Is Jewelry from China Safe to Wear?( Manufacturer’s Answer)

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Jewelry is a very sensitive accessory for most people. Stereotypes surrounding products made in China could be the reason for your concern as you wonder how their products are always cheaper yet they still look good and new.

You are wondering if they compromise on their standards of production or in the quality of materials used. So, let’s find out if jewelry from China is safe to wear.

Metal allergies and reactions are not only irritating, annoying, and painful but their appearance on the skin is unsightly and embarrassing.

One very thin piece of the metal chain could cause you untold suffering for weeks if you are prone to infections.

Before answering this question, you need to understand why is jewelry from China so Cheap?


Why is Jewelry from China so Cheap?

1.Economies of Scale

This factor is a highly profitable term in the business world which simply means that a company reduces its cost of production as it increases its output levels.

The relationship between the cost of producing one unit and the quantity of production works to the advantage of the manufactures favor.

In China’s case, this is especially true because they produce products in large volumes. Also as a huge market that operates as the world’s favorite factory making scalability much easier.

If the cost of producing a unit of product is greatly diminished, their sale value cannot be the same as other regularly produced products.

That’s how China-made products can afford to be cheap and still stay afloat in the market.



This specifically refers to the agreement between different groups with each possessing a unique skill set from the others.

This is an ideal situation for all parties involved because it means everyone gets to do what they are good at without having to worry about other tasks that are either too expensive or inconveniencing.

China has been identified over the years and by so many top industries and brands in various fields, as the most efficient and effective producer of quality goods and services at very manageable costs.

Tons of companies, organizations, industries, and individuals have outsourced their manufacturing functions to China.

Some are all in and others still hold on to their old factories to keep producing select pieces that are core to the brand.

3.Concentrated Regions

The Chinese government is well aware of the effects and benefits of scalability. In light of this, they have administratively designed their towns or centers based on their line of work.

For example, the fashion jewelry center in China is Yiwu and the electronics capital is Shenzhen.

You will find that roads in these cities are arranged in a way that as you walk along the streets in Yiwu, you will find all fashion items lined up one after another well equipped with specialists and service people.

This same set-up applies in Shenzhen as well as Guangzhou the country’s fine jewelry capital.



In China, all efforts are geared towards reducing costs at all levels and this trickles down to the labor forces or their employees. They have implemented a system where you, as an employee, can only get paid equivalent to the units you have produced.

Sales made are compensated in commissions percentages that you agreed to at the beginning of your contract. This payment procedure helps keep overheads at an all-time low and reduces the expenses.

This system also seems favorable to the employees because they clearly understand what is meant of them and what they get in return.



Judging from their ancient and modern forms of art, the Chinese people are a very talented lot in the fields of jewelry and the creation of their intricate designs.

This means that there is a huge population of highly skilled craftsmen and women in the Chinese workforce.

If you ever require a keen eye in terms of jewelry, you can count on one of these skilled artisans to help you pick out designs, raw materials, and packaging specifications. You won’t be disappointed.


6.Logistics Support

With large shipping and airports in Hong Kong and Shanghai, goods are easily transported by sea or air to any destination across the world within the shortest time possible and at the most affordable prices in the market.


Is Jewelry from China Safe to Wear?

Yes, of course, jewelry from China is safe to wear. If it wasn’t no company would risk doing business with them and they could never be able to sell their jewelry anywhere.

A lot of US companies are making their fashion jewelry in China, such as forever 21, charming Charlie,Jcpenny, and more. If you do not believe it, Check this post, how to make 40000 rings and sold 20000 in one week.

1. A large volume of jewelry available worldwide is produced in China in their capable and powerful factories.

As skilled jewelry artisans from 5000 BC, Chinese have perfected and close to mastered their skillsets.

Their tradition that requires a dead person to be buried with their wealth provided plenty of opportunities for the Chinese people to express and practice their art over centuries.


2. From around the 80s, China made its mark known as the world’s best and most experienced manufacturer of jewelry items.

This opened up doors of opportunities for them as foreign countries with big brands have since been working with Chinese manufacturers to create their jewelry.


3. To be a certified jewelry manufacturer in China, you have to pass many factory audits.

To mention but a few, some of them are such as the Sedex Audits, APM jewelry, Walmart, Kohl, Target among others.

All these are independent audits that a jewelry manufacturer in China submits applications to get higher recognition and business acclaim in the market.

4. Jewelry is tested thoroughly for any reactive or harmful metals or materials.

The lead and nickel test are two of the most commonly performed tests on jewelry pieces.

This jewelry testing company referred to as Intertek measures jewelry set for marketing in Europe and America.



Taking a look at Chinese history in art and design reveals a genius and somewhat natural talent to turn the simplest ideas into complex yet beautiful patterns.

They have not lost these skills and in fact, they continue to hone them while working at these manufacturing plants coming up with or executing designs with uncanny precision.

Whatever you need mass-produced, China is the right country for the job.

Thanks for reading my post.  All in all. It is very safe to wear jewelry made in China. If the jewelry is not safe, it can never be shipped to other countries.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!