Is it Safe to Get a Piercing While Pregnant?(Quick Answer in 2024)

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When you’re pregnant, there are a lot of changes happening in your body. These are what would make someone pause before getting a piercing, but for some, that is on the case. Some have a personal conviction to get the piercing done when they are pregnant and would like to know what the potential risk and problems are, along with getting sound tips and advice.


Is it safe to get a Nipple piercing while pregnant?

Let’s explore to see if getting a nipple piercing is safe while pregnant.

Potential risks/problems

The main concern remains that when you’re pregnant, your body is changing. That is true for your nipples, your belly button, and also genitalia. Given that these areas are growing, the issue becomes that the holes end up not wholly healing, and that makes them susceptible to infection.

Also, once you deliver, the pierced hole tends to be larger than one intended. Therefore, ideally, you would want to hold out on that nipple piercing until your body is back to its usual self. Also, keep in mind that a nipple piercing takes a year to heal fully.


Advice and tips

If you already have a piercing that is healed and comfortable even as our body changes, then you don’t need to take off the jewelry. There is, at least, no medical reason to do so. If it gets too uncomfortable, you do have the option of taking it out and putting polytetrafluoroethylene jewelry so that the hole doesn’t close.

It gives you the peace of mind that the hole will be opened even as your body transitions. The other thing is it won’t get stuck on things, given that it is a flexible plastic that gets used for surgical implants.

The best thing you can do for yourself if you do go through a piercing in the early stages is to notify your professional piercer. They can give you sound advice on how to maintain the piercing without experiencing any pulling or tearing. That, in turn, will prevent any chances of infection when coupled with proper aftercare.

If you start noticing any signs of infection, then you’re better of treating and then removing the jewelry.

There is some unfortunate news for those who do get pregnant when they have a piercing that hasn’t healed.

The best thing to do is to remove the piercing. That might be a bummer, but the upside is that you can always get it re-pierced when you’re ready.

With that being the reality, when you breastfeed, the jewelry can be a choking hazard or even an opportunity to spread an infection.


Is it safe to get a nose piercing while pregnant?

What about getting a nose piercing?

Potential risks or problems

The nose seems like a safe enough place to get a piercing, but the reality is that the whole body does experience change when you’re pregnant. Therefore, generally, it’s a good idea to wait.

However, bodies are different, and you get to find that your nose, or face for that matter, remains unaffected during the pregnancy, let’s say for example if you don’t gain weight.

The issue, as we’ll see with other piercings, is that the bottom line is that these are wounds and need to heal. When you’re pregnant, the rate of healing may be slower and thus have an increased chance of infection.

Advice and tips

Make sure that you visit a professional and proper the necessary aftercare. Keep in mind that it takes about four to six months for it to heal completely.


Is it safe to get a tongue piercing while pregnant?

The other place women generally want to know if it’s safe to get pierced is the tongue. Let’s explore

Potential risks or problems

The tongue itself doesn’t experience change per se when you’re pregnant, but a lot of women do report having lost taste, particularly in the first trimester. The other common thing is that women report oral thrush as well. It is not to say that these women have poor oral hygiene; it is their hormones acting up.

If you feel that your tongue doesn’t taste food quite how it used to, you might want to hold off on the piercing. During this time, you’re at a higher risk of getting an infection as well.

Advice and tips

A tongue piercing takes about six to eight weeks. You can assess how your tongue feels before going through with a piercing. Two months is a shorter time compared to other areas. As always, you’ll have to practice good oral hygiene and aftercare to avoid any complications.


Is it safe to get an ear or daith piercing while pregnant?

The ears are the most common type of piercing that we have. Now, can you get them pierced while you’re pregnant?

Potential risks or problems

As compared to other parts of the body, the earlobes tend to fair on better. However, when you’re pregnant, there could be an issue. Most women state they feel an increase of pressure in the ears and tend also to get earaches. There also tends to be an increasing flow of blood to the ear and even a wax build-up. These are some things to keep in mind.

Advice and tips

The lobe takes four to six weeks to heal. If you’re already experiencing discomfort, it’s best to wait until after the pregnancy; otherwise, you can go for it. However, since the daith takes about four to twelve months to heal, you’re better off waiting until after the baby as a more extended healing period invites the risk of infection.


Is it safe to get a lip piercing while pregnant?

What about the lips? Let’s explore

Potential risks or problems

There is a phenomenon that’s called “pregnancy lips” where a woman’s lips look larger and fuller when they are pregnant. The reason for that is during pregnancy, the capillary density gets higher, and they dilate. With that being the case, you might have sensitive lips as well as they also are prone to drying and chapping.

Advice and tips

Lip piercings take six to eight weeks to heal fully. Consider how long that will take, and so what it means for your changing lips when they revert to their standard size.



The overall risk that you run if you don’t visit a professional piercer is infection from unsterilized equipment or supplies.

In a worst-case scenario, you can also contract Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C, and in some cases, even HIV/AIDS. You, therefore, need to very careful about where you go to get your piercing.

Your body is particularly vulnerable when you’re pregnant, and you have to take care of it for the baby’s sake.

Even if you do proceed with a piercing, ensure that the place you go to is a state-registered piercing studio. Ensure that they are also following health and safety protocols such as using new gloves, sterile and unopened supplies, and single-use needles that are properly disposed of. Otherwise, the studio ought to be clean all around. Your first impression is often a telling sign of if the place is safe or not.

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