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Cartier is undoubtedly one of the biggest and most iconic luxury jewelry brands. Owning a piece of Cartier jewelry puts you on the same level as most Tesla and Lamborghini owners – this brand is that big.

But you may be at a place where you are forcing yourself to assess and reassess all your purchase decisions. So, you may be wondering if buying Cartier jewelry, especially the Love bracelet, is an ideal thing for you to do or not.

Is It Worth Buying Cartier Love Bracelet

We believe that the Cartier love bracelet is one of those pieces of jewelry worth all your money because it looks so elegant, glamorous, and sophisticated.

It is also essentially a one-of-a-kind piece that exudes an air of regality and royalty, and so, it makes sense that it is quite a popular choice. But is it worth buying it in the long run?  

Well, let’s dig deeper into the world of the Cartier love bracelet to help you determine if it’s worth your money or not. So, let’s get right into it!


Facts about Cartier love bracelet

Is It Worth Buying Cartier Love Bracelet

The Love Bracelet by Cartier is an iconic piece of jewelry worth your money and would be a great investment option for you if you wish to invest in elegant jewelry with a high resale value. But beyond the luxurious look and feel of the bracelet, there is a lot more you may not know about this masterpiece by Cartier.

For example, did you know that the design of the Love bracelet was first presented and pitched to Tiffany & Co. by its creator, Aldo Cipullo, earlier in 1960, but Tiffany rejected his idea, and he ran with it to Cartier, where it was not only accepted, but Cipullo got to add his signature in the interior of the bracelet? Keep reading to learn more about the love bracelet and why it might be a good investment for you.

Also known as the modern love handcuff, the legendary jewelry designer Aldo Cipullo designed the love bracelet in Cartier’s headquarters in New York and not Paris. His design was inspired by the fact that he was very unlucky in love.

Is It Worth Buying Cartier Love Bracelet

It is rumored that Cipullo initially held on to a policy that required that couples rather than individuals purchase the bangle. He believed that the love bracelet/ bangle was a symbol of enduring and everlasting love that was to last forever, and so, wearing it was deemed a lifetime commitment made by a couple to each other.

And this happened, despite the irony of Cipullo’s life and the fact that this jewelry designer was quite unlucky in love. In fact, on the night that he came up with the ideas for the design of this bracelet, his heart had just been broken. But he turned his pain into one of the most masterfully designed pieces of jewelry of 1969 to date.


 Bracelet design

Is It Worth Buying Cartier Love Bracelet

While the story behind the love bracelet is quite interesting, the bracelet’s design is the real winner – it is undoubtedly a one-of-a-kind bracelet design, and despite being referred to as a love handcuff to date, its design is really what makes this bracelet a top-tier piece of luxury jewelry.

As mentioned above, Cipullo worked with Tiffany & Co. and David Webb before working with Cartier. In his previous positions, he wasn’t a renowned jewelry designer.

Still, his bracelet design propelled him to the top after joining Cartier and after his designs were rejected by Tiffany & Co. The rejection also propelled him to move to New York, where he started working with Cartier.

Is It Worth Buying Cartier Love Bracelet

At the time, Cartier was a family-owned French jewelry brand that had been broken down and sold off in different branches based in New York, Paris, and London – it wasn’t until 1976 that these three Cartier branches were reunited into one branch – Cartier Worldwide.

The bracelet’s design came to Cipullo one night at 3 am after his heart had been broken again. In the sad moments, he came up with the jewelry design that exemplified something solid and powerful living in him – he considered it something as powerful as the chastity belt while also showcasing his love language, which was in the form of virtue.

The bracelet’s unique features that were designed to represent being in a committed relationship included two bangles held on either end with two screws. And according to Cipullo, putting on the bracelet was more like a ritual that represented an intimate ritual for couples.

Is It Worth Buying Cartier Love Bracelet

This bracelet is also meant to be worn with the help of someone else, preferably a loved one and someone that you wish to spend forever with. Over time, the bracelet was worn as a symbol of love to a particular person or even place. And in some cases, it would be worn in place of an engagement ring.

