Is Jeulia Jewelry Real Diamonds? – Detailed Answer

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Jewelry is among the top beauty possessions owned by a person, especially a woman. Good jewelry makes one stylish and elegant, instantly boosting their esteem and outward appearance.

Diamonds are the leading jewelry stones around the globe but are relatively expensive to own. A perfect alternative to this is the Jeulia jewelry, as it 99% passes as a real diamond because of the classic look it possesses and its high-end quality.

This article will provide you with some unique features of this jewelry and why you should consider owning a piece.


Is Jeulia jewelry real diamonds?

Does Jeulia Jewelry Tarnish

No. Jeulia pieces of jewelry are not real diamonds, although they can be confused with real diamonds. Jeulia jewelry has an interesting story of how it came about that many do not know about.

These pieces were first designed as personalized rings by a couple studying jewelry design together. They would exchange the rings for themselves as a tradition but later opened a store when their work became famous.

Jeulia jewelry is made from sterling silver and gemstones produced in the laboratory, which come in many colors and are more durable than diamonds when worn long-term. Its durability and hardness are also close to that of real diamonds.


Are Jeulia stones real?

Does Jeulia Jewelry Tarnish

Jeulia stones are not real stones. The gemstones used to manufacture this jewelry are produced from the laboratory and can be 100% traced, as the company wanted and is still producing environmentally friendly jewelry pieces.

Although they are not real stones, these pieces are the perfect alternatives to natural stones like diamonds because they have better optical characteristics and are more durable.

These artificial stones are hand-cut and surfaced in-house to provide a spectacular sparkle with bright and vibrant colors and shine brilliantly just like real stones.


What is a Jeulia stone made of?

Does Jeulia Jewelry Tarnish

Jeulia stones are made from a laboratory-created crystal known as Moissanite, which is composed of carbon and silicon.

This crystal is a perfect alternative for diamond stones, as it is hard as diamonds and surpasses their brilliance and fire. Moissanite has also been chosen to manufacture Jeulia jewelry as this crystal can be cut in the same shape as diamonds and even equate their weight.

Moissanite is also close to colorless or purely colorless, just like a natural diamond, making its color appropriate. Juelia stones are crafted from sterling silver, as this type of material provides a classic option while also keeping the stones at an affordable rate.


Are Jeulia stones cubic zirconia?

Does Jeulia Jewelry Tarnish

No. Although cubic zirconia is a hard and synthesized material, Jeulia stones are not manufactured from it but the synthetic crystal moissanite.

The main reason Juelia company has chosen to use Moissanite instead of cubic zirconia is that Moissanite is the second hardest stone after diamonds and wants to manufacture something close to it.

Another reason why cubic zirconia is not used in making Jeulia jewelry is that unlike the Moissanite, which is cut in sharp edges and rarely shows its polish marks, the cubic zirconia, when cut, results in dull edges and ends up showing its polishing marks, making it unsuitable for a perfectly finished Jeulia jewel.


Jeulia stones types

Different types of Jeulia stones are available in the market. These types include:


1. The MoonStone

Does Jeulia Jewelry Tarnish

This type of Juelia stone is said to be the birthstone for June and is claimed to help anxious thoughts and calm the nerves. This specific stone also indicates chastity and modesty and can be a perfect gift to a dear friend.


2. Synthetic Opal Stone

Does Jeulia Jewelry Tarnish

The Synthetic Opal Stone is pretty and precious and enhances creativity and mystical vision.

They are also considered the birthstone of October and are famous for showcasing playful colors that have been compared to the rainbow and the galaxy.


3. The Moissanite Stone

Does Jeulia Jewelry Tarnish

These Juelia stones are artificially created in the laboratory to have a minimal environmental impact.

This crystal is composed of silicon and carbon and is extremely resistant to breaking. These stone types are rare, as they sparkle and twinkle, unlike any earthly gemstone.


4. Synthetic Turquoise Stone

Does Jeulia Jewelry Tarnish

This is a blue-to-green mineral stone that appears in opaque nature and is considered to be the traditional birthstone for the month of December.

The stone is argued to heal the owner from problems relating to lung and throat diseases and to bring them good luck.


Jeulia stone review

Does Jeulia Jewelry Tarnish

In an online review a number of Jeulia clients had different opinions about their contact with the jewelry. One customer stated that she has purchased different pieces from the company and has been complimented on them.

She further revealed that the rings she purchased from Juelia look so real, like a diamond, and the price was affordable.

Another satisfied customer, through her review, disclosed that she enjoyed the product she received from Julia. Additionally, she stated that the ring doesn’t lose shine, and it is durable.

Does Jeulia Jewelry Tarnish

Talking about her negative experience, one reviewer noted that the only negative opinion about Juelia is its shipping process and suggested that it should be done quicker than it is currently. However, she added that the pieces were beautiful and would surely buy from them again.

Praising the quality of the Juelia stones and how their settings are made to last, a reviewer disclosed that she was very satisfied with the product that she ordered, and although she has stayed with the piece for months now, it still looks brand new.


Should you buy Juelia stone jewelry?

Does Jeulia Jewelry Tarnish

We recommend buying juelia stone jewelry, as the pieces come exactly how you envisioned them.

These stones are of top quality and possess unique features, making them worth the money to purchase.

Another reason we think you should own the Juelia jewelry because it is similar to real diamonds, and it’s impossible to recognize the differences at first glance.



Nothing enhances a person’s look like their beautiful pieces of jewelry.

After diamonds, Juelia stone jewelry is the second best fashion piece a person can have, as it is made of high-end quality materials, and its features are to die for.

Although perfectly cut and made, these pieces are extremely affordable to anyone, making them easier to purchase.

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