns thick.

So, if you are asking if the gold plating used is real, the answer is yes. These bracelets are not, however, made of solid gold. The plated pieces all have a sterling silver base that really makes up a good chunk of the pieces.

That said, the lower prices for Michael Kors jewelry, in comparison to the prices by other high-end prices, is because of the plated gold. And also, you’ll be paying more for these gold-plated bracelets than you would other gold-plated pieces from conventional stores because you have to pay for the Michael Kors brand name.


How do I tell if a Michael Kors-branded bracelet is real?

Is Michael Kors jewelry real gold

  • Real or genuine Michael Kors bracelets will have the Michael Kors logo printed boldly on them. The MK is distinct with fine lines, and the font is uniform across. Also, the MK logo never misses the authentic Michael Kors pieces of jewelry.
  • Serial Number – Like the watches, the Michael Kors bracelet comes with a serial number that is stamped on the claps on the back. Often, the serial number comes in the MK-1234 format, and no matter the store that you choose the bracelet from, you will be able to cross-reference that number with the specific model of Michael Kors bracelet you’re buying.
  • If you are buying the bracelet from a store downtown and the price for the piece is too low in comparison to the prices quoted online, there is a high chance that the bracelet you are considering, or you just bought is fake. This is an important point to note because, despite the ‘affordability’ of the jewelry sold by Michael Kors, their prices are not that low, as you will notice on their website or on Amazon. With this in mind, anything that is sold at more than half or less the actual marked price is not an actual MK piece.



If you intend to buy Michael Kors jewelry because this luxury brand sells affordable jewelry, you need to know that their jewelry is not made of real solid gold, but they are real, high-quality gold-plated pieces of jewelry. This is the reason for their affordability.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!