Is It OK To Wear Your Wedding Ring When You Are Separated?

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It is OK to wear your wedding ring when you are separated. The healing and recovery from separation are very personal and need to be taken at your own pace.

Some people may remove their wedding ring as soon as they have a falling out with their partner, while others will wait until they are divorced before doing so.

It all comes down to your personal preferences and viewpoints. For many individuals, removing the ring is final. It may also make a lot of people uncomfortable.

There is no fixed guideline for when you should stop wearing your wedding ring, whether you throw it away in spite or keep wearing it for years after your separation. We explore why some women opt to keep wearing the ring and give you tips on how to do it.


Why Some Women Still Wear Wedding Rings When Separated

is it ok to wear your wedding ring when you are separated

The contrast between the large, happy ritual of putting the ring on and the loneliness of sliding it off when things don’t work out is devastating. The reasons why some women still wear wedding rings when separated vary. Here are some of them:

  • They don’t want to attract attention to the fact that they’ve split up.
  • They don’t want acquaintances or coworkers to inquire about it.
  • It still brings up some happy memories for them.
  • They’re simply accustomed to wearing a band on that finger and feel at ease.
  • It wards off unwanted attention from other men.
  • They won’t appear to be expressing an interest in re-entering the dating market.
  • They could be hoping for reconciliation.
  • The ex-husband will always have affection and a special place in their hearts.
  • She hasn’t accepted the fact that she is divorced.
  • The ring is very beautiful and valuable, and they love it.


Wearing the Wedding Ring on Right Hand When Separated – Meaning

is it ok to wear your wedding ring when you are separated

A person may wear the wedding ring on the right hand when separated because they still love their ex despite separation or divorce.

Another reason would be because the partner has passed away. He wears it out of love and to remember and memorialize the marriage.

He may also not want to give the idea that he is still married, maybe due to loneliness.  


Is it Weird to Wear a Wedding Ring after Divorce?

It is not weird to wear the wedding ring after divorce. Today, it is becoming quite common to keep wearing it.

Some people feel that being married gives them ‘respect,’ therefore they keep their wedding rings on.

is it ok to wear your wedding ring when you are separated

Is it OK To Wear Your Wedding Ring When You Are Separated?

Yes, it’s okay to wear your wedding ring when separated. You should not feel obligated to take off your wedding ring if you are comfortable wearing it.

Some people are afraid to remove their wedding bands for an extended period, potentially until they find someone new or heal from their divorce.


Tip for Wearing Wedding Ring during Divorce

The wedding ring is usually recognized as separate property following a divorce because it was given as a gift. Every rule has exceptions, but each spouse generally gets to keep their ring. Keep reading to find out several ways you can wear your wedding ring when you are separated.

is it ok to wear your wedding ring when you are separated

Put It on a Different Finger

If you want to remove your wedding ring from your ring finger but still want to wear it, consider wearing it on the opposite hand or on a different finger. Some wedding rings are beautiful and expensive pieces of jewelry that would be a shame not to wear.


Make a Necklace Out Of It

Moving your rings to a different finger may be avoided by putting them on a chain and wearing them as a necklace.


Make Something New Out Of It

Your wedding band or a stone from an engagement ring might be re-fashioned into a brand new piece of jewelry that you can wear or pass down to the family now that jewelers can produce fantastic items out of old jewelry.

is it ok to wear your wedding ring when you are separated

Other Things You Can Do With Your Wedding Ring during a Divorce 

It’s something you could pass down to your children: Keeping sentimental jewelry to pass down to them may be good if you have children. It will be up to them whether they retain it to remember their mother or father or opt to use it when they propose or tie the knot. If you have really valuable rings, family jewels, or antiques, you should pass them down to the generations.

Tuck it away somewhere safe: Keep your wedding ring(s) secure in a box if you aren’t ready to part with them completely. Most individuals have memory boxes full of cards, photos, and souvenirs that they like revisiting now and again. Make sure the ring is maintained in a sealed box to prevent damage.

Put It on Sale: Many people are happy to part with their wedding bands after their marriage is done. It may be wise to sell your wedding ring for its gold value. Sell it to a private jeweler, online, or through local selling shops. It’s best to get the item appraised by a professional first to know what you can expect.

is it ok to wear your wedding ring when you are separated

Give It a Proper SendOff: If you truly don’t want anything to do with your wedding ring, a little imaginative symbolism could help. Consider floating your ring down the river in a toy boat or attaching it to a helium balloon.

Donate it: Some organizations resell jewelry for a modest fee during fundraising events. You may gift it to a family member or friend who has been putting off getting engaged or married because of the expense of the ring.



Rings are very emotive artifacts, as they contain both happy and sad memories of your marriage.

Your head may desire to dispose of them, but your heart may be incapable of doing so.

There are no guidelines to follow. It is a personal choice, but more important is that you are comfortable with it

This article has given you some options. Despite the emotions you’re feeling right now, think about it for a moment before acting.

Hurts heal, and tempers calm most of the time, but sorrow for your acts may be a difficult pill to take.

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