Is Jewelry From China Real?( Jewelry Manufacturer’s Answer)

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Should you trust products made in China? Is jewelry made in China real/ genuine?

The truth is that while products made in China receive a lot of press, with many people despising products just because they are made in China, there is a large number of high-quality products that are made in China, and most of the beloved products in your home could be made in China.

We cannot discount the fact that there numerous low-quality products made in China, but they are not all bad.

If you are not sure about jewelry made in China, read this article to learn more.


Is jewelry from China real?

Yes, jewelry from China is real. What most people fail to recognize or may not know is the interesting fact that most of the leading US jewelry retailers actually manufacture their fashion jewelry in China. These include Forever 21 and Walmart, among others.

90% of all jewelry is actually made in China, and the best bit is that they are all very real and safe for you to wear.

Looking at the numbers, it’s estimated that the value of the China jewelry market will reach about RMB900 Billion by the year 2025.

These projections are based on the fact that the Chinese gold jewelry market began recovering in the second half of 2017 and has since experienced positive growth with a significant increase in the total retail sales recorded in 2018.

Between 2010 and 2018, the retail sales of silver and gold jewelry reported a CAGR of 10.3%, even as the retail jewelry sales went up by 7.5% in 2018 alone – this was a 1.8% increase from 2017.

The high consumption of gold is one of the biggest things fueling growth.


Is silver jewelry stamped China BJ925 a real silver?

Is Jewelry From China Real

Yes, BJ925 silver jewelry from China is real silver. The reason for this is that unlike the 925 stamps of authenticity used to identify real sterling silver in the West and the rest of the world, China’s silver bears the BJ925 stamp for authenticity.

While you need to be cautious when buying sterling silver jewelry from China, BJ925 silver is real. This hallmark is the mark of quality used for the designer silver/ sterling silver jewelry made in China.

The 925 on the silver is the mark of purity and the country mark, while the additional mark (BJ) is the one that assures you of the high level of purity of the silver.

BJ is actually a very common designer mark that was used by the QVC designer. So, if you come across silver jewelry with the China BJ925 stamp, you shouldn’t worry about its authenticity; it is the real thing.


Is 925 silver from China real?

Wondering what 925 China is and whether it’s real or not?

Well, the first thing you need to know is that buying jewelry online can be very confusing, especially with all the options available to you.

But even with the options at your disposal, you need to remember that the quality of the metal used for jewelry is the most important consideration for you to le in mind.

The metal used should be durable and without scratches. You can also determine and tell more about the quality of the jewelry you are buying by looking at the stamp or the hallmark the jewelry comes with.

When it comes to silver jewelry, the most common stamp you will see on the jewelry is 925 or 925 China.

Is Jewelry From China Real

925 China is the standard marking on sterling silver jewelry. What it means is that the jewelry in question is primarily sterling silver jewelry with a gold plating. More specifically, the jewelry contains 92.5% sterling silver, 7.5% other metals, and a gold plating.

So, why is the gold-plated jewelry stamped with a silver mark?

The primary reason for this is that the jewelry in question isn’t actually made of real gold, but only sterling silver-coated. The 925 marking, therefore, denotes the percentage purity of the bore sterling silver. The stamp has nothing to do with the outer gold layer.


Is Chinese gold real gold?

Yes, and besides being real, it is also among the most expensive gold on the market. Here are the primary reasons why:

For starters, the California Gold & Silver Exchange notes and appreciated the value of Chinese culture and the long history associated with it, not to mention the high standards of gold from China. Chinese gold jewelry, statutes, and ornaments are generally made of the best quality gold (24K gold).

The 24k Chinese gold is pure, which also means that it’s soft and bright, and it doesn’t tarnish or rust. For these reasons, the gold sometimes features markings like 999, 999.5, or 9999. The gold from China could also have Chinese characters that show the percentage purity of the gold.

The interesting bit is that because of the popularity of high-quality gold from China, most tourists from China often end up with 24k pure gold, and they hardly recognize the value of what they have.

You may also come across the 22K and 18k gold.


Why a lot of jewelry made in China?

Is Jewelry From China Real

The primary reason why most jewelry is made in China is because of Scale.

Because of the huge Chinese market and expansive factories capable of meeting world jewelry needs, it is very easy for China to scale, and this is also the reason for the low cost of the products made in China.


I. Cheap price

As a result of easy scaling, the cost of production is low, which translates to lower prices for the products.


II. Great quality

Is Jewelry From China Real

Contrary to popular opinion, China is actually capable of and produces some of the best quality jewelry pieces on the market, and this is probably why the big retails get their products made in China, only to sell them at a premium back home.

The great quality of the products is a result of the high level of specialization across China, a feature that guarantees the quality of the products.

China-made products are also designed following very stringent grading processes for the best quality products. 


III. Fast production time

Specialization, advanced technologies, access to labor, and heavy investment in machinery result in fast production processes, which is a huge win to retailers around the world.

Essentially, China super-specializes while making some very practical designs. Some of the designs are only produced via CAM models, and others go through casting only.

Thanks to the high level of specialization, they offer the best quality products at low prices – this has to do with economies of scale.


How to avoid buying poor quality jewelry

Is Jewelry From China Real

  • Avoid jewelry that looks too thin and flimsy. If, for example, the ring you are considering feels too thin or seems like it might break under pressure, it would be wise to avoid it.
  • Avoid jewelry made of overly shiny and super bright finishes.
  • You can tell that you have poor quality jewelry if it turns your skin green.
  • Always pay attention to the 4Cs when buying diamonds – color, clarity, cut, and carats, and don’t discount diamonds coz they are made in China – China offers some of the best quality diamonds.



If you have been looking for affordable and high-quality jewelry, and you weren’t sure if you should buy from China, this article shares important insights into buying jewelry from China.

As you can tell from the information shared above, China offers good quality jewelry, and the gold and silver from China is not only real but also authentic.

But don’t overlook things like authenticity stamps or hallmarks just because the big brands get their jewelry from China.

Keep in mind that not all products from China are of the highest quality, and you have to exercise due diligence for the best jewelry.

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