The design of the bracelet has evolved over the years, from the classic love bracelets whose screws needed to be removed entirely then tightened to be worn, and so, anyone wearing them would need help.

The bracelet came with a screwdriver that would help open and close it. Over the years, however, the design of the bracelet has been modified, and the screws don’t come off completely, but they stay on and only need to be tightened after the ends snap into place.

Is It Worth Buying Cartier Love Bracelet

The newer models are also exquisitely designed, with a smaller width, one hinged end, and only one end with the screw setup. The design of the love bracelet notwithstanding, the bracelet remains an astute symbol of undying love and dedication to yourself and or your partner and the relationship.

The bracelets are now made of 18k gold (yellow, white, and rose gold). Although platinum pieces can still be found in the market, they are not the most popular variety today, especially because Cartier focuses on the 950 platinum jewelry pieces.


Is it worth buying a Cartier love bracelet? Why?

Is It Worth Buying Cartier Love Bracelet

At first, it may seem like too much investing in a Love Bracelet, but this piece of luxury jewelry is undoubtedly worth the high price tag.

And there are many reasons why this is the case, some of which include the fact that the Cartier Love bracelet is regarded as an important historical piece that is also a symbol of art and sentimentality. So, if you don’t mind spending a huge chunk of money on luxury jewelry, then this love bracelet is worth the money.

Below, we’ll look at some of why the love bracelet is worth buying. If you want to more about Cartier jewelry, please read this post: Is Cartier Jewelry A Good Investment?


1. Luxurious, innovative design

Is It Worth Buying Cartier Love Bracelet

The main reason it is worth investing in the love bracelet is that the love bracelet is immaculately designed in a chic, innovative, and intricate fashion that enhances the overall appeal of the bracelet and enhances its value.

You also get to choose one of the three main color options available for the love bracelet: yellow gold, rose gold or blush, and white gold.

There are also some options with diamonds incorporated in them, making the bracelets even more alluring. These features, along with the signature Cartier love bracelet screws, leave you with a piece of jewelry worth investing in.

The bracelet design represents everlasting love, thanks to the one-of-a-kind locking mechanism and its unhinged screw designs, all leave with an exquisite piece of jewelry worth the money.


2. Gold gains value over time

Is It Worth Buying Cartier Love Bracelet

The love bracelet could also be an excellent option for you to invest in because it is durable and high-quality solid gold, specifically 18k solid gold. Even with inflation, the value of gold goes up steadily, so buying the gold love bracelets would be worth your money.

Out of these 3 gold alloys, bracelets made of white gold are often the most expensive options, but yellow and rose gold options are also just as valuable. Also, thanks to solid gold, the resale value of the Cartier love bracelet.

And in most, the love bracelets with diamonds incorporated in them are valued even higher. So, if you can afford such bracelets, you should consider buying them.

Remember that even when you need to sell the bracelet after a short period, the Cartier love bracelet also boasts a high-resale value.

Is It Worth Buying Cartier Love Bracelet

Other reasons why you may want to invest in the love bracelet are as follows:

  • It is a symbol of eternal love
  • The bracelets’ quality is exceptional and worth the investment
  • The love bracelet is associated with luxury, and the brand is highly regarded, which translates to its high value overall.


Reasons you should buy Cartier love bracelets

  • It is exquisitely designed with intricate and precise features
  • The bracelet makes a great investment option
  • It boasts a great resale value
  • It is an elegant symbol of love

Is It Worth Buying Cartier Love Bracelet

You should not buy a Cartier love bracelet

You shouldn’t buy the Cartier love bracelet if:

  • You lead an active lifestyle, and you’d need to remove the bracelet often, especially if it gets in the way
  • If you cannot afford it
  • If you don’t feel comfortable keeping the bracelet on all day and night



The love bracelet is an elegantly designed piece of art with intricate features, and it’s made of high-quality and solid 18k gold.

These, along with the fact that a luxury brand makes the bracelet, leave you with a high-end piece of jewelry worth investing in.

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