Is It Okay For A Man To Wear A Women’s Ring? – Quick Answer

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Are rings gender-specific rings? Is it OK for a man to wear a women’s ring?

Would rings traditionally designed to be worn by women also be worn by men, or are there rules against this?

In other words, are there rules that forbid men from wearing the kind of jewelry that is ideally meant for women?

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Is it weird for a guy to wear a women’s ring?

man wear women ring

The truth is that there is really no such thing as a woman’s or a man’s ring.

Well, in the grand scheme of things, a ring is just a ring, and what anyone chooses to wear because it feels comfortable for them doesn’t have to be gender-specific.

So, in as much as the women’s rings tend to be smaller and lighter compared to rings that are designed to be worn by men, it’s not really weird for a guy to wear a ring that is traditionally considered a woman’s ring.

As long as the ring is lightweight and not overly sparkly, then it wouldn’t be weird for a guy to wear the ring.

At the end of the day, the ring you choose to wear should feel comfortable and right in your hands.


How can you tell a man’s ring from a lady’s ring?

man wear women ring

The truth is that anyone can wear any kind of ring, as long as it fits and if it fits comfortably. There are no rules that prohibit men or women from wearing specific kinds of jewelry, which would mean that men or women can wear the same kind of jewelry.

But we can all agree that there are ring designs that are more feminine and ones that look more masculine.


So, how do you tell the men’s rings from the lady’s rings?

The truth is that some rings generally look better on one gender than the other. Take the diamond engagement rings, for instance; they look amazing on women, but not so much on men.

Perhaps this is the case because the diamond engagement rings are primarily made for women, and these pieces of art don’t look too good on men.

Is It Okay For A Man To Wear A Women's Ring

Essentially, you can tell men’s rings apart from ladies’ rings by checking the design of the rings. The diamond engagement ring, for example, is too flashy and just too stunning for men to wear – most of the time, the men don’t appreciate the sparkly and flashiness of jewelry, but women do.

So, at the end of the day, the ring design is more of a visual thing, and most men don’t wear the same sparkly pieces of jewelry.


Some of the signs or features of rings designed for men include:

man wear women ring

  • A flat band band
  • Wide band
  • Squared-off design with a brushed finish
  • Few or no solitaire diamonds
  • The rings sit pretty low
  • The rings are not gaudy or flashy
  • Extra durable ring designs that are heavy and solid
  • Few or no prongs

And the rings just like masculine

The other differences between the masculine and feminine rings are as follows:

The men’s rings are thicker and wider. And though these rings could also be flashy, their degree of flashiness is minimal compared to what’s seen in women’s jewelry.

Regarding the size of the rings, the women’s rings are smaller than men’s because men tend to have larger fingers in terms of the size of the ring. On average, men’s rings are size 10, while the average size for women’s rings is size 6.


Can men wear female wedding rings?

man wear women ring

Although this is not the kind of thing that you see all the time, some ring designs meant for women are pretty much unisex and can be worn by men as well.

Often, the female wedding rings are thinner and perhaps lighter than the men’s rings, but there are few differences in the overall design of the rings, which means that men looking for simpler and smaller rings can wear women’s rings.

This is also the case because not all men have thicker or larger fingers, and the smaller rings meant for women would be more suitable options for them.


Tips for men who want to wear women’s ring

  • Get the ring in the right size

If you prefer thinner or smaller rings because you naturally have smaller or thinner fingers, and prefer simpler rings made delicately, then you have to get the ring size right.

But first, you need to get the sizing of your finger right – you can do this at the jewelers. Then find the rings whose sizes and designs match your style.

man wear women ring


  • Choose designs that match your personality

The rings designed for women are available in varied classy and also simple designs that match different kinds of personalities.

Before you choose a ring designed for women, make sure that its design matches yours and that it would look great on your fingers.

It’s important to keep in mind that some ring designs are too flashy and too feminine for men.

So, before you choose a ring from the women’s section, we recommend making sure that the design features of the ring match your style.

Is It Okay For A Man To Wear A Women's Ring

  • Pick something unique and stylish

If, for example, you choose to wear an engagement ring, the first thing you need to keep in mind is the fact that pretty much all engagement rings are feminine.

But that doesn’t mean that there are no engagement rings designed in a way that would match a progressive man’s style.

What this means is that you have to get the engagement ring customized with stones that match your style, perhaps with multicolored gemstones made of non-traditional metals.

Essentially, there are endless possibilities for you to choose from in terms of the gemstone options and the design or type of metal band.

The good news is that when it comes to the diamond engagement rings for men, and the gemstones incorporated always give off a subtle look because the gemstone is not prong-set or raised to attract attention but often pave set and level with the rest of the metal band.



There is nothing wrong with a man wearing a woman’s ring if the ring matches his style, looks good on him, and if he feels comfortable in it.

At the end of the day, these are the factors that determine the kind of jewelry you settle on, and you don’t have to always buy the jewelry made for men, especially when you’d rather have something more chic and delicate.  

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