Is Kendra Scott Jewelry Good Quality? – Jewelry Maker’s Answer

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If you are looking for good quality and affordable fine jewelry, you may have come across Kendra Scott.

The brand may also have been recommended to you as one of the great fine jewelry American brands that you should keep under consideration.

But should you invest in Kendra Scott’s jewelry, and is it worth the price tag? In this article, we’ll look at and take you through everything you should know about Kendra Scott jewelry.

So, let’s get into it!


Kendra Scott jewelry

Is Kendra Scott Jewelry Good Quality

Kendra Scott refers to a beloved American jewelry brand known for its versatile and high-quality jewelry. The brand creates some of the most spectacular jewelry pieces, including layered bracelets, necklaces, and stacked rings, among other types of jewelry.

And as a result of the brand’s popularity, you can find countless jewelry options by Kendra Scott in department stores like Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, and Neiman Marcus, among other stores.

Overall, Kendra Scott is associated with and is largely synonymous with stylish and affordable jewelry, with most of the brand’s jewelry options made of natural materials like pearls, shells, and gemstones, not to mention glass stones and other lab-grown options.

Is Kendra Scott Jewelry Good Quality

There also are several pieces made of luxury materials like gold, but they are all quite affordable. Kendra Scott’s wide array of jewelry options includes pendant necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets priced under $100.

In addition to the stylish and affordable options, Kendra Scott also boasts the fact that they boast an extensive array of innovatively designed jewelry, not to mention the very high-quality seasonal pieces of jewelry such as multistrand necklaces, chain bracelets, geometric pieces, as well as threader rings that are reflective of modern trends.

Is Kendra Scott Jewelry Good Quality

And thanks to the trendiness of Kendra Scott’s jewelry, many of the pieces by the brand have been featured by top designers like Randolph Duke and Oscar De La Renta. And so, Kendra Scott is much more than another trendy jewelry brand.


What is Kendra Scott’s jewelry made of?

Is Kendra Scott Jewelry Good Quality

To ensure the high quality of the jewelry that the brand promises and for the brand’s consistency, Kendra Scott’s jewelry is made of high-quality metals and gems that include gold-plated brass, sterling silver, solid gold, and gold vermeils.

And so, the uniquely designed pieces by Kendra Scott are not only durable and will always be stunning, but the unique designs of the jewelry and the use of good-quality stones means that most of Kendra Scott’s jewelry pieces have an heirloom status.

Is Kendra Scott Jewelry Good Quality

All the materials used, even the non-precious materials, are good quality, durable, and worth investing in, and you can wear the jewelry over and over again.

In addition to the use of high-quality materials, Kendra Scott also offers a customization option for all their jewelry, especially the pieces under Kendra Scott’s trademarked Color Bar collection that features custom options for bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces.

Other than these metals, Kendra Scott’s jewelry is also made with good-quality gemstones. Below is a breakdown of the materials used to make Kendra Scott’s jewelry varieties.


1. Metals

Is Kendra Scott Jewelry Good Quality

Under the fine jewelry varieties by Kendra Scott, the brand offers a wide array of heirloom-quality pieces made of 14k gold in white gold, yellow gold, and also rose gold. These are all fine jewelry options and not fashion jewelry, meaning that the fine pieces are not plated.

Naturally, the 14k gold pieces can be quite pricey, so if you are looking for equally good jewelry for much less, then you can buy Kendra Scott’s sterling silver plus the gold vermeil pieces.

The sterling silver pieces are equally durable, stunning, and ideal for daily wear.

Gold vermeils are also a good option – gold vermeil jewelry is made of gold-plated sterling silver that is plated with 18k gold, a much thicker version of gold than the one used on gold-plated pieces, and so, a much more valuable piece of plated jewelry that is a lot more durable and resistant to forces of wear and tear.

Is Kendra Scott Jewelry Good Quality

Kendra Scott has also introduced a new variety of bright, shiny silver metal pieces made of a mix of silver, copper, and rhodium, hence that bright and light appearance that is brighter than that of sterling silver and also tarnish-free.

Besides this variety, Kendra Scott also uses gunmetal that creates darker and moody jewelry options. Gunmetal jewelry is cast in brass and then layered in gunmetal – gun metal is mixed with tin, zinc, and copper.


2. Gemstones

Is Kendra Scott Jewelry Good Quality

Several of Kendra Scott’s jewelry collections are made of high-quality, stunning natural gemstones that enhance the beauty and value of the jewelry.

The gemstones used include smoky quartz, rose quartz, amethyst, citrine, lapis, turquoise, chalcedony, obsidian, cat’s eye, moonstone, malachite, hematite, and labradorite.

