Is Malachite Jewelry Safe To Wear? – Detailed Answers & Tips

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Malachite is one of the little-known yet stunning green mineral stones.

It has been said to be one of the most beautiful green gemstones thanks to its organic and distinct darker green banded patterns.

And thanks to the vibrant green color, malachite makes some of the most beautiful gemstones incorporated in jewelry.

It is affordable, but you will also find it in high-end luxury jewelry varieties, which is why gemstone collectors and designers keep their eyes peeled for these beautiful and unique malachite gemstones.

There’s one catch, though – despite its beauty, it might not be the safest kind of gemstone incorporated into jewelry, which means that you should be extra careful when wearing the jewelry, and most importantly, you shouldn’t wear it all time.

In this article, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about malachite jewelry.


About malachite jewelry

Is Malachite Jewelry Safe To Wear

Malachite jewelry is a type of jewelry that features malachite gemstones incorporated in them. The mineral stone is often set into earrings, pendant necklaces, brooches, bracelets, and in statement rings. The jewelry options come in different styles and designs.

Note that malachite used in jewelry is a mineral made of copper carbonate, a chemical compound that results in malachite’s distinct green and blue shades.

This copper compound has been used for centuries, but its presence in malachite makes this copper carbonate compound more valuable, especially as the pigment and as the ore.

The other important thing you should know about malachite is that it was initially used thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt.

Is Malachite Jewelry Safe To Wear

Malachite ores are often found in limestone, and in most cases, it is mined alongside other minerals like copper, turquoise, azurite, and calcite.

The other thing you should know about malachite jewelry is that it can be made of a malachite hybrid like azurmalachite, a blend of azurite and malachite known for its vivid green and blue patterns.

Thanks to its versatility and beautiful patterns, there are many different types of malachite jewelry. These options are often set or sliced into discs, in carvings for cameos and figurines, and all these results in some of the most beautiful forms of jewelry.

You should also know that malachite jewelry is never made of the faceted forms of malachite, all thanks to its distinct cleavage and softness. However, there are different kinds of malachite jewelry, with the gemstone cut up in fancy shapes, creating an interesting array of jewelry.   


Malachite toxic symptoms

Is Malachite Jewelry Safe To Wear

Its beauty notwithstanding, malachite isn’t the safest gemstone, and it may cause a degree of damage to your body. The toxicity of malachite comes from its high copper content, which can be quite toxic.

It’s also primarily unsafe for jewelry manufacturers and designers because malachite dust is ingested and inhaled during the cutting and polishing processes.

And when it comes in contact with your skin, it will cause more long-term damage. So, you should take precautions when handling malachite, especially if you are handling raw malachite – use goggles, gloves, and masks when working on malachite.

Some of the symptoms of malachite toxicity include:

I. Nausea and Vomiting

II. Diarrhea

III. Skin irritation from contact. Also, redness, pain, and itching


Is wearing malachite jewelry dangerous?

Is Malachite Jewelry Safe To Wear

While it’s safe to wear malachite jewelry because the gemstone is often resin-coated for longevity and safety, you should know that malachite jewelry is not always safe.

This gemstone contains at least 70% pure copper II Oxide, which can be toxic when it breaks down, when the malachite dust is inhaled, or if it comes in contact with the skin, albeit in its raw form.

Once processed and coated, malachite is incorporated into jewelry, and the malachite jewelry is safe to wear and to touch. So, as long as it’s polished and coated, malachite jewelry isn’t dangerous.

Also, the malachite jewelry remains safe for you as long as you keep it away from contact with acids which would dissolve the gemstone breaking down the gemstone and releasing copper that then leeched into the skin, increasing the copper content in your body, hence a high degree of copper and metal toxicity.

Keep in mind that despite its low level of toxicity, malachite carbonate isn’t that dangerous. Don’t expose it to any acids, including anything corrosive like vinegar.


Is malachite toxic when wet?

Is Malachite Jewelry Safe To Wear

As long as it is not broken down, malachite is safe. And exposure to water will not damage malachite. The only time malachite is toxic is when it’s exposed to a corrosive substance, even the weakest acids.

So, don’t expose your malachite jewelry to anything that would be corrosive. You should also limit its exposure to body and hair care products.


Do you have to wash your hands after touching malachite?

Is Malachite Jewelry Safe To Wear

Since malachite is non-reactive when exposed to water, it won’t be damaged when exposed to water. However, you should avoid exposing your malachite jewelry to water.

Remember that malachite, like other minerals, is semi-porous, meaning that water and moisture will seep into the gem’s crystalline structure, resulting in the loss of luster and color from the gemstone.

And so, you shouldn’t expose it to moisture.


X Tips for wearing your malachite jewelry safely

Is Malachite Jewelry Safe To Wear

1. Keep your malachite jewelry from moisture, and always take them off, when you need to wash your hands or shower, even if the pieces are sold as waterproof. Don’t fall for the marketing gimmicks.

2. Wear malachite jewelry on your left or the non-dominant hand to enhance the association of the gemstone with your throat and heart chakras.

3. To ensure maximum benefits from malachite, you may want to wear malachite jewelry pieces as a Scorpio or a Capricorn.

4. To remove the negativity from the crystals, you can smoke cleanse the crystals using incense. You could also recharge the crystals in the sunlight or moonlight. Other crystals could charge malachite, and these include clear quartz and selenite.



Malachite jewelry is relatively safe to wear since it’s polished and then coated in resin, and this mimics the breakdown and release of copper into the body. And to be always safe when wearing the jewelry, you shouldn’t expose the jewelry to anything acidic.

Overall, malachite is safe and considerably durable. And to be safe, you should wipe the jewelry regularly to enhance its luster and avoid scratches.

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