Is Louis Vuitton Cheaper In Italy?-Detailed Guide Here

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If you are thinking about buying a Louis Vuitton bag and would love to enjoy the very best discounts or just be able to save some bucks, you might be on the hunt for the lowest Louis Vuitton bag prices across the world.

And after much research, you may have surmised that buying the bag from Italy would allow you the biggest discounts. But how true is this, really? And more importantly, are the Louis Vuitton products cheaper in Italy than they are in the rest of the world?

Let’s find out!


Is Louis Vuitton Cheaper in Italy?

is louis vuitton cheaper in italy

Despite being held in very high regard, the price tag remains the biggest issue when it comes to the purchase and ownership of luxury products like clothing, handbags, shoes, and other accessories.

As a result, even for individuals with the capacity to purchase these luxury products, scoring a discount is often a big deal.

So, does this mean that you will enjoy a huge discount when you opt to shop for LV products in Italy?

Well, yes. Although you will not snag a 50% discount, LV products cost a little less in Italy and other European countries.

The slight affordability of the LV products in Italy and the rest of the European countries don’t have to do with the products’ pricing being lower in these parts than the rest of the world, but because the products are manufactured in Paris, France before they are shipped to Italy.

is louis vuitton cheaper in italy

The shipping cost of the LV products to Italy is very low, and this cost is hardly transferred to the product’s final cost, hence the seemingly lower prices.

Consequently, the same bag would cost so much more in America and other places across the world because of the shipping costs incurred, not to mention the foreign exchange rates and other associated costs that drive up the cost of the LV products.

And speaking of the foreign exchange, the price of the LV bag may be lower in Italy because Italy is one of the countries that belong to the European Union, and they use Euros.

Converting Euros to Dollars leaves you with a higher price tag for the LV products, hence the apparent higher prices in the West and pretty much the rest of the world.

is louis vuitton cheaper in italy

On top of this, you also need to factor in the import tax factored into the products, and the fact that this will increase the prices of the products out of Italy and the rest of the European countries.

So, to save a few hundred dollars that result from the shipping, forex, import tax, etc., consider buying the Louis Vuitton bag from Italy or any other European country.

We should also mention the fact that you may be entitled to a tax refund (VAT) if buying from a European country, and this allows you to save a little more.


Is Louis Vuitton cheaper in Italy than in the US?

is louis vuitton cheaper in italy

Generally, you will save a few bucks buying a Louis Vuitton bag or pair of heels from Italy because you will void the high shipping and forex or import tax costs that you would otherwise incur if you opted to buy the bag from the US.

It is, therefore, interesting to note that depending on the bag’s price tag, you may snag a discount of between 20 and 25% buying the bag from Italy or any other European country.

In some cases, you may end up saving up to $1,000 if you opt to buy the LV bag in Italy rather than the US. You also need to beware of EU’s pricing policies that pricing for the LV bag will be the same in Italy, Spain, France, etc.


Is Louis Vuitton cheaper in Italy than in the UK?

is louis vuitton cheaper in italy

Louis Vuitton in Italy is less expensive than it is in the UK – the emphasis here is on ‘slight’ because the price difference may be as small as $10 less in Italy than in the UK.

This small difference in price is largely attributed to the fact that the UK’s Sterling Pound is a very different currency compared to the Euro that is used throughout Europe.

This difference results in a differing exchange or conversion rate that affects the cost of the LV bag, saving you a very small percentage.

The small amount in savings is also attributed to the fact that the UK initiated the ban on VAT shopping as one of the things that came from Brexit that officially went into effect in 2020.

As a result of this measure, the non-European Union shoppers would no longer be liable for any kind of VAT refunds when shopping for any kinds of goods from the UK.

And so, if you are to go to Europe for that great discount, you may want to snub the UK for Italy or any other European country that offers VAT shopping.

is louis vuitton cheaper in italy

In which country is Louis Vuitton the cheapest?

If you want to save more on the latest handbag released by Louis Vuitton, we recommend shopping for the bag from LV’s headquarters in Paris, France.

Buying LV from the manufacturing stores or the headquarters means bigger savings because they have a bigger supply of bags compared to other countries, and the best part is that the Paris stores will often have designs and items that are only unique to Paris and not present in stores outside France.



If you are planning to buy a Louis Vuitton bag at a discount, you should go shopping in Italy or Paris, or maybe any other European country.

The bags may not be exactly cheap, even in Italy, given the luxury status of the LV brand, but you will save a good chunk of cash by shopping during your next trip to Paris or Italy.

You may also send someone to shop for you if you want to save on the LV handbag.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!