They also create pearl jewelry made of baroque and cultured pearls, not to mention the abalone shell and the mother-of-pearl.

Is Kendra Scott Jewelry Good Quality

Kendra Scott also uses diamonds, but they are keen on more of the slightly included and nearly colorless diamonds. They also use black diamonds on most of their rings and other kinds of jewelry, and these diamonds leave you with the best trendy alternatives to colorless diamonds.

Note that the colored diamonds get their colors from the graphite and hematite gemstone inclusions, but they can be enhanced using heat treatment processes.

Is Kendra Scott Jewelry Good Quality

The other unique feature of Kendra Scott jewelry is that they use drusy quartz that is available in colors like rose gold, black, platinum, iridescent, and several multicolored options.

These quartz options have small sparkly crystals at the stone’s surface, giving the jewelry a perfectly exotic and stunning appearance.

Kendra Scott also creates jewelry pieces that mimic genuine opal’s beauty thanks to the use of Kyocera Opal. This lab-grown stone gives the jewelry a stunning and unexpected sparkle.


Where is Kendra Scott jewelry manufactured?

Is Kendra Scott Jewelry Good Quality

Kendra Scott’s jewelry is sourced and manufactured from India, Thailand, Mexico, and China.


Is Kendra Scott’s jewelry made of real stones?

Is Kendra Scott Jewelry Good Quality

Yes, Kendra Scott makes a variety of jewelry using real stones like diamonds and emeralds, as well as lab-grown stones.


Does Kendra Scott use real diamonds?

Is Kendra Scott Jewelry Good Quality

Yes, Kendra Scott’s fine jewelry is made of fine gemstones like diamonds and other colored stones. Kendra Scott invests in high-quality, durable, and conflict-free diamonds, both the nearly colorless and the black diamonds.

The white diamond options used by Kendra Scott include the Color H graded, nearly colorless diamonds that carry some subtle colored undertones.

They also use the SI1 or the Slightly Included diamonds with very tiny inclusions resulting in diamonds that are essentially clear and clear to the naked eye. The common diamonds used are round-cut, hence the ultimate level of sparkle from the gemstones.

They also use black diamonds, which, as mentioned above, are colored because of the presence of graphite and hematite minerals.


Does Kendra Scott’s jewelry turn green?

Is Kendra Scott Jewelry Good Quality

Thanks to the use of high-quality materials that don’t have any copper in them, Kendra Scott’s fashion jewelry will not turn your skin or clothes green.

However, the sterling silver pieces that are not plated will easily form a dark grey or black film, which might be deposited on your skin or clothes because sterling silver naturally tarnishes.

The 14k gold jewelry pieces are also safe on your skin and will neither tarnish nor turn your skin green.


Kendra Scott jewelry review

Is Kendra Scott Jewelry Good Quality

Kendra Scott would be the ideal brand for you if you are looking for high-quality, affordable, and trendy jewelry options. Kendra Scott offers a large variety of fine jewelry options made of good-quality materials.

They are stylish, and their earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings studded with gemstones and stones like glass, opals, pearls, and iridescent dusty quartz stands out as elegant pieces worth investing in.

Beyond the stylishness of the jewelry, Kendra Scott also boasts a variety of unique jewelry options that are often made of different materials and are available in different styles.

Is Kendra Scott Jewelry Good Quality

These unique pieces include filigree jewelry designs, illusion techniques, dichroic glass, and hammered metal designs. The brand also boasts a large variety of stunning charms and moonstone collections.

Beyond the excellent quality construction of the jewelry, the brand also stands out because they support several philanthropic causes like Habitat for Humanity and Active Minds.

So, besides producing great sparking pieces, you also do your part to support the community by purchasing Kendra Scott’s jewelry.


Pros and cons of Kendra Scott jewelry

Is Kendra Scott Jewelry Good Quality


  • Stunning jewelry options
  • Kendra Scott boasts high-quality and well-build jewelry options
  • They offer customized options
  • A large variety of jewelry to choose from
  • They offer a payment plan
  • Their jewelry options are made of different versatile and good-quality materials
  • Great colorful options are available

Is Kendra Scott Jewelry Good Quality


  • Kendra Scott’s jewelry costs much more than other brands
  • The custom pieces cannot be re-worked, and their sales are considered the final sales, and the money is non-refundable


Kendra Scott offers a large array of stunning, elegant, and high-quality fine and fashion jewelry options made of sturdy metals and also elegant and sturdy stones and gemstones used in necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets. They have something for everyone.

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